Thursday, August 23, 2018

Back to the Heat, Shopping!! Jello Extension, Relaxing Dinner & Evening

I sensed that Bill was already awake when I first stirred around 6 am on Thursday, Aug. 23rd. He was up just before 7 and me soon after. A very restful night. I could hear a slight humming and Bill informed me that he’d popped the furnace on at 6:45 to take the morning chill out of the Suite. Can you believe that? Morning chill in August! It didn’t take me long, after drinking some of my coffee, to turn it off.

Bill in action before 8 am
Bill had his coffee and a bowl of cereal and was out the door to replace the valve assembly. He wanted it done sooner than later. He took some pictures while working, so another Bill post in a few days, and I took some OF him working on it. While out there, he was gingerly approached by Nicole asking when we were leaving. She said after a quiet week, Friday was busy with 5 units going out. That was a hint. Ha ha, smooth Nicole.

Anyway, Bill wanted me to make the decision so I figured that I’ve been pretty lucky. We’ve had 3 meals out, leftovers once and tonight will be the only night I’ve really had to cook. We didn’t bring Weber along for the ride so I’ll come up with something for supper tonight. There is fish in the freezer and some potatoes to grill up in the fry pan. Marlene’s were really good last night.

One of my favourite stores not too far away
Our Suite was finished in the shop on Monday and we have been ‘camping’ here on their lot, taking advantage of their electric and water for the week. How can I say no? Anyway, Bill hasn’t worked all week and is anxious to make some $$ while he’s here. I said yes, if it is a morning job, I truly don’t mind.

By 8:30, he was cleaned up and inside for today’s morning appointment only to find it had been shifted. Peggy made him feel better by offering him one for this afternoon and he helped Nicole do a PDI before lunch. In case you don’t know what that is, although if you’ve purchased an rv you likely do, a PDI is a Pre-Delivery Inspection. Bill has never done one on his own before so just assisted.

I'm as far away from the entrance this side of the parking lot allows 
Guess what I did!? I went shopping! Value Village is on the southwest corner of London, near White Oaks Mall (Wal-mart & Mark’s) and an area I’m very familiar with from living nearby for 13 years. I had no problem taking Black Beauty for a spin while Bill was busy. There were no specials on at V.V. for me today, Senior’s Day being Tuesday’s but I was very picky and judged everything strictly.

This is the rack I use to hold our dinner and break plates
Notice the gray one behind it, it is about 2" shorter
A valuable 2" in a cupboard, right?
I had fun because I was on no time schedule and poked around their kitchen and plastics area. Sometimes I find just the perfect thing to make my life easier in the Suite or at the Ridge. Today was no exception and you can check out the picture of how I put it to use. 
First, I emptied the cupboard and needed to vacuum up the salt
and shake the rubber matting
Good thing mice don't eat salt
The staff at V.V. was very chipper and it was a pleasing experience. I tried on a couple of things and be darned if they didn’t end up coming home with me! How does that happen? They were a perfect fit.

Here is our re-organized dish cupboard
We have 2 extension bars that will hold the dishes in place much easier
than the previous position where I had to remove things off the top shelf
From there, I drove the couple of short blocks to the mall and backed B.B. into a corner spot close to the lot entrance. This put me half way to the mall entrance and the Mark’s Work Warehouse entrance too. I love the quality of the clothes in there and sometimes you catch some great deals. Just poking around but also pricing Sport socks for Bill. They were more than I wanted to pay so I walked over to Wal-Mart and found exactly what he needs.
Diesel price was much nicer than regular fuel
I was done shopping and that says a lot. As I drove back, I realized that we’ll need to pick up more food for Clemson and we forgot it at Costco. There’s Pet Smart over there on the other side of Wellington Road, and all that traffic at noon hour. No, he has enough in the fridge that he can wait until next week when Bill is back in the city. I drove home and backed the truck up with perfection. (if I do say so myself!)

Nice back up job, eh?
First try too!
Bill noticed the truck back and came in to fill me in on how his day was going. The day has gone from a cool 58F to a lovely 77F/25C. It is a beautiful day in the neighbourhood. I needed to have something to eat, the earlier yogourt had long since diminished. Bill had eaten something off the truck so I remembered Bill’s leftover pizza in the fridge that he wouldn’t eat. I put some olive oil in the fry pan and fried the 3 pieces up enough to heat them through. Perfect and yummy!

Crispy and hot
The rest of the day was Clemson and Patsy taking it easy. I was well into the first of 12 Lee Child books about Jack Reacher and didn’t want to put it down. At one point, while sitting comfortably in ‘our’ recliner (Clemsons and mine) I heard voices close and someone trying to open the latch on our screen door. Oh-oh. I said hello and it was an older couple thinking that the trailer was just open for customers to tour. I offered them a tour but she was too embarrassed, I think, and declined.

There always seems to be something annoying in our lives
Minor but still annoying
In this case, for some unknown reason, fruit flies
when the fruit is non-existent

So, I remembered apple cider vinegar with plastic wrap and holes cut in it
And I took many many lives today
After that, I couldn’t quite relax, as a lot of people walk back and forth in front of the Suite. I got smart and made up a sign which would discourage them and at the same time put me at ease. 😊 I read a couple of long chapters before Bill came in around 5:30 and said he was done for the day. I was perfectly willing to make supper, although I didn’t know what to have with the fish I had pulled out of the freezer.
I had to get ruthless! haha
We're trying not to eat potatoes and it is not easy when I have no salad ingredients here. I’m not into just hopping in the truck and picking something up either. Bill offered to take me out to the Flying M down the road so that is what we did. I seldom argue with dinner out.

Woops, I ate half the salad before remembering a picture
Half of my Reuben sandwich came home for tomorrow's lunch
We each had a garden salad and I had a Reuben and Bill ordered a Turkey Club. It was a nice meal at a reasonable price and served by a pleasant waitress. No way to complain about that and I didn’t have to cook or do dishes! Back home, I sat at my laptop and downloaded the few pictures you’re seeing. Not many taken today. Bill sat with his James Patterson book, London Bridges and Clemson bounced between the two of us, trying to decide what to do.

Bill says goodbye to his client this afternoon around 5:15

Another happy camper, really!
It has been a very quiet day and Bill earned a day’s pay, easily and enjoyably. I hope you have enjoyed your day as well. 

A few light and fluffy clouds in the east sky tonight
and over top of the Airstream still waiting for pick up
this sky to the west

goodnight from the CanAm parking lot
Thank you for taking the time to see what we’re up and not minding that it isn’t much! Your comments are always appreciated.


  1. Just got around to reading blog posts. Thanks for your nice post about us. We enjoyed your visit yesterday very much. Good thing Bill didn't have to travel today to go to work as he was already there. Enjoy your stay in London although you are already at home. ;-)

    1. Easy to write nice things about great people. We truly enjoyed meeting you both and your hospitality. Thank you!
      Yes, Bill didn't have far to go to work for sure and I didn't have far to go to shop!

  2. Poor lady. Yup that's embarrassing!!! Great back up job!!! You're a pro!!

    1. Yes, her husband said 'see? I told you someone was in there!' He didn't help her embarassment! haha
      thank you!

  3. Apple cider vinegar - comes in handy for many things - this is a first on killing fruit flies. You just put some in a container with plastic wrap over it, and a few holes poked in the wrap? I will definitely try this next time they are an issue. They are such pests!

    How fun to meet a fellow blogger. We have had the privilege of meeting 5 bloggers I follow and would love to meet more - you and Bill included. Someday on a trip to or from New York, I'd like to pass through Ontario and possibly meet up. We actually had planned to go through Ontario this year, but with our late travel date we changed our plans, since I didn't want to just drive through. If we are going to visit I want to experience the area.

    1. The apple cider vinegar trick works. They are still buzzing around the little dish so you should put it away from your seating or eating area. They get in through the holes but can't get out. :)
      It was great to meet M & B and we'd love to meet you guys too. Anytime you are planning your NY trip again, just give us a heads up.

  4. What a nice relaxing day getting things done., Bill will be happy back to work again and you shopping for deals.
    Gas in Strathroy was $116.6 and diesel a few cents cheaper as well.

    1. What a nice relaxing day getting things done., Bill will be happy back to work again and you shopping for deals.
      Gas in Strathroy was $116.6 and diesel a few cents cheaper as well.

    2. Gas is up and down all over. You just never know but when you need it, you pay the price. I had fun shopping and Bill likes the work.

  5. That's a great day for you! Bill made a few dollars and you got to go shopping! Funny about the people thinking your place is open for tours. Knowing you it wouldn't have been a problem to show off your home! Free electric and water can't be beat.

    1. It was a great day! I found a couple of special deals too!
      Bill puts the money in our pockets and I spend it.........good deal, right?
      I wouldn't have minded giving them a tour, it was actually clean! :)

  6. We also turned the heater on this morning to take out the chill ....Elva (I remembered my name).

    1. Hi Elva! Good, I don't feel silly that we needed the heat for a bit. We all deserve to be happy no matter what we have to do. :)