Friday, July 20, 2018

Gorgeous Morning and Beyond, Do What I Want Day, Bill Returns to Home Base

I woke up through the night once but easily dropped back off. I had my window open for awhile but it was just too windy on my head/face. Other windows were left open downstairs as the night was not going to drop as much as the previous night. I turned the tv on when I went up to bed at 10 and watched a silly but also a quite comical movie, until 11:30. I finished my book around 9 and had issues trying to post my blog for the next hour.

Look at the halo!
With a software update for my Samsung phone downloaded, I wondered if maybe it just needed to install before the issue was cleared. This morning, Friday, July 20th, things still weren’t happening. I realized that the only thing I’d changed yesterday was my blog picture BUT I also changed the font colour ON the picture to white. Hmm, everything changed to white so only my pictures were visible. Good grief! No wonder the words weren’t showing up. Easy fix!

Gate is open so they are working on "our" turbine again
Clemson and I were up and outside at 5:45 and then back into bed. It took a while for my brain to stop and I dropped off until 7:30. I actually had an early morning dream about my youngest niece, Morgan, and my sister, Wendy. Not sure where that came from but it was nice all the same. I made my tea and Bill called after I texted him that my sorry butt was finally up. Ha ha. His morning had started an hour earlier, I’m sure.

love this country road for walking
I looked for the ISS last night out my window, since I had the perfect view of the moon and since I was still awake at 11:10 but I didn’t see it. I don’t know what the guy was talking about in our paper, I’ll have to read it again. If it passed, we should have been able to see it in the sky from here. Oh well. After posting my blog this morning, I noticed the wind was picking up so I brought the awnings in and went down the road for a nice walk. Perfect day for it.

A field of Canola coming up nicely despite the dryness
The temperature was in the high 60’s before 8 o’clock so I paced myself, wore my waist pouch with a bottle of water and took my camera, phone and walking stick. It was lovely! When I returned, I just sat outside on the patio mat in the breeze. I’m not grumbling at the wind up here today, it is flipping our hammock bed around and around but it is quite necessary. At 11 I moved inside and made myself an omelette for brunch. I was feeling hungry this morning, must have been the walk!

Looks like a lot of food, but I ate the whole thing!
With a second tea on the go, I cleaned up the dishes. I was reading about Early Onset Dementia in a book that Suzie had given me last winter. We already have learned so much about Mom’s disease but it confirmed a few things and even though I don’t think this is generic in her case (no one else in her family had it) I paid close attention to the caregiver’s reactions and was interested in case examples quoted in the book. Then it goes onto other diseases and symptoms Mom is not experiencing (yet). Even though it is knowledge, it is also depressing.

Can't remember who posted Chicory the other day, but we have it too
I decided to close it up and move on to a new James Patterson book that I picked up at the book box. With windows open, indoor fans running and blinds closed, it is still heating up inside. I believe we will be outside a lot today. Before going out, I swept the floors in the Suite and shook the mats. I also have some brush to pick up at the end of the laneway but in these winds, I won’t be worrying about it today. I’d be chasing it around as it blew off my wagon.

A new roof going on at the corner but no further than they were the other day
With company expected next weekend, I went out to the bunky with our 3-step ladder. First moving things onto the shelf to free up floor space, I swept the dead flies and accumulated dirt out the door. Up in the rafters, I found a clean fitted and flat sheet for a queen bed in one of our vacuum bags. I folded out the futon and shook it out, the best I could. I began a hunt for our air mattress. It took a while to find where we’d tucked it last fall but soon had it inside a duvet cover and filled with air from the electric pump.

I don't have our neighbour's phone # so
I placed a note in Chery's mailbox about our upcoming
clothing exchange
With the bed made, I felt better and more prepared for our guests. Bill texted that he was on his way from Stratford where he’d stopped to help Marilynne out with a few odd jobs. He arrived home just before 4 and we unloaded Black Beauty of his bag, cooler and Costco groceries. Amazed again that I manage to find room in the fridge for everything. We do stock up when we shop that bulk food store. After Bill emptied his overnight bag I poured him a Coke and myself a Palm Bay. He had hoped to pick up a case of Coke Zero at Costco but they didn’t have it. Darn.

Very windy day
We sat outside in the shade of our only tree and read for awhile. Bill is reading Escape by David Baldacci and is hooked right away. At 5 he went inside and fed Clemson and had to sit in his recliner for a quick nap. It had been a long day for him, go-go-go. With the strong wind, chairs had to be folded if we weren’t sitting in them and I walked up to check out the tomatoes. A couple of them needed more stakes to hold their stalks so I used a couple of branches from the wood pile. The tomatoes were causing them to bend in the wind.

Comfy cozy
We decided on a simple supper of toasted tomato sandwiches. They could be made inside as barbecuing in the wind would prove very difficult. That’s okay, we have tomatoes from the garden to try! I’m not keen on the whole wheat bread but it is the bread Bill wants and I don’t eat enough of it to complain. The sandwiches were good, I can taste the difference in our home-grown tomatoes. Yummy.

Woops! I ate half of it before I remembered the picture
With the dishes done up, we vegged in front of the tv for a while together. I’m sure the eyes drooped shut briefly, his and mine. The temperature is dropping outside and by 8 it was a refreshing 77F/25C. The sky to the southwest looks dark blue and the weather guessers did say it was going to rain at 7. Hmm, they missed that target.

Campout next door
Our neighbours’ to the northeast are having their annual gathering this weekend. A trailer, a Class C motorhome and a couple of tents. We remember it from last year, a week before ours. We think they got rained on and they may again tonight. It is nice to see others enjoying the great outdoors as well. ‘Tis the season! 

Looking out the screen at the pretty sky

And what seemed like a storm seemed to be blowing in

To the southeast
 Donna and Gerry arrived at the Acreage late this afternoon so we decided to pop over and share a bit of their fire tonight. Mike was there as well and it was a great evening to sit out. Clemson was in full wanderer mode tonight, and when it got too dark to see him, around 10:30 we came home. About 20 spatters of rain followed us from the Rav to the Suite. Unless we get a steady rain overnight, I'll be watering my garden tomorrow.

This has been a nice day, not much done but I did get the Bunky readied and my guy came home. I hope you’ve had a good day too.
And to the north, blue sky is still apparent

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  1. Nice to get those things done and there really is nothing quite as good as fresh garden tomatoes.

  2. Love your new pic at top! (can't remember if I told you that haha)..Sounds like a great day at home! I agree nothing better than home grown tomatoes! Bunky looks cute and great sunset!

    1. Thank you, Bill commented 'look how skinny we were!' and I said 'and how young!'
      Love the taste of our own tomatoes and hopefully plenty to come. :)

  3. Bunky looks quite comfy and I bet those tomatoes were yummy! Your skies look just like mine!! Another great day.

    1. Pretty skies for sure. Bunky ready for guests and tomatoes soon be providing us daily. :)

  4. You are place looks beautiful. Wish that I could be there.

  5. The bunky looks very comfortable and welcoming. Your toasted tomato that like a grilled cheese sandwich with tomato? Elva Shannon

    1. I've done grilled cheese with tomato and/or onion slices but this one is just toasted bread and then we added the cheese and tomato. Bill puts cheese on most every sandwich he eats. :)