Tuesday, August 21, 2018

CanAm Camping, No Morning Walk, Suite and Mallard, Great Dinner with Family

I slept last night with the windows open in the bedroom. It was a lovely evening and although not windy, fresh enough for a great sleep. We woke on Monday morning, Aug. 20th, around 6:30 and took our time getting up. Bill’s middle name should be ‘Anxious’ but that is not a critique of my hubby. That is who Bill is and anxious in this case, simply meant ‘excited for the results’.

And the Suite swings around the back

Nicole from Service and one of Bill's 'bosses' :)
With the traffic on this highway on a work day, even at this hour, I don’t like walking it. Let’s face it, compared to our quiet, peaceful country roads it feels a bit invasive. It is better that I walk the lot and stay out of the way. At 9, we’d finished our first tea and coffee and we decided on toast and jam for breakfast. Bill had whole wheat toast and regular raspberry jam and I had rye toast with the sugar-free raspberry jam I purchased from Pebbles in Varney. It was good for a quick bite.

Clemson is quite happy in the sun in his bed
in the Mallard
I finished yesterday’s post and got it published by 9. Last night, I was too tired and tequila/wine induced to keep my eyes open. Bill was back and forth from the Suite to see Peggy and Nicole and checking with Al in the shop to find out when I needed to vacate the Suite. At a few minutes before 11, Bill and I took Clemson down the row to the Mallard where we would stay for the day. No sooner did I get settled when I saw the tractor pulling our rv around back and into the bay.

Watching a bit on tv
I turned the tv on and settled at the dining table. It is more comfortable than the sofa for some reason. Clemson settled on the floor in his bed. Not too many channels but not too much interesting in the middle of the day anyway. Not for me anyway. I left Marilyn Denis on just because they were cooking Italian and after last night’s dinner, that seemed fitting.

Clemson didn't move much for a couple of hours
 I hate to say it but by 11:30 I was feeling hungry already. That is the proof in the pudding that you need a fat-filled breakfast to satisfy your body. Fortunately, within 15 minutes, Bill returned from his ‘exploring’ and checking on the progress inside and I was able to talk to him about lunch of some sort. He was hungry too and informed me about the food truck that should arrive any “beep beep” minute. Almost as he spoke, it arrived.

First time for everything, since we didn’t have the easiest access to the Suite fridge, so I ordered from the truck. Bill does this on occasion when interested in something other than his run of the mill peanut butter and cheese sandwich. We agreed upon a heated Hoagie with lots of ham, beef, bacon and cheese. 

Jam packed with meat and cheese
It hit the spot
Back at the Mallard, we ate together and finished one of the London Free Press crosswords that I always have on hand. When Bill went back inside, I settled down with my Kobo and the book I was about to finish.

Working on a crossword over lunch
With a text from Bill, the plans for tonight’s dinner were settled. We’d meet his cousin, Rick and his wife, Joan, at the Waltzing Weasel at 6:30. We’ve driven by this establishment many times but never eaten there so I immediately checked out the menu. Hmm, it’s a British pub style restaurant and sounds very good. Back into my book.
Almost finished!
With 20 pages to go, I forced myself to close the book and take Clemson out for a walk. He has been such a good boy, sleeping in his bed on the floor for a couple or three hours. We walked out front, along the fence line, back down the back, around to see the Suite, around the trailers out front and then followed the road to the back. Clem’s tongue was hanging out and the sun was making hot appearances, so we returned for a drink.

Here comes the Suite

It wasn’t long and Bill came in and announced that we would be back in the Suite for the night and at 4, I saw it being pulled out front again. Yay! There was one job that we still need to complete, waiting for a part, but it is something Bill could do without it going into the shop. 

Looks like a lot of pages but this is a collection
of 12 of his books
We moved our stuff, Clemson’s stuff and my stuff, into our home. At 5, we took turns getting cleaned up and dressed for dinner. It took us approximately 40 minutes to get across half of the city, with all the traffic and construction.

So, I began the first book and got hooked right away
 I love Lee Child!
The Waltzing Weasel is an English Pub style restaurant near a mini put (Tin Cup) and we’d never eaten there. We noticed Rick and Joan already seated on the patio so joined them at the table. It was great to see these two again and the conversation once again flowed easily. They have a 36’ sailboat for their travels and so we exchanged stories and comparisons between a sailboat and a 5th wheel.

Banting House displays the Eternal Flame
Sir Frederick Banting co-discovered insulin

Always construction
I ordered a Lime Magarita and Bill ordered a Caesar tonight and we split an appetizer of Escargot with Cheese in Mushroom Caps. Yum! Bill had Halibut and Fries and I had Sweet Potato Perogies. I must have been hungry and having a fabulous time as I neglected to take a picture. The perogies were so nicely presented too!
the Waltzing Weasel
This was another great meal and not over filling at all. It was after 8 when we walked back to Black Beauty together. Bill had a seaman’s knife that was made for Rick’s grandfather by a machinist’s mate from his navy days on a destroyer. Bill’s Dad had it in his effects when he passed and Bill felt it appropriate and more meaningful that Rick have it. It was a special moment and Rick was very pleased with the gift.

We said our goodbyes and drove back to the Suite. Outside with Clemson, Bill met Caroline, who recognized him from Eagle’s Landing, Grove, Ok. We met Caroline and Ross while on our way home in 2017. 

I dug this picture out of the archives of my post from March 2017

They have their 1998 34’ Airstream here for a repair and are staying overnight. A brief catchup and talk of winter plans before we said goodnight and came inside.

Joan,  Rick, Bill and I
I jotted more on my blog and called it a night. With pictures downloaded, I can publish this in the morning. I hope your day was a good one. Mine was a different one but still a good one. I managed to finish a book and begin another one of Lee Child’s. We got work done on our home and we reunited with some family and friends.

Bill and Rick
and a very old, sentimental gift

Thank you for taking the time to stop in today and for your comments.


  1. What a great day, nothing too exciting but at least you had a nice place to wait! They sure got on the Suite, guess it pays to know someone..haha. Our neighbors had their Suite in Reno...took almost 3 months before they got it back for a slide issue! Then he discovered that there were nuts and bolts on the side that were coming loose..shoddy workmanship. Nice that you have a great business you're dealing with. How nice to see family and friends for 2 nights in a row. What a special gift Bill gave to Rick and that Bill had the heart to do that! Very sweet.

  2. Nice that the work is getting done and you are having some relaxing time there. Love Jack Reacher books, always grab me too.
    Alway fun to catch up with friends and reconnect with people you met on the road.

  3. The Waltzing Weasel ... best name ever for a restaurant!!! Nice to have your own rig back!!

  4. Nice that you can still have fun visiting with Friends while dealing with Maintenance on your Home.
    Be Safe and Enjoy!

    It's about time.