Thursday, July 26, 2018

Chores Around the House, Ridge Reservation, Quiet Afternoon

On Wednesday, July 25th, I was awake around 6:30 and got up by 7. I feel once more that I slept well with fresh air coming in my little window. It was a cloudy morning, I soon found out, when I came downstairs and opened the blinds. I know that it was going to clear later so that would be nice. We had a few things to take care of this morning before the first reserved ‘guests’ arrived after lunch.

I've mentioned this Book Exchange Box before but never shown
you a picture
a few choices
This box is across the street from our laundromat
Bill came down closer to 8 and I was just finishing my tea. I made the now empty bed and proceeded to sort the dirty laundry. There was no need for Bill to drive into town this morning so he loaded the basket in the Rav and off I went around 8:30. After his coffee he vacuumed the Suite, at my request. (I’m such a nag!) and then there were a couple areas of grass that needed to be cut to get rid of the tall weeds. The corral and the berm behind us. Queen Anne’s Lace is all you could see.

When I was hanging clothes, Bill opened the outside doors
to the bunky and found this guy

This bat was snuggled against the wood and was disturbed
with all the light Bill let in
When he was inside, either the same one or a second one flew in the bunky
I chatted at the laundromat with a nice elderly lady, who sure didn’t look 80! And was home to hang the clothes by 9:30 or so. With the breeze up here, they will dry quickly again. Bill was just finishing up the top of the hill while I hung them. Next for him was to drive over to the Acreage to fill the water bladder to top us up at home here and I finally took my wagon down the lane to gather the, now dry, dead branches I cut the other day.

Finally got this mess cleaned up
Sitting, resting on the patio, I noticed another project I wanted to take care of so took my Cat and Mice wind vane back to a sheltered area to paint them. Nothing fancy, just flat black for the mice and gloss black for the cat. I’m not entering them in a contest or anything so it isn’t worth it to go buy different colours. Ha ha. I used a Tremclad rust paint for half of the job at least. Bill returned just as I finished and he found something else to putter at.

This was nice for a change
Breakfast, er, lunch, time so I offered up eggs and mini sausage. He’d had toast earlier and I’d had a yogourt. Now it is time to get serious and eat some good stuff! Yesterday, I texted my brother, Michael, and asked him to send the 2 recipes along to me. He is on a keto diet and after hearing that he lost 20 pounds, we were both encouraged again about sticking to the path we’re on.

Look at the size of this boulder Bill dug up behind
where our shed will be
Crystal, my s.i.l., offered up samples for a couple of yummy snacks, made with Michael’s ‘diet’ in mind. I was anxious to have the recipe so I could make them and even make some alterations of my own. They came through in an email this morning so I saved them in Word. How does Caramel Apple Dip (Keto) and Fat Bombs (Keto) sound? Yah. To me too! I’ll try them and let you know!

Waiting in my shady spot for our first arrival
We had our lunch and did the dishes up right away. I went to check on my wind vane and re-situate it on its base. On Facebook this morning, I noticed an ad from Vistaprint, the place where we order our business cards from. They are having their semi-annual sale and we’ve been talking about getting new ones done. We just have to get a picture and get things prepped before July 27th. Hmm, we’ll see about that.

Notice Rob's hat waving out the window?
At 2, our first 'confirmed' Ridge reservation of the year arrived. Rob drove up the laneway pulling their Cedar Creek Silverback 5th wheel. The first of our guests have arrived. Well, kind of arrived. Rob was alone and they had a few commitments in town before settling out here for the week.

 I brought the clothes in off the line all before Rob unhooked and drove back to Durham. It was cute watching Clemson inside on the bed when he noticed Rob was outside. Pawing at the window, trying to get out there to see his buddy.

Positioned in Site 2
Rob called just before 3 and invited Bill, Clemson and I in to visit with them and George and Rose, who were expected around 4:30. It was nice of tem to invite us and we enjoyed seeing our Lake Havasu hosts again. They are sure going through a lot of stuff right now but still manage to stay positive while waiting for things to settle down in their life. We all said goodbye before or by 6. Clemson was in no small way indicating how hungry he was!

Bill in the hammock
Clemson on his stool
Snooze time!
When he woke up, we had a refreshing Cranberry Juice and Sprite drink
Bill fed him and then plugged us in so I could reheat last night’s casserole. It was going to be an easy supper for us. While we were eating, Bill got text’s and calls from Nicole and Peggy from CanAm. As it turns out, they only had one remaining scheduled orientation for him to do on Thursday afternoon. Nothing in the morning and nothing on Friday, cancellations or postponements happen all the time. Since it isn’t worth the drive or his time for one afternoon of work, he had to decline with their total understanding.
Serious pictures, but I caught them off guard
sorry Pat and Rose
Clemson couldn't settle down but he sat with Pat for a bit

At least Rob and George were looking at me
Silently, I rejoiced. Not that I’d begrudge him working but it was still nice to know that he’d be home for over a week before having to make the drive to London. After supper, we did the dishes and did our own thing for a while. Bill read and watched some tv upstairs while I watched a pre-recorded episode of The Bachelorette. Two guys left and I’m not going to miss it now. I wrote more on this post and eventually called it a night.

Beautiful sky last night again
good night!
It has been a great day. I’m glad you stopped by. If you wish to leave a comment, I’d love to read it.


  1. How nice you're having company! Can't wait to see those updates! Nice you got to spend a little time with George and Rose too. Those bats sure aren't the prettiest animals are they? Glad it was Bill who found him..Beautiful sunset!!

    1. Should be fun to have fellow rv'ers around for a few days. :)
      The bats are ugly indeed. I'm very glad Bill found him!

  2. Love the critters. Least the bats eat bugs!!! Company - how fun. All this time I never thought about repainting my garden art. Great idea.

    1. The bats do eat bugs, I'd never want to hurt them.
      i have fun painting the garden stuff even though it takes away the natural look. Thanks, Nancy.

  3. Nice to see George and Rose again, we missed her at Rock Glen but chatted with George. Now Rob is all settled into site #2 looks like room for us in site #3 Saturday before noon. Looking forward to seeing everyone again at the Ridge.

    1. Yes, nice to see G & R for sure. Site #3 is reserved for you guys! Looking forward to seeing you Saturday. :) Good times.

  4. I always look forward to having company. Having conversation and laughs with friends.... good times! So nice Bill will be home for a spell. My sister makes fat bombs. I haven't tried them yet but they sound okay. She's a chocoholic!!!

    1. I love company too. I'm pleased that Bill gets a break as he is too. Fat bombs were good and I think I'll adjust them a bit to remove some but not all chocolate. :)