Tuesday, July 31, 2018

The Morning/Days After, Letter Sent, George Cuts Grass, Water Fill, Crokinole, Keady Flea Market

First off, an apology. I was sure I posted Monday's blog this afternoon
but I found it sitting in blogger - as if incomplete
So, I've done a 2 day post and if you've already read and commented on the first day, please try again. Spooky!

It was 7:30 when I woke up enough to get up out of bed. I slept well and although I heard Clemson jump off the bed around 6 (so Bill tells me), I didn’t realize they didn’t return. I got up and we had our morning brew together and read some blog posts. Bill was outside chatting with George and Rob at the riding mower and George has offered to cut some grass for us. That helps us and it gives him something to occupy his time. Yes, earn his keep! Ha ha LOL

The boys outside chit chatting about the mower and stuff
  Between both of us, we got our letter from Healthy Computers scanned and sent off to the scammers. That is our first step, according to our bank who holds the Visa. Fingers crossed and thank you for all your well and good luck wishes. Once bitten twice shy and we’ll know better next time. Some lessons hit harder than others.

Two happy campers!
Bill got George set up on the mower and I fried up our bacon and eggs for breakfast. With that done, I offered to do the dishes while Bill went to get water. He also wanted to get a sample of the well water to take to Keady in the morning. There is a water softener booth there and they will test it for us. I changed into shorts because the day had already warmed up 10 degrees since I got up.

And away he goes down the lane

We think he did a pretty good job, so he wasn't fired
The winds are down so I went outside and did a second sanding job on the fire pit. My first coat doesn’t look so great so Bill thought a second coat after sanding it a bit might help. Rob and Pat went into town to take care of a couple of things, one being a visit to Aunt Mary before lunch. Pat is going to bring out some candles so we can make some fire starters for their Hunt Camp. We have time so why not?

Clemson went outside by himself and jumped up on his stool
This picture shows the firepit after only 1 coat
I'll get one of the 2nd coat tomorrow
With a new coat of paint on the firepit, I must admit it looks pretty good. Bill touched it up just to finish the can off and that topped it off perfectly. It’ll still burn off quickly enough, even though it is Tremclad Heat Proof Paint but that just means we are making use of the pit. After finishing that, I can’t recall what I got into other than sitting with my book. When everyone returned, Rob had set up his square folding table and George brought out their crokinole board.

First play off was George and Rob against Suzie and I. Then Pat took my place and I could hear a small motor humming so went to seek out the source. Sure enough, Bill had his little Styrofoam plane up, taking off from the back field. He was doing loop de loops in the air and the game was put on hold while everyone joined to watch him. The landing was near perfect, although Bill thought it was a bit hairy when it came close to one of the small trees.

Bill 'outstanding in his field' flying his plane
The games resumed and George and I took on Suzie and Pat. We won, so that was enough, I could quit a winner. We put up the sun shades on our awnings because the sun was very hot and there wasn’t any shade at the front of the Suite. I poured myself a drink while Bill fussed with it and we all met together for Happy Hour. It wasn’t long before Rose and George pulled in with their Class A motor home. Bill helped George get it in place and now we have a full house! Yay!

Bill does loop-de-loops
Then we took some group photos
A peek inside Bill's cargo trailer

Nice landing, dear!
We sat under the awnings, even though the clouds had long since moved over, until just after 6. Everyone went their separate ways for supper. Bill started grilling farmer’s sausages and I boiled some corn on the cob indoors. Thanks Rob and Pat for thinking of us and bringing us some. I made up a garden salad as well and we were eating soon after 6:30. Yum, a very nice summer meal. I could only eat one sausage so the other one is for another day.

summer supper
Happy Hour waiting for George and Rose
When dishes were cleaned up I sat at my laptop for a bit and caught up on this post. Clemson has been all in a dither this past weekend with all the goings on but he seems to take it in his stride. In and out all day, never sure where he wants to settle. 

However, when he is inside, with my hoody, he is quite content

Daily, he checks out the Aljoe’s place, the Yate’s place and now the Gooden’s homestead smack dab in the middle. So many campers, I’m sure he thinks he’s back in Arizona.

Their Itasca sure looks big in the laneway
To settle my supper and stretch my legs, Clemson and I went down the lane for a leisurely walk, I didn’t get down the road this morning so my Fitbit steps are  below 5 miles today. I was surprised to see that our flag was up on the mailbox, oh yes, this is Monday. The days are all jumbled together, hard to keep track. Such is the wonderful life of retirement!

Almost a full house!
When we got back, Rob was sitting outside his fiver, George and Suzie were sitting outside their coach and Bill was starting a fire. George and Rose were inside their coach watching tv and before too long, everyone joined us. We chatted about many things, properties, casinos, gambling and chipmunks. It was a fun evening and by 9:30, the last 4 of us said goodnight.

Clemson washes Pat's face today
Bill said there was a viewing of the ISS tonight at 11:20 but I doubted that this gal would see it. If the clouds didn’t clear away, no one would but it wouldn’t surprise me if Bill was up to try. This has been a great day. We’ve packed one more very large Itasca motorhome into the parking area at the Ridge. I love it! I hope you have enjoyed your day as well.

I couldn't choose just one
No space station but this beacon is just as pretty
It was just before 7 on Tuesday, July 31st when I got up out of bed. Bill was sound asleep so didn’t hear me. I found it to be a nice warm morning around 15C so first had my shower and then slipped outside for my walk. Bill stirred just before I left to ask what time it was. I went down the lane, down North Line to Baptist Church Road as far as what we call ‘Elvis’’. On the way back on our road, I saw George just heading out for his.

Good morning!

The morning pond refletions
Hard to pick him out but that is George going for his walk
When I got back, Bill was up and there was movement from all the other ‘campers’. Our agreed time was 8:30 for leaving and we weren’t far off the mark, maybe 5 minutes or so late. George and Suzie drove their car with George and Rose while Rob and Pat rode with Bill and I in our Rav. Keady, here we come! 

And the parking lot was filling up fast when we arrived

Two hours in and the place is already booming
The flea market starts at 7 and we arrived around 9:15, split up and agreed to meet at 11:30. That is way longer than Bill and I need for walking around these places but we managed to fill the time until 10:30.

The onion rings smelled good but we didn't try them
the fries were tasty though
 With a snack of ½ fries split between us, we felt rejuvenated but still were ready to head out for home around 11. Bill wanted to check out a couple of things on the way back so tried the H.H. at Chatsworth before popping in briefly at my sister, Gayle and John’s place. Pat and Rob had never been there so we stayed for maybe 30 minutes for a short catchup. Back home, we felt whooped. I think all the rest felt the same because everyone disappeared inside, like us, to take a rest.

The little pony rides
I had picked up a basket of fresh peaches so had one of those. It was delicious. Bill found a belt, so did I, and I found a dress for summer days when shorts feel too hot. We were able to drop a sample of the water we get from Gerry’s well at the Water Store for testing. We’ll probably need to be investing in a filter so we can avoid damage to our valves etc. There is iron in the hard water, but what else?

Peaches and nuts, yum
Bill had a snooze inside while Clem moved in and outside with me. At one point I put him inside and I stretched out on the hammock with my book. That lasted only a few minutes and I lay the book down and dropped off to sleep. I woke up soon after to the sound of Rob and Bill talking, then George G. and then Pat and Rose so I got up and joined them around the firepit. No fire this afternoon, just comradery. George and Suzie soon followed suit.

Our afternoon snack today was an ice cream cone
At 5:30 talk of supper took over the conversation and we split up to get things cooking. Bill lit the Weber and I brought the leftover lasagna from the bunky fridge to warm up. Already in a foil pan covered in tin foil, we only had to heat it on low with the remaining few slices of garlic bread from Sunday. Nice easy supper tonight for us! It is very hot outside with the sun out and the wind at an almost invisible wisp.

The geese in Don and Chery's field this morning
I’m pleased that the finches have found the finch feeder today. I’ve had the feeder for a while but was unprepared to pay $20 for a bag of feed. At FS Co-op in Durham, they sell it by the pound so I picked up a couple of pounds for $4. Yay! I’m happy and the finches are happy, oh and let’s not forget Chippy who naturally sits under the feeder for sloppiness.

During our meal, I was feeling very hot today. Just kaput, so to speak. After dishes, I waited until the sun began dropping and walked down the lane in the shaded relief. 

Then I sat outside for a while and then inside. Bill was going in the morning for bloodwork so after 8 he was not allowed to eat. That works for me too, I feel that we’ve really fallen off the paleo wagon today and need to slow down. 

The geese were moving tonight

Clemson loves sniffing the mailbox stones
No mail today

Clemson ran up the hill ahead of me
And was playing tag with Rob
 This has been a busy day and we’ve opted not to start a fire tonight. We’ll let everyone just enjoy their evening in the privacy of their own campsite. It might be a welcome retreat. I hope you’ve had a wonderful day, as we have.

I think Rob tired Clemson out first

Thanks for popping by. Your comments are welcome.


  1. It sure was a fun day all the way around I enjoyed the lawn mowing . games ,Bills. flying, happy hour, campfire and seeing George and Rose again. Thanks for this wonderful camping spot !

  2. It's so cute how Clemson loves all "his" camping friends. Elva Shannon

    1. He does indeed and when they all pull out, he'll wander for days over in that area even though he is the only dog this year. Funny little guy.

  3. What a fun busy day. You make me want a nap!!!!

  4. That is so generous of you guys to invite your camping friends to stay at your place. What a nice gathering complete with happy hour and campfire. Enjoy the company!

    1. Thank you Marlene. We are just happy to have the room. We get the benefit of their visits!

  5. Looks like a great catchup but we think we've seen it, I don't know. Oh well, nicely done! The market looks like fun, but it sure gets crowded. Those peaches look yummy! How fun to have everyone there and you all get together and also do your own thing, I like it!

    1. It was weird for sure. Bill said he saw the post on FB and then it was gone when he went looking. I don't know what happened or what I did. Thanks for being kind about it. :)
      the market gets crazy and we get to a point where we just want to get out.
      It has been fun with these guys, with no invasion of each other's privacy.