Saturday, October 31, 2020

Last but not Least Sister, First time Visit to Teeswater, Hallowe’en – a New Way


Paisley, On

So, on Saturday, Oct. 31st (spook time!) we didn’t rush getting up. I was awake at 7 but remained in the warm bed until 7:30. Bill has a loud notification sound on his Samsung that he had to get up to turn off so that was a good message to get moving. I was ready anyway. Once I'm awake, I can only lay or toss and turn for so long. We washed and got dressed before having our coffee and tea.

Ignore the reflection, just snapped this as we left Cathy and Bill's

Bill had some toast downstairs and we left the house at 9:30 for Teeswater. One last sister to hand deliver the package to. She is my oldest sister and the closest in distance (well, the same as Donna) so we planned to visit Cathy and Bill this morning. We haven’t been telling any of them the reason for our visits so it has been nice to produce a little surprise for them. Mom is still looking after her children from above and I'm only a pawn carrying out her wishes.

The sky was pretty today

Cathy was very happy to welcome us into their rental home just on the edge of Teeswater since we’ve never been. It is lovely! They were very lucky when they were looking for a place in the area a few years ago and I can tell they are very happy there. After a tour, I got down to business and surprised her as well with Mom’s gift. We had a really nice visit, something the four of us have not ever done without others. It was overdue! Thanks for the coffee, Cathy!

On the way home, we tripped around the Walkerton way and checked out the specials at TSC. Bill needs warm work clothes and we are slowly getting him fixed up. They had men’s flannel shirts on sale for $9.99 so he got a couple and rather than pay the ladies prices of $34.99 and ↑, I found 2 Medium that will be perfect for my work at the body shop too. We left then for home and had a bite to eat before Bill stretched out for a snooze.

I sat in the front room waiting for the laundry
It was a warm spot this afternoon with the sun

While he dozed, I finished yesterday’s blog post, well, started it and finished it. Friday was a whirlwind so nothing got written. Then I started on today. I went downstairs around 3:30 and began 2 loads of laundry. I figured I’d get it done today so the machines were free for Susan tomorrow. On new hydro (electric) rates starting Nov. 1st, we will be paying close attention to high-mid and low-peak times. Weekends are low so we'll just carry on the way we've been doing since we came home in March.

Just as good the second night

Peaches and ice cream

I took my book down with me and the crossword from the Sun Times so I could in the front living room to wait for the loads to finish. Susan and Wes had their supper between 5 and 6 and I warmed up our Chinese food leftovers around 6:30. Bill was working on setting up his hobby radio so I left him to it and called him down when everything was ready. Usually he helps me prep supper here but I gave him a break today and did it alone. Golly, I'm a keeper too! haha😊 

So, here's what you should know about my little brother
He and his family in Alberta know how to do Hallowe'en right!
Every year, they have a party and go all out
I love it!!
these are their decorations and their food

As we were finishing up our dessert of peaches and ice cream, they returned from taking their BMW out to the farm. It is Hallowe’en but because this house, their home, is in the midst of downtown, next to no children usually come to the door. Plus, with the mess of Covid-19 this year, there wasn’t much chance of that anyway. We noticed a few parents with young children walking down the sidewalk out front but didn’t need to be concerned about giving out candy. Strange year for the little ghoulies. I loved this night when we lived in our house in London and would always dress up.

and they ALL dress up for the party

After dishes, we came upstairs and I helped Bill read the serial # on his radio before finishing this post. Not much going on today which is a nice change from our previous pace. Tomorrow will be similar. Wes and Susan are into the Hallmark movies like Bill is so they all have a ‘date’ in the theatre room to watch a new one. LOL, I’ll either be downstairs watching my own show or up here in the bedroom with my book. We'll all be happy.

sorry, little brother, nice try but this little guy
takes the prize this year
Easton, the adorable dragon

Have a good night and thank you for your visit today.


  1. Aww Easton looks so cute in his costume!

    1. He just has that squeezable face that the little people do. :)

  2. Sounds like you 2 had a good Halloween, and we just had our neighbors came over, Spencer is six years old, and his sister Mabel (cutie!) is 3 years old. We gave all sorts of goodies.
    Take care Patsy, Rawn

    1. It was quiet but a good one. Nice that you had some little people to see as well. I assume they dressed up? :)

  3. It's nice that you are settling in well at your "winter" home. I didn't get a chance to read yesterday's post until this morning, but Paisley sounds like a wonderful town and I'll look forward to more pictures as you continue to explore. It must be kind of fun to share your mom's gift to each of your siblings and see the surprise. Here in the RV Park there were no "goblins" for us to treat either.

    1. Thanks Cheri. I knew when we started this lifestyle that opening the door to little goblins would be missed. Bill is okay with that but he knows how much I loved it.

  4. Cute little dragon!

    We had a total of 8 come here. About the usual number.

    God bless.

    1. Yes, he is!
      So, really no changes in your Hallowe'en world. :)

  5. Easton is such a cutie! I had 17 children show up at the door, down from my usual 40-60 but I'm glad I was prepared. Of course I made sure I bought items we'll eat over time. :p

    Enjoy your day today!

    1. Oh, that's nice! I hate to see the little ones miss out because of Covid. :)

  6. What a difference in pricing on the flannel shirts! I'd have bought men's too! Easton is just too adorable, those eyes!! :) Very nice to be delivering the gifts from your mom. Nice to have it taken care of so easily. Cute pic of you in the living room. Our neighbor did the exact same table yesterday only with cowboy boots one his feet haha. really clever!

    1. that's what I thought too about the shirts! :)
      That is too funny about the table, it must have been on FB somewhere. :O

  7. Your brother gets very creative for Halloween.
    Easton was definitely the winner for his costume.
    Nice to have a more relaxing day.
    It will be a long time before things get back to the way they were.
    Be Safe and Enjoy!

    It's about time.

  8. Easton is a cutie with or without costume. You look lonely in that big house and a front room, is that a living room and are there more rooms to sit in? Just curious as I am not so familiar with these descriptions. In any case it looks like a well kept home and nice hosts. Looking forward to more pictures of the surrounding area.

    1. Easton is a little heart stealer for sure. :)
      It's nice to be alone with a book or crossword but I didn't feel lonely. haha
      Sorry, front room is an old fashioned saying for a living room at the front of the house.