Thursday, August 16, 2018

Reliving Elvis 41 years Later, Visiting Mom, Shopping with Donna, Shed Work

When I woke and got up on Thursday, Aug. 16th it was nice to have both sweeties beside me. Bill wasn’t long getting up after me, nor was Clemson. Bill said he had a rough night sleeping for one reason or another. You’d think after a full day of work and the drive from London that he would sleep like a baby. He even went out after supper and put some batten on the back of the new shed. I slept blissfully unaware of his difficulty.

This morning, it was 7 when I went out the door for my walk. The humidity was already high, I could feel the dampness in the air. The sun rose through a muted sky although there were no clouds. I noticed a couple walking past North Line on B.C.Rd. to the south and since it isn’t my thing to follow or be followed, I turned north and went in that direction.

A pretty morning in the country
It must be my week to find dead things on the road. Not my goal at all! This colourful little garter snake was curled up with his light green belly showing. I wondered if it was real so turned it over by the tail. Yup, real and gone to Snake Heaven. It was strange to see that the goose body had disappeared from the side of the road. Some coyote’s supper maybe? Probably better than decomposing on the roadway. We all have to eat.
I wouldn't have touched him had he been alive
Back at the Suite, Bill and I had our coffee and listening to Channel #19 on Sirius XM, we read blog posts. This is the Elvis channel and today is 41 years since that great entertainer left this earth. It just enforces my desire for us to travel through Tennessee on our way south this winter. Yeah! I am so excited to see Graceland! Our trip is not by any means fully planned but there are definite things we have on the books.

Fodder for the cattle in the field
After his coffee, Bill went over to the Acreage to check on a leaky fitting for the new water filter on the drilled well. This is where we get our water and the filter should eliminate the iron that has been prominent in each bladder fill. Gerry and Donna are going halves on the cost so it will be left at the pump and they will also get the benefit for their Landmark fifth wheel. He was back at 9:30 with a bladder full of water too to top us up.

7 am is a nice time to capture some morning shots
I started breakfast right away as we had a few things going on today. When we’d eaten and cleaned things up, I finished my own clean up and was within minutes of driving to Durham behind Bill. He took Black Beauty and I took the Rav 4. Bill had to get a replacement fitting for the water filter from Home Hardware plus an old-fashioned mousetrap. The Warfarin wasn’t working, we still had a visitor through the night. I won’t touch it as I’m sure my fingers would end up chasing the cheese.
We'll get you!

It is crazy the stuff he pulls up from the garbage can below
I am very careful not to put ANY food in there without it first being in a ziploc bag
I went to Rockwood and found Mom in her room with the door closed and curtains pulled. When she woke, she was pleasant but said she was cold. She was happy to see me and at one point happy to see a resident in the hallway with a big sweater like she was wearing. She couldn’t understand how I could be in a tank top. 😊 I debated taking her outside to the warmth of the day but instead we looked through some books. Too bad she couldn’t stay focused on a book because she reads so well.

A baby Monarch
I removed her 2 pillows as requested by Rockwood staff. They had put them in the closet for us to wash but when I saw how stained they are, as pillows get, Donna and I were more likely to throw them out and buy new ones. Of course, it drew attention from curious residents in the dining room but I carted them out when I left Mom. She was in good spirits and didn’t need me to linger at her table. I checked with one of the office staff about their dumpster location and dropped the bag in.

It was hard to catch him in still mode
but finally, I did
From there, I drove to Hanover’s Wal-Mart to meet Donna. We found a good pillow and a pillow protector before going our separate ways. She had to get home to make lunch for Gerry and I wanted to visit the Dollar Store. Bill and I both need new stylus pens for our phones and that is the best place to get them for under $2. I like poking through the store too, not necessarily buying, but I did find something else that I think will help me organize in here. I’ll keep you informed how that works.

Bill finished the batten on the back of the shed
Inspector Clemson makes a reappearance
When I returned, Bill was working on the shed and keeping an eye on the clock at the same time. He left at 2:30 to get an oil change for Black Beauty and it is a 35- minute drive to Harriston. While he was gone, Clemson needed out a few times, it is guesswork trying to figure out what he wants. He hesitates at the top of the step and I don’t know if it is fear or if it is a piddle denial. I’m trying not to feel frustration as it is a new hurdle to get over. I also had a brief visit from Rob and Pat. They wanted to show us something.

There was a pretty steady breeze today
And this was yesterday's changeable wind situation
At 4:00 after 30 minutes of him watching me read and doze, Clemson and I walked to the mailbox to post a card. He didn’t need his leash and walked quite well, mostly in the middle of the lane so he didn’t tip over the edge. When we came back in, I sat in my recliner and he hopped right up beside me and went to sleep. Huh! Okay, so I relaxed until 5 and then got his supper ready. It was about the same time that Bill returned.
One dish sloppy joes
I’d been looking for an easy meal with ground beef that I could make inside. I found one for Sloppy Joes. I know they are pretty easy but mine from the past have often lacked in the flavor I’m looking for. This one had the ingredients I had on hand. It was ready around 6:30 so I called Bill up from the shed and popped the buns in the toaster. It was very good and there was no need to have any side dish. 

I told Bill that he could go back out and finish working and I would take care of the dishes. The sky had been playing games, teasing with storm clouds and then sun but the temperature also dropped to a comfortable 74F.  

And there, the side is all battened too
I walked out to see how Bill was doing. There were a few spits of rain around 7:30 and the bugs were being a nuisance. They seem to like me, I have a few annoying bites around my neck and head.

and then I saw this Baltimore Oriole

too many branches in my way but he was preening

Don, next door, brought home a load of gravel for his circular drive
The cooler air sure felt nice but it was still very humid. When I came back in, I sat to finish my post and then joined Bill in our recliners. A little bit of Live PD was tonight's entertainment, a program we both enjoy. This has been a nice day. It was a good visit with Mom again and that is a bonus. I hope your day went well too.

Some clear patches after the dark clouds passed

Thank you for taking the time to stop in. Your comments are always appreciated.


  1. Loved Graceland. I could have stayed there a week. We stayed at the Graceland RV Park right across the street. Even bought an Elvis watch. You're going to love it. So happy to hear Clemson is doing so well. Big relief.

    1. I'm so excited to be going. I know it will make me sad that he isn't around anymore. His performance specials still make me cry. :)
      Thanks Nancy, it is a relief about Clemmy.

  2. Elvis was my idol. Saw him in person in Detroit with my Aunt. We sat in the front row near the stage. It was quite a thrill. Toured Graceland twice and would go again. You'll love it.

    Kathy. It's about time!

    1. Yes, same here, Kathy. I wasn't lucky enough to have seen him though, just inches from my tv screen. Looking forward to seeing Graceland. :)

  3. I clearly remember the day Elvis died. I was at work and heard it on the radio. I was so distraught. I was finally able to visit Graceland a couple of years ago. It was great, and well worth the visit.

    1. It was a sad day for sure. The world lost the greatest entertainer, in my mind.
      Bill and I will love it! Bill visited Graceland the week before Elvis died and is anxious to tour it again.

  4. You will love Graceland!
    At Home Hardware and other places I'm sure, you can buy a plug in that makes a noise only mice can hear and don't like. Also we have put moth balls in vitamin pill plastic containers with holes drilled in. We put them in the underneath storage areas or cupboards inside. These 2 things have solved our mouse problem that we had. I'll tell you the macaroni story one day Patsy.
    Shed looks good.

    1. Looking forward to Graceland for sure!
      Good ideas. I think Donna and Gerry have one for their fiver and even the moth balls sound interesting. Looking forward to the macaroni story, Loree. :D
      Bill is anxious, as you can imagine, to have the shed finished.

  5. I have been to Graceland three times and enjoyed it immensely each time. You can 'feel' his music as soon as you walk through the gates! You see sis...'dew means no rain'. ;-)

  6. Yes you will love Graceland and like Nancy we stayed at the Rv park across the street.lots to see and do around Memphis as well. We had a ball and you will too.

  7. You are a brave girl standing by that snake! With my luck it'd be napping and not dead, then move! Bill is a worker! The shed is really coming along nicely. Loved Graceland too and Memphis, hard to stay on any diet there!!

  8. The shed is looking good. Very solid and nice workmanship. I'm surprised you haven't caught that mouse yet the old fashioned way with a piece of cheese in the trap. It must be hungry to pull all that paper out. Or is it building a nest?

  9. Great to see Clemson looking so perky. Your Monarch might be a she. Male monarchs have 2 black spots on the veins on the back wings. I am raising a monarch caterpillar at the moment and have to go out every day to find fresh milkweed leaves. Do you have milkweed growing nearby?