Sunday, August 26, 2018

Clearing Skies, Laundry, Weed Trimming, Quiet Afternoon, Name That Shed!

On Sunday, Aug. 26th I was up at 7 and out the door for my walk. The sky was filled with gray clouds, some darker than others, but I felt positive that they would pass. I was determined to get a walk in this morning. It was so peaceful at this time of the morning and my walk took me down the lane, west on North Line and south on Baptist Church Road to the turbine entrance. Then, back again. It was more leisurely than usual and I did my arm exercises as I walked.

A cloudy view of the turbines

Cloudy sky

Everyday I walk over this pretty rock, imbedded in the

When I returned at 7:35, Bill was getting up. I’d already let Clemson out before I left so he remained snuggled up in bed. When Bill came down, we had our morning brew and read blog posts to see what our friends did the previous day. Most of us experienced rain, even as far west as Tuscon, Az. Nancy was getting some pretty outstanding thunder storms and was right outside snapping pictures for us. You can check them out on her blog at Kissack Adventures.

this looks promising
There was promise in the sky, as I’d hoped, as the clouds at least lightened up. Bill had a couple of pieces of toast for energy and went out and began trimming the weeds around the buildings and fences on the property. I sorted and loaded 2 loads of laundry and 2 loads of sheets, bedspread and linens into the Rav. By the time I left for Durham, I had Plan A in my head, that I would be drying them all at the laundromat rather than bring them home to hang. The sky looked 'iffy' again.

Our Suite peeks through the trees

The marshy pond is still
I loaded the 4 machines and sat outside on the bench with my Kobo and phone, texting back and forth with Donna and our friend, Pat. Before the wash loads were done, the clouds had pretty much moved out of the way and I decided to go to Plan B. So, thinking of the amount of space on my umbrella dryer, I tossed the sheets and heavy chenille bedspread into the dryer. The clothes were folded wet to avoid wrinkles, and I brought them home to hang.

It was just after 10:30 when I nipped into Foodland, they are never closed! I wanted to get more Zero Coke for Bill and also found a sampler pack of Flavoured Soda Water. Dr. Persaud suggested that Bill give it a shot since he isn’t fond of water. The cost is not a big deal for us, not that we have a money tree or anything, but we were buying Cranberry Juice by the gallon and always had Coke in the fridge anyway. One just replaces the other. I hope he likes the Soda Water.

He was hungry today
After hanging the clothes, Bill had finished the back half of the Ridge trimming. We discussed having lunch after he finished the front property. I gave him 30 minutes and when I saw him walking up the drive, that was my cue to start the bacon and eggs. At least today offers a good day for barbecuing supper, I just have to see what is in the freezer. I cleaned up dishes and made the bed up while Bill relaxed in his recliner. He’s been on the go since 9 so deserves a catnap.

Sitting here, catching up on my post, I was surprised to see Clemson cleaning out his dish. The little guy must be hungry! He never, may I repeat NEVER eats all of his hard food. There is always some left in the dish that he might peck away at a couple of times a day. I guess he’s totally feeling better. He still isn’t comfortable jumping up onto the bed and I’m nervous for him, so have been lifting him up each night. He has done it twice but it must have been too scary. He used to enjoy going up there often throughout the day but now is missing out on that.
I don't know if you can see Bill in the storage shed working
on his table, but he's in there
this is the only picture I will share
Check his post out at On Our Way
The rest of the day was free. I was going to cut the sitting area of the lawn (my responsibility) with the small mower, but by the time I’d finished hanging clothes I was lovingly informed that I wasn’t going to be doing that. The day was already hot and even though Bill was still working, he wanted me to wait until the cool of tomorrow morning to take care of it. No problem! I didn’t have plans for early Monday other than a walk. I pulled some meat out of the freezer and took my Kobo outside to sit and relax.

Bill was happy, working on the rolling table that he wants in his shed. Hmm, taking Shirley’s advice, we need to come up with a better name. I’ll keep you informed! We’ve got a Ridge Roost, a Ridge Restroom, Black Beauty, Ridge Rav and a Suite so maybe by the end of the day, we’ll have a new name. 😊 I wasn’t outside long and Donna texted asking if we were around and that they were going to pop over on their way home from the Acreage.

Donna and I sat and chatted in the king chairs and compared ‘Mom’ stories while Bill and Gerry wandered down to the new shed and discussed Bill’s plans for a table et al. It was maybe 45 minutes later that they said goodbye and headed on home to Hanover. I went up the hill and began folding the clothes off the line. Everything was dry long ago and they were flapping in the fresh air. When I brought the clothes in, I took the chenille bedspread back out to complete the drying on it. It was just a tinge damp.
Supper was healthy and delicious!
Then Bill went back to work on the table and I sat under the awning and read more of my book. It was 5:45 when I lit the Weber. I’d seen Bill packing up his tools. We grilled 2 chicken thighs and 2 loin chops and inside I cooked a cob of corn and steamed some broccoli for supper. One each and the remaining pieces will be Tuesday night’s meal. We had the last dish of rhubarb crisp to finish it off and did dishes up.

A pretty hazy sun tonight before it sets
Bill reminded me to bring the bedspread in off the line before it got damp all over again and then Clemson and I went for a walk down the laneway. It is a very calm evening and still sitting around 75F/24C. I checked out Bill’s handiwork for the day and wow! That is a big table but it is what Bill wanted and it is finished. Now he can work on the landing gear on his Stinson that was damaged a couple of weeks ago.

Inspector checks things out

Well? What do you think, Clem?
We closed up sheds and I’m happy to report the new name for his ‘doghouse’. It will from now on be referred to as ……… get ready for it……The Hangar. I can’t take credit for that one, Bill aptly named it and it's perfect! 😊 The evening went by with us watching some tv and reading. We are sitting pretty with our WiFi usage this month so even a little more web surfing filled the night. It has been a really nice day and I hope yours was too.

And this is where the name was born
"Dear, I think we should name it The Hangar"
I’ve done well today with my walks, managing 4.69 miles/7.5km. But I’m bummed that I can’t sync to my laptop or Android phone. A reader yesterday suggested I call Fitbit about my ‘syncing’ problem so will take care of that tomorrow. Thanks Contessa! My last resort would be to remove my tracker and re-install it.

Good night from The Ridge

Thank you for taking a peek in today. Your comments are always appreciated.


  1. I found a hard pillow to place on the floor by the bed for Jessie to jump up on before jumping to the bed. Just might work for Clemson. Thanks for the blog shout out - more lightning pics to come!! Love "the Hangar".

    1. Thanks Nancy. He has to get a 'run' at it to get up there so not sure where to place the pillow but it is worth a try. :)

  2. It can't be linked to 2 devices at the same time, phone or computer, check which is 'talking' to it. brian

    1. Correction if you read my last reply. I just disconnected bluetooth on my laptop and I have synced on my phone!!! Yay! thank you so much! I don't understand why it has in the past, I've never turned bt off before. Doesn't matter, I appreciate your help. :)

  3. Another fun relaxing day enjoying the weather with Bill making good progress on his hanger.

  4. I love Bill's name for his shed!!! It fits perfectly. A great job on the work table he built as well. I hope you can get your Fitbit to sync.

    1. thanks, I do too!
      I got help from Brian, yesterday's comments, so I'm good to go again. Yay!

  5. Love the name! There's a brewery in Lake Havasu with the same name near the airport. Bet you could get a cute sign there for his Hangar and have a craft brew too :) A great day you guys had! Cool that you got your fitbit synced with help from another virtual friend ;))

    1. Thanks! Actually, yes!! I'd forgotten that and we've actually eaten there. I had a chocolate and something else beer and tacos with a spicy time I'll be smarter reading the recipe. I was looped when I walked out of there! haha
      Yes, Brian helped a lot!

  6. Just a thought about Clemson and the bed, I think I saw somewhere some small steps or a ramp for a dog or cat to climb up to the bed. A little less of a challenge for them to get up and down.
    Don in Okla.