Wednesday, July 4, 2018

Goodbye Again, Quick Sale, Happy 4th of July!

I woke at a few minutes before 5 on Wednesday, July 4th but not fully awake by any means. I sensed Bill getting up around there for his shower and prepping for work. We shared a nice evening last night with a rum and coke while reading, dozing and watching tv. I waited until he was almost ready to go before coming downstairs to sit for a few minutes and say goodbye. “Look after Mom and keep her company” he says to Clemson.

Rise and shine you sleepy heads!
The day is young, get out of bed!
I snapped a picture of him pulling out in Ptooties after taking one of the sunrise. Another hot day coming our way and hardly any breeze again. The awnings are out but Bill said the winds are supposed to pick up later so I’ll keep an eye on them. I sat in my chair instead of going back to bed and finished the last 4 chapters of my book. It was good, as I’ve said. I’d located 4th of July by James Patterson for Bill to take with him (how fitting!) so he has something to read in the evenings.

See ya, Sweetie! Drive safe!
When I closed the book, I slipped out and took a leisurely walk down the lane, down North Line to Baptist Church Road. I know how far I have to go for ½ mile and when I turned back, I realized I should have left my book for later and walked at 7. It was already too warm to be out in the hot sun. I veered up the lane to the United Church near the corner and took a couple of pictures of the beautiful, tall hollyhocks.

I love the colours of these
 Back home, I made my tea and moved outside with my laptop and big camera with the zoom lens. I love the peacefulness up here and although I love the quiet alone time, I often think of a couple of my friends in the big city who would love hearing what I hear, seeing what I see on a summer morning. I do have friends there also who would find this boring, no action, but Brenda and Randy, you would love this. No traffic, no sirens, nothing but chirps from Chippy and our fine feathered friends.

They grow so tall
I put ‘Funky tripod’ to work this morning, after a rest period in the cupboard and took some selfies. Some on my walk and some relaxing. Bill contacted me just after 8:30 that he had arrived safe and sound so my body can fully relax now with that off my mind. There isn’t a lot to get into today with the exception of dusting the Suite. Inside jobs. I sewed a button on a cardigan Bill has that we are sending to the donation store. He has a couple of other nicer ones of his Dad’s now that we’ll hang onto.

In my mind, I am semi-planning what to pack for our Sisterfest on Monday through Thursday. I believe the warmth will still be with us so not as much needs to be considered. Easier to pack for hot weather than cold or even a bit of both. Shorts, capris, top choices, sandals, jacket and swimsuit. Voila! It is never that easy for me since I have many options and wouldn’t change that for anything.

I wrote a bit on this post and hunted out a new book to read. I’ve decided on Dead in the Water by Stuart Woods. Another mystery with lawyer/ex-cop, Stone Barrington. I’m staying inside for the time being, only going out with Clemson when he has the need. With only 5 ½ hours of sleep last night, late night, early morning, I foresee a nap later on this afternoon.

For now, at noon hour, I’m ready for a bite to eat so I scrambled a couple of eggs with butter and had a yogourt and a second tea along with them. I don’t like preparing meals for one but this way, my nutritionist (me) will be happy. I’m eating and I’m eating well. So far. As I was sitting at my laptop earlier, I posted our paddle boat on Kijiji and Letgo for sale. You never know what kind of response you’ll get but I put some nice pics on and was up front about the cracks in the plastic top of the boat.
Something as easy as deadheading my petunias was almost too much
on this heated day

No one was more surprised than I was when at 12 noon my phone rang. Unknown number to me but a person’s name popped up. She wanted to know if I’d take a certain amount for the boat and if so, they’d come right now and get it. We’d advertised it at a price or best offer but had a ‘no less than’ price in mind. She offered $50 less than our price and I could hardly contain my excitement that I sold our boat!! Yay!

Coming from Collingwood, Judy and Steve arrived before 1 pm and were very happy with their purchase. The 3 of us loaded it into the back of the F150 bed and had a nice chat about their retirement, our lifestyle and their plans to take it to Manitoulin Island. This island has come up so much in conversations lately, yet most of the names of the towns I can’t pronounce let alone remember. I feel a weight off our shoulder and some cash in our holey pocket. That will go towards the repair of our generator.

Only outside for 20 minutes likely and the heat drove me inside to the a/c. This one in my sister’s words is a ‘scorcher’. Clemson slipped upstairs to the bedroom for his afternoon siesta and I remained in my chair with my book. With my lesser hours of sleep last night, I tried to doze off but that didn’t pan out. I guess it will be an early night for this gal tonight! When Clem next needed outside, I also used the outdoor facilities and we walked down to the end of the lane. No mail today but it was good to stretch our legs.

At 6 I pushed myself to find something to eat. I had some cooked grilled chicken strips from Foodland so put together a lettuce, egg, onion, tomato, spinach salad. It filled my plate and I knew I wasn’t that hungry so I can put half into a container for tomorrow night. I’ll just add the dressing or mayo then. I cleaned up the dishes and settled back in our chair.

We need rain badly again
Our ponds are really drying up
This book is just as sit says on the back cover by Detroit News: ‘One of his best…..Woods is a pro and this goes by like a summer breeze, with just enough heat to make you sweat’. I could use more breeze today and less sweat but you the meaning. It is a page turner and I’ll finish it quickly. Bill called at 7 to say he finished his long hot day. Lucky that he had his stuff moved into his ‘overnight’ trailer and had the a/c running. He said it was nice and cool when he returned to it.

I went out with Clemson and just as I was putting him back inside, out of the corner of my eye I spotted a heron. I think I’m a bit of a hawkeye, not much gets past this evil eye with a camera. By the time I got my zoom lens, he had moved but I found him back further. I stood out in the heat for about 15 min. hoping he would take flight but nothing was spooking him. He can obviously stand still longer than I can so I had to give it up and move back into the cool of the Suite.

Mr. Heron tests the photographer's patience
Time for ice cream! I dished up a scoop of Vanilla fudge and a scoop of Black Cherry ice cream and drizzled some stewed rhubarb over top. That makes up for just having a salad at supper. Unless it is a caesar salad, salads just aren’t my go-to food. I enjoyed the dessert and Clemson got an offer to lick the bowl. Sometimes he takes us up on that, other times turns his head almost in disgust. Go figure!

I downloaded the day’s pictures and sorted through what to post. I hope you like my choices today. This has been a lazy but productive day, the dusting on the downstairs level is done and Clemson and I sold a boat! I hope your day has been awesome too. I believe some relief in the weather will come tomorrow and hopefully some rain showers so I don’t have to water the gardens. To all our American friends, I hope you have had a fantastic Independence Day!

Good night
Perhaps this means a cooler day tomorrow
But I hope it means rain!
Thank you for popping by. Your comments are always appreciated.


  1. Have been enjoying all of your recent posts. I wish I could be like Clemson and turn my nose up to sweets. .. even if it's only part of the time. Lol! Enjoy your sisterfest!!!! Nothing much better than having special time with them.

    1. Thank you Cheri. You and me both about the sweets! I am looking forward to time with my sisters, we can be goofy but understand each other.

  2. Congrats you sold the boat!!! Fast work! Great selfies. Hope the weather cools off soon and the sprinklers come on to fill your pond.

    1. Thank you, I was so excited! You never know how long things will take if they sell at all. I hope the weather cools a bit too and the only sprinklers we have, of course, is the rain.

  3. Hope the rain finds it way to you real soon and refills your pond.
    It is not so much the heat as the humidity that is miserable. Though if I really want to complain it would be about the mosquitoes that have arrived.

    Congratulations on the quick boat sale!

    I could use some of that silence you talked about we have had fireworks going off since yesterday. Though they got worse this afternoon and have intensified since dark.

    Stay Cool...(((hugs)))

    1. We feel so sad when the pond at our end starts to dry out. Nothing we can do about it. Last summer was the opposite with lots of rain and cooler weather. You're right it is the humidity that makes it miserable. Sorry about the mosquitoes, we're not experiencing that right now. The saying that silence is golden couldn't be more true.

  4. People have no sense when it comes to fireworks!! They'd rather burn $1000 in fireworks than buy groceries. Now they are popping the illegal stuff from south of the border and here it is 11:30PM!!! NUTS!!! I so wish I could get out of this slaughterhouse town and soon!!
    Don in Okla.

    1. Even around here on Canada Day weekend, I don't recall hearing any fireworks. I know they are nice in moderation but you're right 11:30 at night is a bit much. It's ridiculous.

  5. Nice that you got the boat sold and enjoyed a relaxing day enjoying Stuart Woods, always good read.
    keep cool and enjoy..

    1. Thanks George that was a treat for the day selling that boat. Stuart Woods is definitely a page-turner.

  6. Glad your boat got sold so quickly! when you advertise at the right price (or close) things sell quickly. I get that when you're cooking for one food is just not as much fun. Glad I don't have to do it very often. Your petunias are certainly doing well! We were wondering (well Ken was) about your generator, did you get it back yet? Maybe we missed it..

    1. Thanks guys. No, we know that the generator needed some parts (I can't remember what they had to order from the US) but we haven't heard that it is done yet.

  7. Congrats on the sale of your boat.
    Glad Bill has no problems on his work travels.
    You still captured some nice pictures of the Heron.
    The Forecast is for a comfortable weekend before returning to the heat.
    Be Safe and Enjoy!

    It's about time.

    1. thank you R & K.
      The herons fascinate me, how slow they move. I was hoping he'd fly off.
      Looking forward to a bit of a cool down, humidity especially.

  8. Fabulous heron photos. I enjoyed the selfies also :). Good job on selling your boat.

    1. Thank you Contessa. I love watching the herons. I also love goofing around with my selfies. Can you tell? :)