Monday, July 16, 2018

Sunday Laziness, Sunday Swim, Sunday Goodbyes, Back to Normal, Yet Another 2-Day Post

With another burst of heat and humidity, Sunday, July 15th arrived leaving us breathless………..almost. Bill and I woke around 7 and slowly made up way out of bed and downstairs around 7:30. There were no time restrictions on this day so we moved slowly. After making our tea and coffee, Jess and Matt made an appearance at our door. Bill and I sorted through their engagement pictures and chose 4 or 5 of which we’d like copies.

This was a picture from Saturday's gathering
of my little sister, Wendy and her daughter, my niece,
Michael and Crystal on the right
Around 9:30 Bill grilled mini pork sausages and I scrambled up eggs inside for breakfast. That tasted pretty good and filled our tummies. For the second day, Jess had loaded the dishes into the dishwasher and we would fill it after supper tonight. It was about 11 when they began packing up their things from the Surveyor, loading them into their GMC Terrain. We chatted for another half hour before they were saying goodbye and driving off. That was a nice visit.

Bill got the mower out for a bit to trim the tall weeds
Note the feather in his cap?
They had a ball game to play at 4 if you can imagine playing ball in this heat! Bill and I had much more leisurely plans for the remainder of the day. First, he hopped on the riding mower and did a quick swoop just to cut the tall gangly weeds in our sitting area and down the corral hill. That looks better. He found a goose feather and stuck it in his hat. I love that!

Bill, Jess, Matt and Domy posing for me
Michael and Crystal took another trip into Durham at 11 to visit Mom (which was a great one, btw) and then drove over to the Ridge with Tango. Crystal and Tango had never been here and never seen our Suite. Michael slept in it in 2016 when he came home for Mom’s party. I think I mentioned that already in my previous post. We had a nice visit in the shade of our awning. The wind was almost non-existent, even up here on the Ridge, where it is almost ALWAYS windy.

See you guys!
After they drove back to the Acreage, Bill and I came inside and flaked out on our recliners while trying to read. LOL we caught up on the sleep we’ve been missing with the late night hours. For me, they were highly out of my ordinary bedtime, although they were always enjoyable with family. When we woke up, later afternoon, we took our swimsuits over to the Acreage as well.

Patrick had packed up and left already but the Drakes, Devalls, Snelgrove’s, Bain’s and Mike van Hatten were there sitting in the shade by the pond. It wasn’t long and us girls all got into the pond. With no breeze, the water surface looked dirtier than usual but it was very refreshing. Gayle, Crystal and I used pool noodles to float on and Donna and Audrey treaded water. No one touches bottom, yeuch!

Bill opted not to go in, instead spending time with Michael, Gerry, John and Mike on the sidelines. Us girls did our NOD (nitric oxide dump) together. Ha ha, sounds terrible, I choose to keep that to myself usually, calling it an exercise that is beneficial to our body health. Yes, something I learned from spending time with my sisters. For me, there is the added benefit of strengthening my upper body. We left for home at 5 as we’d left Clemmy there in the moderately cool a/c today.

John moved his chair onto the 'new' dock that the guys built 
We said our goodbyes to Aj and Tom as they were leaving in the morning and we made arrangements with Michael and Crystal to bring their WildCat to the Ridge for dumping and parking for the night. This way, they can pull out at 5 am without any complication or disturbing anyone close by. Our supper was up in the air, but we had half decided on burgers w/o buns (Bill’s idea) and salad. By the time 6 o’clock rolled around, we weren’t even hungry enough for that.

Waiting for Michael to bring his trailer over
I scrounged the fridge and came up with egg salad (needed to be disposed of) and potato salad (also garbage) so instead had cheddar cheese on a few crackers with yogourt. Surprisingly, that was enough and it sustained us throughout the evening. Outside, I started a fire and Michael pulled in just before 9 pm, dumped at our ‘station’ and parked for the night.

Tango was fun to watch, after first going into the Suite, up onto our bed and waking Clemson up. They touched noses and then both went outside. Too cute. She strutted around the property, no shyness here, and checked out the shed and bunky, I think. Approved! 

Tango is so well behaved and they have her trained really well
Michael points his finger and says 'Bang'
Tango plays dead for a treat.
We sat around the fire, again, not for the heat, and chatted until around 10:30 when we said our goodnights and goodbyes. I wasn’t positive that I would be awake enough in the early morning hours for a proper one.

This was a nice easy-going day and we were on our own again to settle down for a couple of days together. I hope yours was a good one too. I also hope you don’t mind that I’m bunching my days together, two at a time. It has been hectic and then now it has slowed down to an abrupt halt. I don’t want to lose you as a reader by boring you so I’m hoping you’ll stick around!

A nice fire tonight
On Monday, July 16th we woke up to the sound of Bill’s phone alarm. He didn’t want to miss my brother and his wife pull out. Bill is a gracious host in that way, if you are here, he wants to be ever helpful. My little window was open all night, as were the downstairs windows, with a lovely breeze so I just crawled closer to see Michael closing things up. I was able to call out my goodbye and wish them a safe trip home to Alberta.
Michael and Crystal head out this morning at 5
When Bill and Clemson came back inside, we curled up and slept until 7:30 before rising for the day. We had our tea and coffee together and then drove to Hanover to First Choice Haircutters. Bill needed a haircut but there were 5 people ahead of him and we only saw one gal working. Hmm, no thanks, he wasn’t up to a 40-minute wait.

The morning sun 
We stopped at Rona to see about our bbq parts since we missed the email (thanks Spam folder), stopped at Stihl to pick up trimming string and checked out Ricks Barbershop on the main street. It was closed so no cut in Hanover today. I returned the black shoes to Wal-mart that didn’t fit Mom and got her refund and we headed back to Durham. One quick stop at RBC for some quick cash and rolls of quarters for the wash and we were back home.

We've had a couple of finches adorn out patio area today
Not sure what they're looking for
My hunger meter was saying that I was ready to eat, so at 10:30 I prepared bacon and eggs and while Bill cleaned the Weber Q and got information on the parts needed, I did the dishes up. With that done, we realized that the rain seemed to be done for the time being and it was quite humid again. Bill drove over to the Acreage, which was deserted by now, and filled the water bladder. We were down to 17 gallons and he has to leave for work in a couple of days.
The sky has teased all day, with some rain, heat
and humidity
When Bill returned, he filled our fresh water tank. We were in and out of the Suite all day. If it was too hot outside, we went in. If it was too hot inside, we went out into the fresh air. Yes, we know we can turn the a/c on but we were also waiting to see if the weather forecast was legit. If it rained, things would cool down. We’ve decided to wait it out for now and see what it is like at bedtime. The three of us took a walk down the lane to collect the mail and once more came back in for some relief.

Not too far in but the long chapters are catching me now

Yup, I'm enjoying my book
At 5, after I sat outside with my book for a while I came inside to get supper going. Bill lit the Weber and grilled the burgers and bacon. I prepared a nice garden salad of lettuce, spinach, zucchini, cucumber, onions and tomatoes sprinkled with grated cheese. 

Bill chose no bun tonight and the patty with the bacon and cheese melted on top was the perfect protein accent. We cleaned up the dishes and I went back outside in the breeze with my book. I didn’t seem to be getting hooked on it a couple of days ago and was debating moving on to another one. Today, I’m sinking into it.

A view from where I was reading today

At 8 the sky was clearing out and blue sky was visible to the west. I guess we’ll have another sunset tonight after all. This has been an even lazier day than Monday but it is the best way to come down from a busy week. Tomorrow starts up with laundry and maybe Bill can get his hair cut. We’ll see!

Tomatoes are starting to ripen
Good night everyone from the Ridge!

Hope your day was wonderful too. Thanks for stopping by. Comments are always welcome.


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  2. After a busy week with family it will be nice to wind down and catch your breath, getting ready for the next round of guests. Enjoy the cooler weather.

    1. I guess we wore ourselves out! Sleeping in the afternoon and later in the morning. :)This weather is much nicer without the humidity.

  3. I'm thinking a small fan set outside pointed at me while I sit and read would be at least a little bit cooler and it wouldn't use as much electricity as the AC inside. It's been pretty hot and humid here in Arizona too, although it does cool off when the rains come. Time to relax from your busy week. Give Clemson a pet for me.

    1. Thanks Nancy, I will certainly pet Clemson for you.
      The fan is always enough to stir the air and create a breeze, even if it is a warm one. :)

  4. What a great week or so you have had getting caught up with family! I know it can also wear you out but so worth it to spend time with everyone. We are enjoying our time being back in our hometown for a few days, getting caught up with everyone.
    It has been hot and humid in SEKansas/SWMissouri since mid-May. We are ready for a little relief. Glad you are enjoying some relief there.

    1. Nice to hear from you Cheri. I'm sure it is nice to be back home as nice as it is for us to have some quieter times. We love the visits but always enjoy our routines.
      Stay cool!

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