Thursday, August 2, 2018

Just Peachy, Another Dull Morning, Fire Starter Tutorial – Kind of, Fish and Chips

eOn Thursday, Aug. 2nd we were both lazy and after letting Clemson out for his 6 am piddle, we all snuggled in bed for another hour. The dull morning was not too encouraging for me to go for a walk. Bill had to get cleaned up and head out shortly after 8 so there was no rush for anything. I made myself a tea and he opted to forego his coffee. Without the sugar, it just doesn’t turn his crank. He is trying and I credit him for that.

Pat is stuffing the egg cartons with sawdust shavings
After he pulled out with the cargo trailer, I checked to see what our friends were up to on blogger and then began the messy job of cutting up the peaches. They don’t last long and I wanted to have some for both of us to enjoy. Bill prefers them cut up in a dish or on ice cream so I took care of that task. I might even make up a jam with some of them, we’ll see if I can find an easy recipe. It’s all about ‘easy’ for me.

the first batch of candles in the pan
I knocked on Pat’s door beside us to see if she wanted to make fire starters this morning. A discussion we’d already had but we just needed to pick the day. She was all for it so we invited Suzie and Rose to join my ‘tutorial’. I brought the long folding table over and set up the make shift items that I’d prepared last time I did this. With a broiler pan on the Weber, I turned it on medium-low and melted Pat’s candles. She filled the egg cups with sawdust shavings while we waited for them to melt.

Waiting for the second batch
It doesn’t take long and within 30 minutes or so, we had filled a lot of egg cups with wax and shavings. Bill returned from Hanover around 10 with new ‘hush puppies’ (as Rob called them) on his trailer. I came inside to start breakfast and we’ll meet up when the wax has dried to cut them and wrap the starters up. We had our bacon and eggs and Bill went back to working on a model airplane. Rob and the 2 George’s drove to the Motor Cross where George Y.’s grandson was attending a 5- day camp week.
they just need to be cut into individual cups and wrapped in waxed paper
Pat and I sat and wrapped 96  firestarters with waxed paper and that is the most time consuming part of this process. Rose came over and kept us company until their hubbys returned. I sat outside for a while with Pat and then by myself in the hammock. I’m trying to work on a crossword puzzle from the NewsWeek that came yesterday but I’m not doing very well. When Bill finished up with the plane for today, I took a walk down the lane to check the mailbox, doing my arm exercises while I walked.
and here they are all wrapped and bagged
Bill had gone inside and Clemson joined him on the recliner for a snooze. I think most everyone else was doing the same thing. I caught up on my post, changed into cleaner shorts and top and went outside in the breeze with my book and crossword. One or the other would keep me occupied. The blue portions of sky soon disappear as gray, then darker gray, then black clouds move across the area. I took a chance and remained in the hammock, the breeze felt wonderful.

Soon enough, I thought I should move and put some chairs away and close the bunky up. Then I noticed that one storage shed door and Bill’s cargo trailer was wide open too. He was still snoozing inside so I knew he would appreciate it if I looked after that for him. The rain may pass but the wind was blowing right in the big ramp door. If not for the wind, it is the type of day you’d like to sit under an awning and watch the rain.
The moonflower Gayle gave me
We have plans to all drive into Durham at 4:30 to Riverside Fish and Chips for supper. I’m feeling hungry now but don’t want to jeopardize my meal by having a piece of cheese. I can wait, I think I can, I think I can. Rob knocked on the door in between the rain drops and offered to take his truck this time, since we drove the last time. That’s nice of him but the Rav uses less fuel so Bill said he would drive.

Had my zoom lens on today, Isn't he cute?
and from the back, if you please
As Rob left, I let Clemson out for a piddle and then the rain got heavier, so we scurried back inside. Within the next 30 minutes, we got rain and thunder but 5 minutes before it was time to leave, it stopped and the blue sky returned from the west. We were the only customers so ordered our one-piece fish and chips dinner, simultaneously, and it was delivered very quickly.
Supper at Riverside
It was good, too many fries for me so Bill cleaned them up rather than leave them on the plate. Rob, Pat, Bill and I finished first and drove back to the Ridge.

Rose and George safely across the road
on their way to visit family
Rose and George went visiting family and Suzie and George arrived at the Ridge soon after.  I promised Rob an ice cream cone when we got back so I set about filling requests. 6 cones later, Clemson was in his glory, sure he’d get a little bit from someone, or some-two. He was right, Pat, Bill and I shared with the little bum.
Please Pat share with me
Thanks buddy!
Just a nice evening with friends
We sat in the shade telling stories of the ‘good ole days’ and laughed a lot. Life is good when you can chat day after day, night after night and still relate ‘new’ tales that haven’t been heard before. I think we ended up agreeing that those were indeed great times, the 60’s & 70’s. Good times, good cars and decent cops. 😊 

And our little pooch waits for his supper
We said goodnight as the air cooled down around 7:15 and came inside. It was time to catch up on my post and relax for the evening. What a terrific day!

And after the rain clouds scared us all inside, this followed

Gayle told me this flower only lasted a day
Already it's saying goodbye
Thank you for reading today. I love it when you take the time to comment.


  1. That's quite a little gathering you have there at your place! Fun!
    We make firestarters, too, but use dryer lint instead of sawdust. It takes me a while to collect enough dryer lint to make a batch!

    1. Hi guys! How nice to hear from you! We have quite a gathering for sure. Just temporary. :) when we had a sticks and bricks home, I used dryer lint but now that I don't have a dryer, this is my plan B.

  2. It was a fun day all the way around and with great fish and chips ending with a tasty ice cream cone and fun conversation.

  3. Sounds like you are having a wonderful time with the "full house" at the Ridge. How wonderful to get to spend time with friends and just enjoy the days as they go by. Summer is certainly flying by it is hard to believe it is August already.
    Looks like a cute dress for those hot summer days.
    Enjoy and take care.

    1. We are having fun and isn't that what life is all about? :)
      Summer is indeed zipping by for sure, it's crazy! I used to dread the end but not anymore because our winters are just as wonderful!
      Hopefully the dress looks better on me than on the hanger.

  4. Your fire starters are awesome. Where do you get the sawdust?? I don't do fires except for dutch oven cooking and not much of that with the fire danger level being through the roof in my neck of the woods. Clemson is a smart cookie ... he knows where the treats are!!

    1. The sawdust came from a guy who does woodworking. Any large wood shops would have it or as Marci says above, dryer lint works well.
      Don't tell Clemson he's smart!!

  5. How nice you showed the girls how to make their own firestarters! That's awesome! Another great day at your campground! Dinner looked awesome, love the way they cut those fries! Ice cream to top it off! YUM..