Tuesday, August 7, 2018

Friends’ Departure, Swim at the Acreage, Roofing, Celebration, Alone Together

It was just minutes before 7 on Sunday, Aug. 5th when I woke up and realized that I was alone in bed. The door to downstairs was closed which means that Bill has been up for a while. He would be anxious to get working on his shed. I joined him downstairs and he had indeed eaten, washed, shaved and was ready to get to work. Before my tea, I decided to head out for a walk and got a mile and a half in.

Me, myself and I enjoyed the walk very much
By that time, Bill was down in the gully working away. There wasn’t a lot he could do on his own but he worked for a couple of hours. It was a nice walk and when I returned I sat outside on the shaded patio with tea, laptop and camera. I didn’t send my blog post off last night, as you’ve noticed so that was what I had to get at this morning. My own deadline, no one else’s. Rob and Pat drove home with the GMC in their preparation to pull the Cedar Creek out.

Rob and Pat pull out
I finished that and waited with Bill while he texted Gerry to see if they were working today. It turned out to be a no for one reason or another so Bill hopped on the mower and cut the back field, the corral and the corral hill (for me). Yay, thank you, dear! Inside I prepared the basic ingredients for a Cabbage Salad for tomorrow and then I noticed Rob had returned to pick up the fiver. All of our friends are leaving and as Rob says “all good things come to an end, such is life”.

Bill has to keep busy so cut the grass today
The rest of the day was pretty lackadaisical. I read a fair bit of my Evidence book until after lunch and Bill made a couple of trips into town. One? Two? I can’t remember but he did report after going to town for fuel for his airplanes and riding mower that the Esso station ran out of regular gas. He couldn’t get a full can. That’s not good on a long weekend!  

I know many of you wouldn't swim in their pond
but the water is clean, just the bottom is yeuchy
and boy, was it refreshing!
It was around 2:30 when Bill suggested we drive over to the Acreage for a swim. Sounded like a great idea to me so we changed into our swim suits and I retrieved my water shoes and all 3 of us left. Suzie was sitting out reading by their coach so we told her where we were headed. It felt cool but that was only because the air was so hot. It was so refreshing as I floated around on the pool noodle and Bill swam around. Show off!
Bill puts Clem in shallow water and his feet are already starting to move
to get the heck out of there
Clemson does not like the water, I’m sure I’ve told you that, but his tongue was hanging out with the heat. He’d taken a drink of water as soon as I put his dish out but Bill picked him up and took him out into the shallow water. It wasn’t deep enough for him to swim back but his little feet were already in motion by the time Bill set him down. This short video clip shows him trying his darnedest to get as far from the water as possible. What a character! I’m sure he’ll never admit how great it felt though.

A very comfy seating area in the shade of the trees
We sat for a while and Joanne and Ted, the last of their weekend visitors, left about 30 minutes before we did the same. It was after 4 when we got home and Bill had one destination in mind. The recliner for a snooze. I left them inside and took an ice-cold water outside with my book. The hammock, with no one in it, does loop-de-loops over and over in the wind so I solved that issue by laying down on it. I love my hammock. It was a birthday gift the year we bought our house in 2002.

Bill starts cutting boards before the guys arrive
Wondering and hoping that Mike and Gerry might come later when it cools down to work on the shed, we lit the Weber around 5 and grilled burgers. Seems we eat these a lot but they are good, filling and fast. With a cob of fresh corn on the side, it went down great. Dishes were done by 6 when we got a text from Donna stating the very same plan. They were going to have supper and come over to work for a bit. We would host the campfire tonight too.

I sat outside in the shade finishing this post. Bill is down at the shed doing some sawing and some nailing in anticipation of their arrival. 😊  There were a few small things that he figured out he could do on his own. 

the sky through the new shed window
Soon the boys arrived and things were happening. Donna and I sat up on the hill in our gravity chairs and watched from the shade of the trees and when the sun went down, we moved to the firepit and I started a campfire.

Before the roof
Mike prepping for the metal roof
Everyone was pooped, they had had a late night on Saturday and Bill and the guys had been working. I don’t know what my excuse was, actually I felt pretty good and, like Mike, could have stayed up longer. Donna and Gerry were yawning so the 3 of them left around 10, I think, after we had a couple of meteor shower viewings. 

And it is started
Bill and Gerry were the 'grunt' men 

Suzie and George joined Donna and I before the fire was started
It was a lovely night so we left our windows open plus the outside door again. George and Suzie remained inside their coach and didn’t partake in the campfire on their last night. I think the heat got to them too.

It was my turn to make the fire tonight
I went straight to bed and didn’t bother downloading pictures at all, so that explains the 2-day posting. Bill hopped in the shower before hopping into bed. They are making great progress on the shed, roof and all!

Monday morning, the shed was looking great and this is before the boys arrived
On Monday, the Civic Holiday, Aug. 6th Bill and I both got up around 7. The sky was mostly clear again and there was a lovely breeze. I had gathered G & S’s garbage last night with ours and while I went for a walk, Bill took it down to the road on his way to the Acreage for water. Our tanks were almost whining, they were so low.
A hot morning for a walk, but I did it
Empty spot after Rob and Pat left yesterday
Today, George pulled out at 8:15
Even though it was an early walk for about a mile and a half, I was beaded with sweat on my brow by the time I returned. Whoever said you can ‘sweat’ weight off is full of you know what. Ha ha. When I returned, I loaded the dirty laundry into the Rav and said goodbye to George and Suzie. It was around 7:45 when I drove into Durham and I knew they’d be gone before I returned. I wasn’t even sure if the laundromat would be open on the holiday so was pleased that it was.

This looks like the flower Pat saw but I forgot to use my Plant app to see
what it is

'Elvis' around the corner makes these planters
 Three loads into the wash and I was on my way back to the Ridge. Mike had arrived and he was hard at it with Bill, finishing the roof before the heat hit too badly. I had word that Gerry would be joining them too so told them that and then came inside to make them coffee and omelette sandwiches. Donna gathered up some sawdust shavings while here dropping Gerry off and I sent her off with some of my tomatoes.

Little green apples are turning red
But they are crabapples and full of wormy spots
When she left, I got my clothes up on the line I then hopped in the shower. I chose what I was going to wear this afternoon to the birthday celebration and then brought the clothes in. They were dry within 2 hours but now I was hot and sweaty all over again. LOL  I made up the recipe for the dressing for my cabbage/apple salad and although I’ve had to substitute things, it tastes okay. I hope.

Garbage pick is today, the Civic holiday
The guys finished work around 12 noon and relaxed with a beer before heading back to the Acreage. The wind is crazy up here today but that is a good thing. I packed our bathing suits and towels and Bill had a shower before stretching out in the recliner for a quick doze. Clemson must be getting a breeze up on the bed because he has been up there since Bill come in, stretching out himself across the bedspread.

The shed as it stands Monday
Some batten to be done by Bill and Mike will make the doors
His bag was packed too, he is spending the afternoon and part evening with his buddies, Rob and Pat. They are such a blessing and I hope we tell them often enough just how much we appreciate them. Clemson will be much happier ‘home’ than at the party today and so will Bill and I. At 1:30, I slipped upstairs and into my cool summer dress that I purchased at Keady. I think it is the best choice for today. We drove to Durham around 2 and with hit and miss holiday weekend traffic arrived at Carol’s around 3:30.
Teviotdale round about is in place but not completed
This was a very rough area
They had been hit by a bad storm just 30 minutes prior to our arrival and their power was out all around the area. That explains the trees down on the main streets of Sebringville. Brian has his or Todd’s Champion generator running which helped with some of the lights and the fridge in their big house. Everyone was out in the backyard around the pool. Unfortunately, they lost a gazebo in the storm so shade was minimal except close to the house.

Lots of shaded sitting areas close to the house

Only a few kids in the pool when I took this
It was nice to see everyone and I mean everyone with only one exception. Krystal was disappointed that she couldn’t be there but was having a great time, I’m sure, camping up north with her girlfriends. Plans were already in place when this party was confirmed. We sat for a while before the no-brainer decision to get into the pool came to fruition. It felt cool after being in the hot air but very refreshing.

Bill along the bottom and Olivia with her goggles watching how he does it
I was in for about 20 minutes and got out while Bill remained and played with his granddaughters, Chelsea and Olivia for quite a while. It was fun to see them challenging him with hand stands and somersaults while he, in return, showed them how to swim along the very floor of the pool. 

Bill and his granddaughters

Olivia goes through her poses before jumping in the pool

I missed the chant but she said it each time
Chelsea's turn
We all had lots of food to eat with cheeseburgers, hot dogs and chicken burgers plus various macaroni salads, Caesar salads and my cabbage salad to choose from. It was a great supper.
chicken burgers were on first

Bill and one of his grandsons, Zach
What a great smile that little guy has
Impish, no?

We all love this little sweetie
Johnny enjoys his hot dog with Grandma Liz watching
There were dessert squares, brownies and a special cake to fill up on if there were any gaps left in our tummies. 

The cake before the candles and inscription was added
Bill's sisters, Liz and Carol, deliver the cake to Marilynne to blow the candles out
there was an inscription "Good luck on your move" that related to
her move from Stratford to Fort Erie, near her daughter
We sang Happy Birthday to Dad, I'm sure he heard us raising the rafters
A wonderful day all in all and it was around 7:30 when we joined in the staggering departures. It was an eventless drive home which is good. I felt exhausted for some reason and although I couldn’t sleep, closed my eyes off and off briefly on the way. We pulled up in front of Rob and Pat’s around 8:45 to pick up our little pooch. It was such a relaxing day knowing he was in good hands with his buddies.

Some trees downed from the storm in Sebringville
At home, we unloaded the 2 coolers and left the rest of the stuff for morning. Inside, we decided to just go to bed and turn the tv on. I read a chapter before giving in and watching a few minutes of the movie he had on. When I closed my eyes and put my ear plugs in, I guess it rained steadily for about an hour. A nice gentle rain, Bill said so that was good timing for us.

We met this beautiful Pontiac on the way to Carol's and then on the way home
How coincidental!
I hope your days have been at least half as good as ours have been. We’ve had a wonderful time up here with our friends and now we can get back into our quiet time together today.

Good night!

Our little boy comes out of Rob and Pat's house to greet us
All is well again, we are home together

Thank you for reading along. Sorry for the long post. Your comments are always welcome!


  1. What a great post Patsy! First off, the shed is just too cute! What a great job those boys are doing, can't wait to see it finished! The heat sounds horrible and a swim at the Acreage sounds like just what you needed. Will probably seem a little quiet, (or not since you've got construction going on)for a few days since your campground is empty! Wow that must have been some storm, glad you were behind it! Looks like a great party! I love the fact that you all went ahead with it, I'm sure Bill's dad would agree :) How far is Fort Erie from you guys? Hopefully you'll still be able to see Marylynne from time to time. Would love to know what's in your cabbage salad? Enjoy your day!

    1. thank you Shirley. It is really quiet around here, takes some getting used to again! I can't just holler over to Rob when I want to. :)
      The party was a success and I'm glad we all went ahead with it. We even sang Happy Birthday to him.
      Fort Erie is about a 3 hour drive so we'll go and see Marilynne in the beginning of October before we head south.
      My cabbage salad has red cabbage, red onions, green apples and carrots. The dressing is dijon mustard, olive oil, garlic powder and wine vinegar. I substituted a lot but it still tasted quite good. :)

  2. Good times. Poor Clemson. He's not a water dog!! The pool looks like so much fun with the grands!! Thanks for sharing them with us.

    1. thank you Nancy. Clemson definitely does NOT like the water but the grandchildren sure do!

  3. Bill,
    It would appear that the shed is about a half bubble off of plumb towards starboard.

    Just funnin with you.............it's looking good.


    1. Just a half bubble? It actually has a little bit of right aileron. haha
      thanks for the chuckle!

  4. What busy fun time you have had there, and nice to spend time with family around the pool in the hot weather. Bill should be happy his shed is moving right along soon he will be moving in.
    Thanks for all the fun times we had there with everyone at the Ridge.
    Nice that Rob and Pat are close by to dog sit Clemson.

    1. It was fun at the party on a hot day.
      Bill is thrilled about the shed progress.
      You're very welcome, George. We love to have you come visit!
      Rob and Pat are a blessing too, they love Clemson.

  5. Good lookin party, and a great lookin shed.

    1. Thanks F.G. Good times at the party and Bill is excited about the shed too!