Sunday, July 29, 2018

***S*C*A*M*M*E*D***, Clemson Settles Down, More Friends Arrive, Bill and Friends Build

So, we were both up by 7:30 on Friday, July 27th. I was actually up just before 7 and went for a walk to the corner of North Line and Baptist Church Road. It was the first time in a long time that I’ve gone beyond the driveway’s end. 

I didn't venture onto the highway today
When I returned, Bill was up and we made our morning brew together. As we were sitting at our laptops, we read news from our blogger friends and I went into Facebook. I read a few of the latest posts on FB and then play Scrabble and Words with Friends.

Clemson moves from our bed to the sunny quilt on the couch
 Today, I shouldn’t have. Well, it could have happened anyway. My computer came up with a huge warning of threats and potential viruses etc. (I’m sure you have had the scare at some time or another) and it froze. I was unable to exit, close or turn my laptop off. It recommended we call a number at Microsoft for immediate help. “No!” you are saying. Well, where were you when we needed you? LOL Yes, we called and got hooked into a very convincing scam. SCAM!!

At 6 am, the fog was thick across the land
My laptop is only a couple of years old and I wasn’t about to take any chances………so I thought! Thirty minutes at least on the phone, later I was to leave my laptop alone for a possible 2 hours while they did their thing, freeing up the ‘so-called viruses’ and giving me back my laptop WITH a 2-year protection plan costing us upwards of $200. We were just sick at spending that money but felt it was necessary.

Without going further into more of this fiasco, we discovered we were scammed and Bill took my laptop to a 3rd party, reputable computer store in Hanover. It felt like I was missing an arm all afternoon, without it. Anyway, the day went on and I cleaned up and drove into Durham to visit Mom at 11. We had a wonderful visit, an improvement of 99% over the last one. I left there and did some shopping in town before returning to the Suite.

He backed the big boom truck all the way up the long driveway
Bill had been waiting for his shed lumber to arrive from Rona and as we sat with Rob and Pat (they arrived just after lunch, much to Clemson’s delight – ‘finally!’ he thought) the huge load came. The driver impressed me as most tractor trailer drivers do, he backed the rig up the long drive and offloaded by a remote-control device strapped over his shoulder, like a lady’s purse. Impressive technology today. Both Bill and I took snapshots of this, it was pretty neat to watch.

Today's entertainment

Mr. Rona with his remote control toy LOL

Mike arrived from the Acreage a short time later and before we knew it, Bill and Rob joined him and they were building! 

The boss arrives to check out the delivery
'Mike's Home Improvement'
The frame for the floor went down within a matter of minutes. I daresay Mike knows what he’s doing! I’m sure Bill was just thrilled with how it was coming together so quickly.
Clemson, the Inspector, races down the corral hill
He's never gone down there before!

And Mike, Rob and Bill set to work immediately

The Safety Inspector checks out the ladder
When the rain put an end to the work, well that and the fact that Mike had already worked today, Mike left and Rob, Pat, Bill and I sat first with a tea and then a Happy Hour drink. The sky all day was not something you’d want to place a bet on. Nothing lasted more than a few minutes and it changed.

First Happy Hour of the weekend
a good start on the shed this afternoon
At 6:30 we all decided it was time to start the Weber. We invited Rob to grill his burgers with ours rather than set up his bbq last night. Bill and I have been having an issue with our water pump the day before and it carried on into today. What is it with water pumps? I’ve heard that no one is exempt from their occasional difficulties. Bill can explain the steps he took, if he wishes, if he ever slows down enough to write a post. 😊

We borrowed some water from Rob, who gave us a jug full to get us through the evening dishes and morning Keurig fill-up. Thanks guys. Rob also brought me a dish of his stewed rhubarb so for dessert, I had some in a bowl with a scoop of Chapman’s Black Cherry ice cream. Oh my! I’m sure I deserved that treat. When Bill came in later, he had some ice cream too, not wanting to ‘spoil’ (his words) the rhubarb by mixing.

Clemson and I were in bed around 10 or was it 10:30 and dropped right off. I knew I was tired with the running around and after walking a total of about 4 miles today. I also managed at some point in the afternoon to get out the weed trimmer and take the tops off the spindly weeds in the area off the patio. That makes it look much nicer. Next time, I’ll go further down the corral hill. So, that was last night.

We're hoping for a nice day tomorrow
Today, Saturday, July 28th, I was up again before 7 and even though it was cloudy, took a walk to the corner. Arriving there, the rain spatters joined me. They weren’t heavy but wet enough for me to turn around and return home. Bill was getting up around 7:30 and headed directly over to the Acreage to fill the water bladder. He’s still working on the water pump problem. Rob and Pat had a party to go to so they left around 8 for Durham. They’ll be back later today.

This is our Camping area first thing this morning
I decided since it was a wet, cool day, I took the opportunity to do a thorough job of dusting the woodwork in the Suite. It needed it. By the time I finished that, the call came in that my laptop was ready so I scooted to Hanover to pick it up. If we’re lucky, we’ll get our money back by sending an email to the scammers. They tried to impress upon us that they were legit so let’s see them prove it!

Bill patiently waits for the rain to stop and Mike and Gerry to arrive
After leaving Healthy Computers, I drove to the Bread Store for a loaf of bread and while there, took a tour through Salvation Army. I was only looking for a few colourful pillow cases. I found some at .50 a pop. Perfect! I was stealing (?), no borrowing an idea from Pat on how to protect our wooden dining chair backs. I loved the idea when I saw it on her chairs and it will work on ours too.

And the work is well underway by the time I get home
The Inspector is pleased and leaves the guys to work

Clemson runs up the lane, looks like he's ready to take flight
with those ears flopping!
I stopped at Grant’s Independent grocery store and picked up a few more groceries, mainly lunch items for the workers at the Ridge. Back home, I noticed that our second reservation had arrived. George and Suzie’s coach was backed into Site #3. It was very nice to see them again too. There is still room for another camper in between but unlike last year, Gerry and Melinda will not be coming. The bunky is set up but it isn’t needed this weekend. That’s unfortunate but c’est la vie.

Site #3 is now filled
Welcome George and Suzie
I was very surprised and excited to see how much Bill, Mike and Gerry had done on the shed. I snapped some more pictures after unloading the Rav and Donna and I made up some buns for lunch. It is amazing how good a lettuce, ham, tomato and cheese sandwich tastes when you are hungry. I hadn’t eaten anything yet at all so felt ravenous.

Bill and Emily worked together on the rafters
Looks to me like Emily has a lot of male supervisors!
I cleaned up the few dishes while the guys went back at it. The rain returned, more than a light rain but they forged on until Mike’s daughter, and employee, stopped in to give them a hand. Surprisingly, after she arrived and donned her tool belt, the skies seemed to change. Sun appearances were more constant and the rain stopped for the remainder of the afternoon. 

Rob checks out today's accomplishments
At 4:30 they called it quits for the day and enjoyed a beer while they rested on lumber. Clemson was down a few times, checking out the process.

Done for the day
When they left, Rob, Pat, George, Suzie, Bill and I took our chairs to Site #2 for Happy Hour. Clemson got a couple of treats from Pat and tried his darnedest to beg for more. He knew where they were kept! At 6 or 6:30 we went our separate ways for supper. Holy! I hadn’t given supper much thought so it was a ‘look after ourself’ kind of meal. That worked for us today as it has oft in the past.

2nd Happy Hour of the weekend
Pat put my treats inside here

I know those treats are in there, Rob

Since I had some leftover lasagna from a meal early in the week, Bill was quite content to have a toasted tomato and cheese sandwich. We cleaned up dishes and Bill started the fire to see if anyone was interested in sitting around it for a while tonight. They were and we gathered for a couple of hours until the mosquitoes sent us back inside.

I took a walk with Clemson after supper

After the day's work, down the hill he goes again

Inspector Clemson makes a final check of the process

the farmer across the road gathers some fodder from the field

Gathered for an evening fire as Pat captures the sunset

We watched a bit of Live PD before calling it a night. This has been a great day. A lot was accomplished, new company arrived and we are enjoying the time with friends.

Good night!

Thank you for stopping in. Your comments are always appreciated.


  1. What a couple of busy days for you guys. Too bad about the scam on your computer , glad that you git it fixed up and running well again.
    The Shed it coming together very quickly and will be a wonderful addition to the ridge.
    So nice to be back here at the ridge again and having fun with you guys. Thanks for your hospitality.

    1. Great days, we always have fun together.
      We are happy to have you both!

  2. Good luck getting those scammers to refund your money. Don't give them anymore personal information or access to accounts then they already have. You might want to contact the company that issued the credit card you paid with and tell them not to let any more charges by the scammers go through. For anyone that gets that message and then can't turn off their laptop- removing the battery and leaving it out for a few minutes worked for me more than once. Nick

    1. Thank you Nick. All we can do is try. The tech at Healthy Computers said he has heard positively that many people get the refund but we'll see. Thanks for the tip, I wish we weren't so gullible the first time. LOL

  3. Wow your shed went up FAST!!! Those guys are pros! So sorry to hear about your computer. The scammers are so sophisticated any more, it's really hard to know. For future reference, IMMEDIATELY turn it off and unplug for a couple of hours. When you turn it back on, it should be fine. Has happened to me a couple of times. It's when you click on something that you get in trouble. If you paid with a credit card, call the company and tell them you were scammed, disputing the charges. They should take it off and refund your money.

    1. I know, Mike could probably build sheds with his eyes closed.
      Good tips that we will definitely remember. I tried to shut it down but it wouldn't. didn't think of the taking the battery out. duh!
      Fingers crossed we'll get our $ back. Nick had a good tip above and we've called the bank who holds our credit card.

  4. You've been keeping busy taking care of normal things along with all those extras.
    The shed is coming along nicely. You'll have a small settlement there before long.
    You have lost your money to the Scammers but it's a lesson learned. Try contacting your Credit Card Company to explain that it was a Scam and they might reverse the charge.
    When your Laptop freezes like that remove the Battery. When you restart it will go through a self-diagnoses mode. If you already have an Anti-Virus in place simply X off those warnings.
    Be Safe and Enjoy!

    It's about time.

    1. We have been busy and Bill will be happy for his new 'workshop'.
      I was unable to X out of the warning nor shut it down so Nick and our friends had the suggestion to remove the battery. NEXT TIME! Thanks.


  5. Sorry to read about the scam. God they are brutal. You are not the first or last to fall for it. Glad you have moved on from it. Roland's brother lost $500.00 to the microsoft phone scam. He is the brother that has very little financial funds. Felt really bad for him. Enjoy the rest of your summer and see your one day soon.

    1. Thank you Lori. We feel so stupid falling for it, they are def good at what they do. Blech!

  6. Too bad about the scam! Could you call your bank or credit card and have them do something? My sis in law dropped $500.00 and she still doesn't believe she was scammed and it was basically the same as yours. Love Love Love the shed and how fast it's coming together! What a team Clemson has working for him. Happy Hour looks like so much fun!

    1. Thanks guys. We've called the bank but first we need to try for a refund from the scammers. I know, good luck! LOL
      The shed is looking great, Bill is like a kid in a candy store. :)
      Clemson knows how to pick his workers for sure!

  7. Nice to reconnect, and thanks for your recent comments. Looks like you'e had a good summer. That's quite the party you've got going on. Does Bill's new shed mean more planes, or a new hobby? Sure goes up fast if yrou have a team who know what they're doing!

    1. How wonderful to hear from you F.G. The summer is going well and nevertheless, zipping by! We have a nice little rv'ers reunion and it feels good to have space to offer.
      Bill's shed will be for building, storing and repairing (after the oopsies) his planes. The cargo trailer is so crammed full, he'd like to use it just for transporting. Yes, there is a NEW (oh no!) large plane in his future that will need building. Mike knows how to build, for sure, and the guys fall into the routine easily. :)

  8. I haven’t been reading blog post for a while (too busy I’ll post about it later) but Benno alerted me to your post. Good job on the new shed and fantastic that Bill will also get his “man cave” to work on his planes. The issue with the scam and the frozen computer is too bad. I feel truly sorry for you. It happened to us many years ago frequently while we were on the boat and I had to use our satellite phone (expensive minutes) to call our son, (he is an IT guy) to tell me what to do to unfreeze it and to get rid of the virus. However, our son told us to get a Mac computer next time we were in the need of a new one and ever since we’ve switched to MacBook Pro (2013) and iPad we had no more trouble, thanks God!
    Enjoy your RV get-together with your friends. That is a neat thing you are doing and I’m sure you are all having fun. Also hi to George and Suzie.

    1. Hi Marlene. I understand the busy-ness, I'll look forward to your next update. The shed is going up fast and Bill is very excited to be able to have work space of his own. My part is the front porch where I can read while he builds. :)
      Darn scammers, we sure fell for it. Luckily, we only went the cheapest route but it is still hard earned money possibly lost.
      I will pass on your 'hi' to George and Suzie.
      Thanks for your comment.