Sunday, July 1, 2018

Happy 151st Birthday, Canada! Fire Starters, Good Old Quiet Day

I was awake at 6 on Sunday, July 1st and crawled out of bed, sneakily, at 6:30. Bill was still in ‘sleepland’. Clemson had been out at 5:15 so he just headed for the couch. I washed my face, brushed my teeth, made my tea and headed outside to sit in the shade. There was a lovely breeze and the temperature was reading 72F/22C. I slept well, which I know isn’t news, but it also means that the a/c in the bedroom kept us relatively cool on a low setting.

First walk down the lane
Pictures of our pond in the morning sun
It wasn’t long and Bill joined me outside and when we finished our drinks around 7:30 he walked down to the dock and dismantled our wooden platform from the 3 float barrels. That plan never worked out because the pond is not conducive to getting in and securing posts. We’ll take the platform over to the Acreage so they can use it at the west end of their pond. The kids can sit on it at least while they watch and try to catch frogs.

Removing the barrels before the day got too hot

All done! This platform can be used at the Acreage
Shirley mentioned in a comment yesterday that she was curious to see the ‘swimming hole’ that Donna has so the picture below should be a better shot. It is the same pond that I take pictures of the tree reflections when we are over there. As Nancy said, cool water is cool water and it is certainly refreshing on these hot, humid days. A quick 10-minute dip does wonders.

Shirley, this is Donna's pond that we swim in
Notice the dock and stairs on the left 
While Bill worked on that project, I sat on our patio and finished cutting and wrapping the fire starters. I had to work relatively fast before the sun got up over the Suite. Bill drove over to the Acreage quickly to replace a bolt on their gate that had come off and by the time he got back, I was done too! He had a shower while I made omelettes for brunch. I added sauerkraut to mine and Bill enjoyed his on toast. My turn for a shower since I don’t plan on doing anything strenuous again today!

A goofy picture of me wrapping the wax cakes

As you can see, the sun was coming closer
I had to hurry so I wasn't working in it
this is only about half
I ended up with 122 fire starters
Shared some with Donna to make her fires easier to start
Bill worked (played) out in his cargo trailer with his planes. He has the joined the Hanover RC Flying Club so wants to have a couple of planes ready to go flying this summer. When I finished my shower, I was drawn to my closet instead of going outside in the heat. This wasn’t exactly a ‘cool’ chore but it was a good time to rethink clothes that I have passed over many times since I’ve come home. If I do that, there is a reason I’m not willing to wear the item, which tells me to move it on out.

Clemson outside this morning with us
With Pat offering (or did we talk her into it?) to hold the next clothing exchange at her place in September, I will find a corner in the bunky to tuck them for the time being. When Bill came back in around 12:30 he sat in his recliner with his book. He is reading Alex Cross’s Trial by J.P. 

Our geese are growing so fast!
But they are always running away from us
sorry for the blur on this one
I sat on the floor at his feet to trim and remove polish from my toenails. Hmm, his needed attention too so after mine, I took care of his. Couldn’t talk him into a colour though. I thought this bright pink was lovely but he chose the ‘Nude’ or ‘Almost Nothing’ look.

My tiger lilies are popping out like crazy now
who'd ever think a milkweed flower would be so pretty?

I can't say that I've ever noticed the large ball flowers before
It is 87F outside again and just past 1 and our a/c is having a hard time keeping up with the rising temperature. All we really want to do is take some of the humidity out of the air and to feel a relief when we step inside. After catching up a bit on my post, I realize that I’m not getting much exercise on these hot days. I should go for a slow walk down the lane. Okay, now I deserve the coolness indoors and I sat alongside my guys and read my book for a bit.

As long as I keep these deadheaded, they remain beautiful
 Between chapters, I would have to lay my book against my chest a few times to check out the inside of my eyelids. Just for a few minutes and then back to reading some more. The book is good so I want to keep at it. We have plans on this 151st birthday of our country to go with Donna and Gerry to Riverside Diner. It is just in Durham and if it sounds patriotic of us to go out on Canada Day, you should also know that none of us felt like cooking supper tonight!

Not sure why so many feathers all in one spot
Maybe there was a scuffle 
Who would think they'd be so pretty?
Of course, I couldn't leave them there on the grass
At 5:15 they drove over here and picked us up which was nice. I think we drove the last time. We all enjoyed the 1 pc. Atlantic Pollock with fries dinner. I couldn’t eat all the fries, they aren’t my favourite kind but the meal was good and reasonable. When we returned home, we read for a while and had a rum and coke together. We were going to have one last night but forgot. I enjoyed the drink tonight.

Bill pours a nice rum and coke
It finally cooled off outside around 8:30 and Bill turned our living room a/c off, the bedroom a/c on, closed the door to upstairs and opened downstairs windows. When I took Clemson out for a piddle, I realized it was cooler outside than inside so sat there with my drink and my book. Bill joined me and finished his Patterson book in between charging his plane batteries.

Funny how these birds sit in the dead tree for their meeting
We each took a walk down the lane, separately, with Clemson. Little four paws had us out-matched by a long shot. His inner child was very apparent tonight as he ran up and back with more vigor than we’ve witnessed in days. Maybe the cooler air was rejuvenating him after the humid air. That was a treat to see. We moved inside and I finished my post.

A nice sky tonight
 Bill found a special called Long Time Running on television. It was about Tragically Hip’s tour after finding out about Gord Downie’s brain cancer. Filmed in September of 2017 but we’d never seen it before. Sad story for sure. This has been a quiet non-physical day and we’ve enjoyed Canada Day. I hope you have as well!

Good night and Happy Canada Day!
Thank you for stopping in. Your comments are always appreciated.


  1. Happy Canada Day to you both. We are so blessed to be born in this wonderful country.

    So nice that you have the option of using the A/C or not :)

    1. And happy Canada Day to you too Contessa.It is wonderful to have options in life isn't it?

  2. Happy Canada Day, now we are having some wonderful hot summer weather, hope you are enjoying it as well.

    1. Love the weather, the humidity is a bit much but has settled down some today.

  3. Happy Canada day Pat ���� It definitely is a warm one these days . Love the pictures of the milk weed flowers. As well as pictures of the reflection of the trees in the water . Now I know you have told me before but I’m sure everyone else is wondering how to make your fire starters . Please refresh my memory . Is there a certain measurement of each ingredient . I am looking forward to having the next clothing exchange . Funny you mention it I was just thinking about it yesterday . We will put our heads together when we get home and come up with a date . You have me hooked on this clothing exchange thing . Enjoy your Canada Day .

    1. Thank you Pat for your nice comment. Fire starters are simple: melt the candles, stuff egg cups with either dryer lint or sawdust shavings, pour wax over each cup and let harden. Cut the egg carton into individual cups and wrap tightly in wax paper. That's it. :) We'll come up with a date for the exchange soon. I'm getting ready.

  4. Your property is just so beautiful!! With all that grass to eat, the goslings are growing up fast! Stay cool .....

    1. Thank you Nancy. The goslings are no longer babies, but teens about to leave the nest, i think. :)

  5. What a great picture of the pond at Donna's ..thank you. Love the dock and stairs to be able to get in and not put your feet in the squishiness! The milkweed sure is pretty! Your firestarters are amazing! 122! Wow! Sounds so warm there, but the humidity would be terrible! Nice that you all went to dinner and the rum and coke looks pretty good too! Happy Canada Day to you ! :)

    1. Thanks Shirley. that should give us a lot of fires for months to come.
      I apologize that I didn't answer about the kohl rabi. It is not a vegetable I know a lot about but you can either peel it and eat it raw or slice it and fry it up. There is no way Bill would consider trying this odd looking thing. :)