Sunday, July 22, 2018

Great Night’s Sleep, Blessed Rain! More Reading, More Firelight

On Saturday, July 21st Bill was up early with Clemson, before 6, and crawled back into bed. Our 4-legged little boy decided he’d rather sleep in his bed on the couch rather than squeeze in between us. We slept until 7 when I needed to get up. I know I slept well though with a window open upstairs and most downstairs bringing in the fresh air. The rain started around 10:30 and was a pretty steady light rain even after I slipped under the sheet at 11. Good!

Yay! Rain
The winds were still quite apparent this morning while Bill and I had our first coffee and tea. Bill opened the blinds and we sat at our laptops reading blog posts by our friends. Oh-oh, Peter Rabbit is back and dares to stare me down when I said “you stay out of my garden!” I’ll have to see if he’s nibbling my carrot tops. So far they appear untouched and I’d like to keep it that way!

Turn around, Peter!

Yes, I'm talking to you! Stay out of my garden!

Playing with my phone settings
Maybe this bunny rabbit will scare him off for good!
These rain pails sit under our Suite run off
Hard to tell but it is full (see the floating bee?)

Garden earth is damp
 I’m going to be moving some stakes around for the tomato plants, the ones I found yesterday (in a pinch) are not working, too stout. Now, with the ground soft, it should be easy to do that. With my tea done, I took care of that, no sign of Peter. It made me smile to see the dark dampened earth around the plants. A silent ‘Thank you!’ was raised to the rain God. The stakes got rearranged a bit and I brought a couple down for my potted drunken stalks. Gently does it, the little babies are fragile.

More evidence of rain and a pretty picture of the drops
Bill went out and opened the carton from FedEx, anxious to fix Weber Q. The scraping noise I hear is him cleaning it as well. A job I’ve done maybe only once but absolutely dislike. So, when he finished that he got the riding mower out and went down the lane to cut the front field. The grass isn’t brown out there and even though the grass isn’t too long, the weeds are. You can sense that he is much busier than I am today!

My branches didn't work out

But now they are all staked up 
When I heard him coming up the lane I ran out and hand signaled to him that I was starting breakfast. I could tell he was ready by his response. After all, it was 11 o’clock. We ate our bacon and eggs and then I offered to clean up dishes while he drove into Durham to fill the gas container for the mower. The clouds are in control of the sky today but once in a while we see some sun. It doesn’t much matter whether it is in or out, it is a warm day at 75F in the noon hour period.

Sitting with Donna at the Acreage pond
After a snooze, off Bill went to cut the back field. I timed him. It takes 45 minutes without doing the hilltop or the berm. I lazed, which I’m an expert at. There really wasn’t much I could get into today with the winds so gusty so I read my book and then had my own little siesta. Around 3ish we all drove over to the Acreage to fill the water bladder. Our tank was registering around 17 gallons. Clemson and I visited with Donna up front at the pond while Bill went back to get water from their well.

Clemson the wanderer
Back home, while the water transfer was taking place, Bill and I had some cherries and cheese that he bought at Costco. Wow, that’s a lot of cherries! If it wasn’t for pitting them all, I might be tempted to make him a cherry pie. His favourite. I don’t have a cherry pitter nor do I think I even have a hairpin, which used to work in a pinch. Oh well. I caught up on my post and then went back outside. It was 78F outside and 80F inside the Suite. A nice day, actually but the wind could let up a bit.

Sky picture through our screen door
Bill and I got into a good discussion about a new project we’re talking about. I won’t let the cat out of the bag until we make a decision. By the time we’d talked about it from all angles of perception, he went and had a shower and I began getting things out for supper.We just grilled Leadbetter’s Cowboy Burgers tonight with bacon and cheese. Yum. We’re each having a bun and my mouth is watering already.

And it was enough with nothing else on the side
The sun is making more appearances as the clouds are breaking up all around us. Should be a lovely evening. After eating and doing the dishes up, we relaxed for a bit and then once again drove over to the Acreage. 

If it wasn’t so windy up here on the Ridge, we would host the fire but for now, we know we are welcome over there. We wanted to talk to Mike, who is staying at his trailer there on weekends. He has a hand in our planned project.

A new wildflower down the lane
I didn't pick it though
We had a nice visit again and a great fire. Donna is sold on my little firestarters, she used to have a hard time starting theirs but now loves how easy it is. She will be making her own soon. 😊 

It was a great fire, visit and evening
We left around 10:30 but not because it was cold, rather that it was late for us old fogies to be out at night. Ha ha. This has been a good day and I hope yours was too.

Our Ridge pond, in the morning light
Thank you for reading. If you wish to leave a comment, I’d love to hear from you.


  1. Oh Patsy we both laughed at your rabbit picture! That's just too cute! Well, it's obvious why Peter wants to visit your garden, it looks wonderful! I love cherries but don't eat them much because of the'd think you have seedless grapes, watermelon, why not cherries!? Your burger is mouth watering! What a beautiful night for a fire and chit chat. We got home at 11 last night from next door and once my head hit the pillow that was it! Your pond is lovely in the morning light..Happy Sunday!

    1. Ha ha, that my dear was my full intention! Make a fool of myself to get you laughing. No shame here, Bill just shakes his head at me. :)
      It was a fun day and I do remember Mom buying the gold coloured pails of pitted cherries. At least I thought they were pitted, we both remember those. Mom used to can them by the jars and store in the root cellar. Good memories. I'm not a night owl usually so need to sleep longer to catch up on my bunny beauty sleep!

  2. You're too funny Miss Bunny!! They do like fresh vegetables!!! GREAT looking burger!!!

    1. Funny or loony, same difference here. :)
      That burger was delicious!

  3. Looks like another fun day there on the Ridge and at the Acreage. Does not take much to keep us busy, how did we ever have the time to go to work?

    1. Little bits of busy-ness, that is what I like but I also enjoy NO busy-ness when I feel like just chillin'. :)