Wednesday, July 11, 2018

Full Days, Escaping the Old Post, Mount Forest, Harriston Visits

On Tuesday, July 10th, I was up early although I don’t know why. I didn’t get into bed until midnight but was awake and up at 6 am. I realized that Donna was still sound asleep so crept out of the bed and room. Not a ‘creature’ was stirring besides me at that time of the morning so I went out for a walk to the end of the lane.

The view out of the sitting room window at 6 am
Gayle and John’s property here at Cedarhaven is beautiful. The day was warm already and since I was at the end of the driveway anyway, I brought Gayle’s mail in from the box. 

Cathy's wheels and Ptooties

You can see why they call this Periwinkle Lane

This trail leads to the opening where John parks their Montana
When I returned, Gayle and Audrey were out on the back deck. We’d had an overnight visitor. A nasty racoon climbed down from the upper deck and broke the chain on their hummingbird feeder and proceeded to leave his mark on the deck box. Disgusting!! 

Gayle doesn't have a dog so this was even more
disgusting to her
Inside, we sat around, playing Scrabble, doing crosswords and enjoying our sisters’ comradery.

From half way out the lane looking back to the house

Gayle's clematis is thriving and beautiful

Their raft is free to roam in the pond
We are a lot alike but also very different in our likes and dislikes. Our mental and physical health is a huge topic and I pick up tidbits of information every year. I’m game to try some new things but still way behind a couple of my sisters on that wagon. At 9 we pulled the expanse of food out of the fridge and filled ourselves. We needed to eat enough to tide us over until dinner time.

I do eat healthier here but this is a lot of stuff
I don't buy at home so it is a treat
 Wendy arrived around 10 and Wendy and I drove into Durham. We take turns driving and do have to take two vehicles. We got to Rockwood shortly after 11 and found Mom in her room. She, of course, was thrilled to have all 6 of her girls together. In no time our hour had passed and we walked her down to her lunch table. This is the hard part when there is more than one of us, leaving her but gradually we each took our leave and waved goodbye.

Mom and her girls
Mount Forest was our next stop where we poked around in a couple of shops, a consignment store, Stumbled Upon, which was a major hit with all of us walking out with a bag. An antique store just to browse mostly and then we loaded back into the vehicles and drove to Harriston. It was around 2 and we were all needing a little burst of energy so stopped in a very bright pink ice cream shop. The single cones were $2 + tx so we splurged.

The ongoing Scrabble game
At 3 we signed in at Escape The Old Post building next door. We had pre-booked this exciting adventure and were greeted with enthusiasm by Tony, Mike and Jacob, our Game Master. Once the rules of the ‘game’ were explained, we were left to our own devices for 90 minutes to solve the many clues. The purpose of the game is to work together and work towards ringing the Post Office bell in the clock tower. We didn’t get there, as a matter of fact, only reached 56% but we had a blast and will definitely go back to finish another year.

We left there with lots of chattering about how much fun we had and walked down the street to Harry Stone’s for supper. I ordered lasagna and it came with garlic toast and Caesar salad. Their bar menu was extensive but I had to change my order 3 times to find something they had. I finally settled on a Smirnoff Ice, something they finally had in stock. Other than that, the food was delicious and the price was awesome.

Beautiful old renovated building
Back at Gayle’s, we sat around, caught up on emails and messages and modelled our purchases from today. Wendy left for home around 10 and we all said goodnight and hit the sack. Donna and I were sharing the bed this year in the patio room. There was some confusion originally on who slept with who last year so to prove that Donna and I were right, I pulled up last year’s post. We try to switch it up each time to keep life interesting.

Jacob, our GameMaster was a sweet young man
That was our full day and with one more to go, you can be assured we will find more things to keep us occupied. I am enjoying the shopping, the conversations, the food and generally the whole experience. We will discuss the day’s plans in the morning.

Coming out their front door

Thank you for reading. I love to hear from you!


  1. Great picture of us with Mom.You can tell by the smiles that we love spending time with her as much as she loves our visits!

  2. Another fun get together with the sisters, lots of laughs and good times.

  3. What a beautiful home! And great picture of all of you with your mom :-)

    1. Yes, they have a nice place here. So big compared to our tiny home. :)
      Thanks, the pix turned out great.

  4. THe six of you and your Mom all have the same beautiful smile.

    1. thank you, we all see so much of Mom now when we look in the mirror. :)

  5. With all of you together visiting your mother will definitely be etched in her memory.
    Be Safe and Enjoy!

    It's about time.

    1. Sadly, she will have forgotten by the time her meal was done or sooner but it will be etched in ours! :)

  6. Very special times. . All of you sisters with your mom!

    1. We had a really nice visit with Mom and our time alone is special indeed.

  7. Cedarhaven is such a beeyoootiful place!!! Very nice indeed!!
    Don in Okla.

    1. It is a lovely place for sure. Very peaceful back off the road.