Friday, July 6, 2018

Blessed Relief! Walkabout, Hair Cut, Supper at the Acreage

With the windows open all night, I woke at 6 on Friday, July 6th to a whole different day. The air coming in the window was fresh, really fresh! Yay! The humidity and heat spell has broken for the time being. I don’t think we got any more rain overnight, at least I didn’t hear it. I don’t sleep with earplugs when I’m alone in case my phone goes off and I need to hear things. Clemson doesn’t snore.

The view from our back window facing east
I love the fencing around the property
So, I got up, began making my tea when Bill called for our morning chat. We all miss each other, the daily routines and having someone nearby, but I know we are all grownups (even Clemson!) and are able to occupy ourselves otherwise. I’m just a tad disappointed that the last two days were so hot and humid that I wasn’t able to do anything outside while here on my own. Now that it has cooled down, considerably…56F this morning…I have things planned.

Looking out over the pond to the north east
First off, after my brew, I took my camera and went for a mile and a half walk. What a change, I needed my lightweight hoodie and I was able to walk briskly. There was no breeze moving the trees when I first got up but by the time I returned a wind was blowing enough that I closed windows for a bit. The Suite hasn’t been 71F inside for quite a while! This is lovely and I know it won’t last but hey, it is summer in Ontario.

This one looks more north
While Clemson makes his usual rotation around the Suite, from bed to my recliner, to Bill’s recliner to the couch (following the sun) I prepare to drive to Hanover for a trim this morning. If you look at the picture, you’ll see how the sun has moved and the destruction in Clemmy’s wake. The blankets get bunched up 20x in a day and we keep straightening them. God, we love this little guy. Reading Barbara’s post about losing her little gal buddy makes me appreciate this one’s antics all the more, if that is even possible.

He starts in the left recliner, hops over the console to Bill's and when
the sun leaves there, this is where he ends up
I drove to Hanover in Black Beauty, feeling kind of powerful up in that seat, looking down over the peons around me. Ha ha, not really, the truck is big but not as high as a 4 x 4 (TG). I pulled into the parking lot at First Choice expecting to be in a waiting line but there were 2 in the chairs and I was next. When a 3rd girl walked out from the back and it was Brandy, my regular gal, I was thrilled. It isn’t difficult to do my hair at all, snip here and there, but it is nice when you have someone you are familiar with.

I love this view
and it is the hill Clemson always runs up 
Walking out the lane this morning
Country roads, take me home, to the place, I belong!
She was done in no time and with a senior’s discount of $1 off plus an added tip, I toodled out of there in 15 minutes tops. With no time limit on my schedule, I went to Mark’s in the same mall area and then Walmart. Both had great sales prices and I picked up a couple of things for Bill, Mom and even for me! I was gone longer than I expected to be but looking at sandals for me and shoes for Mom is always a challenge. I hope at least one of the pair I chose for her is suitable.

The brush pile: it is a good thing that it composts down on its own
I like the clothing at Mark's but not always keen on their prices
Do love their Clearance sales though
I drove home and sorted the goodies before having some egg and a yogourt. I can’t believe that it is only 66F/19C today, after the last week and a half, that is unbelievable and so nice! I changed and put on some work grubs and went out to do some more trimming down the lane. Perfect day to do it. After working at it for about an hour, the body temperature sure warmed up and I was ready to call it quits. I filled one wagon load, pulled it up the hill and dumped it in the brush pile.

Today's wildflower bouquet
The daisy's are gone but the gorgeous Queen Anne's Lace wins the prize
Clemson likes it at the Acreage but if I plan on relaxing at all, I decided to feed him first and leave him in charge of the Suite. He said he is okay with that. Otherwise, I’d be on constant alert wondering where he’s wandered off too. When I arrived, I saw John and Gayle’s Montana parked behind the Ponderosa cabin, where all their other 5th wheels used to be parked, years ago. We used to all get together with our rv’s or tents on the August long weekend. Since we got the Suite and the Ridge, we don’t take ours in the Acreage. It’s too big to risk on the sharp turns.

You'd have to actually see their driveway from the road
to know what the challenge really is getting a large unit in here
Mike's travel trailer on the left

Home for a few days
John will stay in it while us sisters invade their home
It was a bit tricky getting their 38’ in there but as Donna said ‘I’m just glad I wasn’t there to watch’. Donna offered me supper so after John left, she prepared spuds and chicken breasts. They love their Weber Q and are becoming pros at making great meals on it. It sure tasted good to me! 

They love Weber Q as much as we do
Bill called after we finished eating and told me that Patrick, my son, picked up his new to him tent trailer. Yay! I’m so excited for them, purchasing their first rv.

My young'un and his new trailer :)
Gerry has had a couple of new house listings fall into his lap so they’ve decided to go home tonight and get a start on evaluating them. I headed back home around 7:15 to find Clemson standing at the door waiting for me. What the?? Can he hear the truck? Is it a familiar sound frequency or how is it he heard me? He was at the door when I came home earlier too. So weird. Maybe he’s been bluffing the whole time and laughing behind our backs. 😊

Tools of today's chore
The wind has settled down a bit and it is a gorgeous cooler evening. I will be happy to have my sweetie home tomorrow and it is already sounding like a busy day. As I drove up the driveway with Black Beauty, I had a brainwave. Instead of leaving the trimmings on the side of the lane for morning, why not toss them up on the back of the tonneau cover? That worked like a charm and in one trip, the evidence of my hard work was cleaned up.

This tomato plant wins the day's award for most tomatoes
It's growing in a pot (garnished with goose feathers)
and has 17 tomatoes!!
Sitting here alone, I decided to pour myself a Caesar. I’d mixed some up to take to the Acreage and ended up just drinking water. Maybe with an ice cream cone, that I know Clemson will have to share, and a drink and a good book. But first! I have a post to finish so I downloaded my pictures and set about doing that. This has been a good day, I’ve enjoyed my shopping spree, some quiet time, some work, some walking and a nice dinner prepared by someone else. Bonus!

And just before I posted tonight, My little brother from Cold Lake, Alberta
sends me this picture.
They left on Wednesday for Ontari-ari-ari-o!
Boondocking in Parry Sound, On.! Yay!
We'll see them Wednesday.
Thank you for taking the time to stop in. It means a lot and if you wish to comment, my smile becomes broader still.


  1. The cooler weather gives us a bit more energy to get some things done outside.
    Gotta love cooking in a Weber Q it does and amazing job with just about everything.
    You little brother has made pretty good time from Cold Lake Alberta, enjoy his visit.

    1. Yes, good working days when jobs need to be done.
      Weber is a hit for sure!
      Michael has a 4 hour drive today so an easy one to Goderich.
      Can't wait to see him!

  2. Clemson is so funny, just like a child make a mess here and a mess there..and darn if they don't pick up after themselves! :) Getting my hair cut this morning, driving me nuts. It's nice when you have someone you like and they know your hair. John certainly has a nice "home" and place to stay while you girls are at his house..don't think he's suffering too badly. Dinner sounds awesome! Can't wait to "meet" your brother! What a great week you have coming up!

    1. Clemson and Mom should both be on Hallmark's staff list. They are both entertaining. :)
      Good luck with the hair cut. Nice to have it off my neck even though it looks goofy for the first week. haha
      John? yup not too much of a hardship, eh?
      Can't wait for YOU to 'meet' my little bro too. :)

  3. It's great that your family also enjoys rving. I wish ours did. It should be great fun to camp together. Enjoy your time together!

    1. So far, Patrick is the only one who has expressed an interest in camping. He is so much like me in many ways, I'm glad this one has rubbed off! :)