Tuesday, July 3, 2018

Taking Care of Laundry, Paddle Boat Wash, Egg Salad

Today, Tuesday, July 3rd when I woke up, it was 6 am, too early to get up. In my books. My window was open and the blind up in case the wind picked up through the night and caught it. Flop bang flop. I pulled the blind down as Bill was facing me and the window and still sleeping. At 6:30 I got up and after readying our brew, headed out for a walk. A mile first thing is enough on days like this but at least I got out there before the heat hit again.

Good morning
Stepping back inside, I could hear Bill brewing our drinks and putting the television down. It drops down into the cabinet, a feature we really like. We read a bit as we drank our coffee and tea and then Bill took Black Beauty over to the Acreage to fill the water bladder and I took Ptooties into the Durham laundromat. I stripped the bed yesterday but decided to just do two loads today and do the sheets another day this week.

I didn't walk alone today
It was nice to see Darlene, the owner, and her daughter, Connie in there checking machines and cleaning things. I was, however, sad to see that Darlene has the place and business up for sale. I fully support her desire to retire, hey! We highly recommend it, don’t we? We can only hope the new owners keep the laundromat open and keep it working as well as they do now.

Our neighbours place
Totally off the grid
Back home, I hung them on the line and already at 9 we could feel the humidity returning. Bill wanted to go into town together and get a refill on his script and I’d had enough of the pesky shingles already to warrant filling mine. I was trying to get by without them. I hate paying the price ($108) for 30 when Mexico is almost giving them away, but I have found the result of a breakout much worse without the pills. Bite the bullet and pay the price and stock up this winter.

Another neighbour around the corner, some know him as Elvis
makes his own flower beds
From the roadway, our little haven up on the hill
So, after I made us a couple of blueberry pancakes (thanks Shirley, love that recipe) we cleaned up and headed into Durham. After popping in to the I.D.A. drug store, we went to Home Hardware for the last piece of wood Bill needs to finish his project. There was enough water left in the bladder to use the pressure washer on the paddle boat so Bill cleaned it up and I took pictures to advertise. It would be nice if we could sell it but we’ll see.

Blueberry pancakes for breakfast
While Bill fiddled with a few things in his cargo trailer, I got right lazy and stretched out in the shade of our cherry tree and read more of my book. It is so hard to put it down. At 2, the clothes had been dried for probably a couple of hours so Bill and I climbed the hill to bring them in. He is preparing his clothes, his food and drinks for another trek into London in the morning. Clemson and I will be manning the fort.

One more picture of our country road, facing east, our place
After putting the clothes away, I caught up on my post, inside, and for some reason was finding it hard to cool down. This little paddle that I got free at Quartzsite last winter comes in handy. It is a different kind of ‘hot flash’ since that was eons ago, sorry fellows, but feels similar. 

the saying isn't bad advice either!
The paddle circulates some air around my face and neck. I love the heat but not this ‘moisture-ridden air’ stuff that we experience in Ontario.

Our flag had a busy Canada Day
and is resting today
I’d boiled some eggs earlier so set about making egg salad for Bill. He asked for a change instead of peanut butter and cheese so his wish is my command! Well, for this anyway! After preparing the mix, I went ahead and made his sandwiches for work. He usually takes his breakfast, lunch and supper meals as well as drinks so he doesn’t have to buy everything. It works for us and saves a bit of money too.

the clothes hung themselves dry
Gerry was in the area looking at one of his real estate properties so stopped in for a quick visit. Bill showed him our king chairs with the umbrella, the wash stand and our newly painted hand pump. The two of them walked down the lane to measure the platform dock to make sure it would fit in Gerry’s utility trailer. That will be a project for the guys (brother-in-laws) while the sisters are at play. 😊

On the Weber, steak and potato
 While I was outside talking to Bill and Gerry, I crossed my arms and a bee touched on my forearm and stung me! In an instant! I didn’t see the little biter but recognized the pain so ran into the Suite and placed a penny directly on the sting. As instantly as he stung me, the pain was gone. If you keep this in mind and keep an ‘extinct’ penny on hand, I guarantee you the same relief if you are ever stung. It works!

Bill drove back into Durham to pick up our prescriptions after 5 and while he was gone, I prepared a potato for baking and prepped a rib grilling steak for supper. We will share it since it is quite large. The wind has picked up a wee bit but our awnings have been out ever since last evening. They help to keep the west sun off the Suite which in turn helps to moderate the a/c which has been running perfectly all day. Alternating from living room to bedroom on our 30 amps.

The steak was perfect and the potato and onion in foil topped the meal off. I even chewed the bone! Clemson doesn’t get bones, even the big ones. From past experience he turns into a grizzly little bear when you try to take it away. He did, however, get a few small pieces of beef in his dish. We cleaned the dishes up and the rest of the evening went by smoothly. We watched NCIS reruns and then America’s Got Talent at 8.

On my plate, a wonderful supper
With the sun on our outdoor thermometer I was shocked to see it had jumped from 87F to 98F in a matter of an hour. It has been a very hot day but if you weren’t doing anything physical in the sun, it was enjoyable. I hope you can say the same and if you have a pool, had a lovely swim!

Thank you for dropping in. I love reading what you have to say if you wish to leave a comment.


  1. The penny idea for a sting is new to me. How 'extinct' does it need to be, or is it just a grubby old coin? BTW, love your blog!

  2. any copper penny will do. 😉
    i aid extinct because in Canada we dont use them anymore.

  3. I have cut an onion before and put it on a bee sting . It will take the pain away and keep the swelling down . The penny is new to me but I hope I remember it.

    1. Never heard of the onion. Are you sure you don't forget the pain because your eyes sting? haha just teasing. Easier to carry a penny than an onion, I think! :)

  4. So sorry you got stung. I use meat tenderizer. Lol. Hey whatever works! Drugs are so expensive here. $75 but in Mexico it's $5. I stock up when down that way too.

    1. Meat tenderizer? Interesting!
      Drugs are bad here too until you're 65. I'll stock up for sure in Mexico!

  5. Another productive day, enjoying the heat and getting things done . the penny does work for a Bee sting glad you remembered.

    1. a good day. The penny thing has worked many times for me and for many who I've passed it on to. :)

  6. Thanks for the tip about the bee sting and the penny. Do you keep the penny on the sting just until the bite stops hurting? Love your neighbors home, the one that is off the grid. When you buy meds in Mexico, is there a limit on how many months supply you can buy at one time? Sorry about all the questions...….Elva Shannon

    1. It only takes about a minute, if that and the sting is gone. So yes to answer your question. :)
      Isn't it a nice place? It is cottagey inside too.
      I don't know about the limit in Mexico, last winter I just inquired and didn't get any. I hope to get a nice bunch this winter.

    2. ps, don't apologize for the questions. I love your interest!