Sunday, July 8, 2018

Perfect Day, Putting Plans in Play, Ptooties Brings Bill Home, Veggies, Visitor

Today is Saturday, July 7th. I didn’t have a very good night’s sleep because even though I had closed windows against the cool night air and covered the bedspread with my Mexico blanket, I was cold. I slept well from 10:30 to 2:30 but it was every hour after that I was awake. I should have got up and turned the furnace on to at least 65F but after having a/c on just a day ago, it seemed unreal to think that. LOL

If you look close, you can see the mist on the pond
as the sun makes its appearance
Early morning visit by all 3 families

Farm country, no matter how big you are, there is
always someone bigger gets in the way
So, I suffered and continued to curl up against and around the warm furry body beside me. I also didn’t want to disturb him in that he’d want to go out at those ungodly hours! So, when I looked at the clock for the last time at 6:15, I got up. Brrr. I put flannel sleep pants and top on and came down to open blinds. Let’s get the sun in here. The sky was a gorgeous blue, totally free of clouds. Within 10 minutes, the inside temperature rose from 59F to 61F. That’s better!

The first one to arrive
I made my tea and chatted with Bill 2 ½ hours away. When sleepyhead roused himself at 8, I let him out and drove into Durham. My plan was to get the sheets washed and hung on the line to dry. It was 9 when I left the laundromat and made my way home. I should stop at the LCBO  but it isn’t open until 10. I’ll do that this afternoon.

I drove to the conservation area beach
I usually park on the other side of this walkway over the dam

So, I chatted with the 50+ geese foraging here
They weren't skittish of my company at all and they avoided the sand
which was nice - no goose poop
On the way home, I stopped at a familiar residence to peruse a regular garage sale. She often has items out at least once a month and I’m not there often enough to know if they are the same items. I picked up a set of queen sheets for the trailer Bill is bringing home for Jess ($2), a set of linen look placemats (.50) 

I like these pretty placemats

and a couple of books ($1) before scooting home. I hung the sheets and probably by the time I got back inside the Suite, they were dry. It is that kind of day although hardly a breeze at all.

A couple of lovely buildings in Durham
The old library and the United Church

This is the MOST interesting residence in town
I'd love to go through this place!
I boiled half a dozen eggs and peeled and cut potatoes to cook. I’ll make up some egg salad so Bill has options for sandwiches this week and make a potato salad for the reunion tomorrow. 

A Before Sunday and a Before Monday list

A Sister Fest list
what to take, what to pack? Hmm
I have homemade cookies in the freezer that I’ll take too, not to Bill’s liking. I sat at the table and began my lists. Things to do and prepare for tomorrow and Things to pack for Sister Fest. I do believe in lists and just have to shrug my shoulders if we forget something that is in our heads but NOT on the list. Lists do work if we utilize them properly!
Sheets dried really fast
At 12 noon I fried up a couple of eggs for lunch then I changed into shorts and went outside to see what I could get into. I should cut the grass before I leave Monday so Bill doesn’t have to. Sounds like a plan, right? We’ll see. At 1:30 I hopped in B.B. and drove towards Hanover. I was meeting Donna at the Ayton Road and following her to the farm where she picks up her allotment of weekly vegetables. This week she invited me along and I got to share in the bounty.

The coolers were all set up for you to take your alottment
We arrived shortly after 2 and I met Donna’s cutie patootie, Devon, as he was setting out the tubs and coolers of fresh veggies. I neglected to take a picture of all that I came home with so here is a peek into my fridge. Broccoli, lettuce, spinach, cukes, zucchini, snap peas, green onions, fennel, parsley, cabbage, oh my! Donna and I split some things and others, I took or she took, depending on what we preferred.

although this program isn't worth it for Bill and I
It is a very well-organized set up
After we were done with the vegetables, we walked out behind the driving shed and picked flowers from their lovely flower garden. I know I picked too many but there is no limit and the more you pick, the more they grow. Donna and I were also offered to pick strawberries in the patch way out there. It was quite warm but I thought Bill would enjoy some strawberries while I’m gone so I picked a small basket.

The strawberries were free and when they have an abundance
of a certain veggie, they are 'take as much as you like'
We said goodbye, parted ways at #4 highway and I drove to Durham. I stopped at the LCBO and picked up what I choose to drink this week. I settled on coolers and picked up 1 Cow Bell beer for Bill. He isn’t a big beer drinker at all but I thought it would be good to buy local, well, semi-local. The brewery is in Blythe, an hour away. On the way through Durham earlier, I’d noticed that Rob and Pat were home from Rock Glen so I thought it appropriate to drop in and welcome them back home. I gave Rob some of the hand picked flowers…….er, I mean Pat.

I used to have 2 vases but didn't feel the need so
my wildflowers had to go with the exception of the
tall white ones

A 'tiny house' on their property for the parents when they come

He's back!
 I left around 4 and made it home about 15 minutes ahead of Bill. Clemson was outside to greet him. He looked pretty darn nice to me too, dressed in his CanAm duds. He unloaded the Rav and I put things in the fridge. Now there’s a challenge but once more we are fully stocked up on food stuff. We decided that it would be nice to share a drink so I made him an Appleton’s and Coke and myself a rye and Coke.

Not the  best picture but I did catch him taking off this time
Neither of us felt hungry, he had a late lunch and I’d been munching strawberries and kohlrabi. Bill finished off the last of the Black Cherry ice cream and I’d settled for yogourt and strawberries. My potatoes were cooked, mashed and eggs, onions and salt and pepper added. In the morning I’ll blend in the mayo, mustard and sour cream and it will be ready to go.

Just when we thought the day couldn’t get better, Bill got a text from his daughter, Krystal. She was in Durham and wanted to come to see us. It was so good to see her and we had a lovely visit. She stayed longer than we expected and that was wonderful! At 9:40 we watched her drive out the lane. This has been a good day and we can feel the humidity creeping back in. Get ready, summer is back!

Beautiful sky - Good night!
Thank you for stopping by. I’m going to sit with my sweeties. Your comments are welcome!


  1. Nice to get those things taken care of and a visit from Krystal is always a bonus.
    Have fun at sisterfest.

  2. Love the geese ... funny they stay off the sand. We call them poop-a-lots. I have an unusual fascination with old houses. I just love to explore them from top to bottom. Have fun with the girls!

    1. I wish you could just invite yourself in to the old homes. I love them too.
      Thank you, we'll enjoy ourselves as always. :)

  3. I'm a list maker too. I keep a spiral bound notebook from day to day. I keep it for grocery lists, a to do list, items I want to get for the rv list, etc. In between I record all important phone calls, anything I may want to remember, info someone gives me so I don't forget it, etc. I keep the notebooks 2 years b4 throwing them away. They have saved me many times. Small enough to put in my purse but large enuf to last for 2-4 months of info. A daily diary of sorts.
    How nice to have Bill back home, and a visit from his daughter too!!

    1. You sound so much more organized than me! But great idea about the lists. :)
      It was good to have Bill home and now my turn to leave! LOL
      It is always a nice visit with our kids.

  4. I have always been a list maker. Only way to keep organized. Except last week when I left to run errands and forgo my list. I only forgot two things.

    Lovely sunset shots.

    1. The trick is to remember to 1) take the list and 2) read it when you're out. Ha ha Been there on both instances!

  5. Love the pictures of the old buildings. When Jerry and I travel our favorite "fun thing" is checking out old buildings and homes. How do you all get so much done each day? I get tired just reading about your day...LOL. I'm not sure what "sister fest" is so I'm looking forward to finding out! Elva Shannon

    1. I am fascinated at the size of the huge old homes, and to think we all, or our parents used to live in these!
      It doesn't seem like I do much to be honest, some days more hectic than others but I try not to be on the go all the time. :)
      Sister fest is when us 6 sisters spend 3 to 4 days together without the men and they get to do the same. We've done it since the 80's, it started with just 2 sisters getting together.