Monday, July 23, 2018

Bit of Sunshine, Wood Pile, Sister Birthday

Slept in again until 7:30 even after I went to bed at 10:30 last night. That baking wore me out! It was a lovely looking morning on Monday, July 23rd by the time I got up and opened blinds. First off, I need to wish my older sister, Donna, a fine Happy Birthday. We’ll see her tonight as our family group tries to join for dinner out. It might only be the 4 of us this time but it will still be a nice time.

Happy Birthday, Donna
We had our tea and coffee, read blog posts and then got dressed to get to work. The wood pile down in the hollow needed to be cut and piled to make room for our new shed. Some small pieces that are useless other than for starting fires but mostly good pieces that we’ll use over the summer periods. We started at 9 and at 10 had to take a much-needed break. We look after each other when we are both working hard like this and keep an eye on how tired the other one is getting.

Bill opted for a yogourt for the time being and we each drank a bottle of water. When you are in the groove, stopping to make our big breakfast breaks the momentum and sometimes you don’t feel like getting back to work. The quick snack worked and we finished an hour later around 11:30. I don’t think either of us expected the sun to be so powerful at that time of the morning and it wore us down quickly.

We came inside and I hopped in the shower first. Wow, what a treat! It was a lukewarm, sometimes cool, shower because that is what my body craved. Hot water wasn’t necessary. I’m not sure what Bill chose for his when he jumped in after I was finished. I made a second tea and wondered what to make for lunch.  Too hot for soup, too much bread in our diet already this past few day. I fixed us some viddles, er, no actually it was sliced sausages and scrambled eggs. Just as good.

Doesn't look like a lot but I couldn't finish it all
After the dishes were done up, we drove to town to pick up 16” square patio stones for the base of the shed. FS Co-op had them at a decent price so we didn’t have to drive to Hanover to buy them from Rona. Every little bit helps in mileage. Bill off loaded them down in the hollow where the wood is now sitting and we came back inside to relax. Him inside with his book and me outside. He is hooked, as I knew he would be, on David Baldacci’s The Escape.

We have 4 piles of wood to clean up and stack neatly
12 patio stones
I preferred the shade and cooler temperatures of the great outdoors but that didn’t last very long on the patio. The sun soon filled the area so I moved inside. 

And a few days ago I showed you how my flowers in the box were
badly in need of water
Today, yay! they have bounced back!
Clemson was asleep in my recliner with the blanket all bunched up and I knew it wouldn’t be long before Bill was asleep in his chair. And he was. I didn’t disturb either one of them as I stepped around the coffee table and sat on the couch with my book.

Country roads to Kettles Restaurant

Lasagna and garlic toast

Delivering Donna's birthday dessert
Within reach was the epilogue and those last 5 chapters had me glued to the pages. We didn’t have to think about supper tonight as we were meeting Donna and Gerry in Markdale at Steven’s. The time slot of 6:30 changed when Gerry was able to get away from work earlier. We were dressed and, on our way, when Donna texted that the restaurant was closed for 10 days. Hmm. Change of plans. Let’s go to Kettles, north of Chatsworth.

A nice dinner out

Carrot cakes with 4 forks
What a busy place! They had arrived a few minutes ahead of us and were seated at the table with their drinks already. I ordered my tea and Bill ordered a milkshake. Lasagna, garlic toast with Caesar salad was my entrĂ©e of choice and Bill had the Kettle’s Burger with fries. Both delicious and although it was a different taste for lasagna than I’m familiar with, I enjoyed it. Half of it came home in a box.

When the staff brought Donna her free dessert of Carrot Cake, she shared it with all of us. She graciously accepted them singing Happy Birthday to her and we asked our waitress to take our picture. 

It was a good dinner and we enjoyed, as always, our time with my sis and her hubby. We parted ways and arrived home just after 8. What a beautiful evening.

Gerry laughing at me taking pictures
Looks like we might have had some rain while we were gone but nothing substantial. I snapped some pictures of the intriguing sky tonight before coming inside for the night. What a great day. 

Cotton ball clouds

I couldn't figure out how the sun was making this line in the clouds

The only complaint I have is that my right wrist is sore. Not sure if it was from holding the pieces of wood for Bill to cut with the saw or did I just pick something up the wrong way. I hope it is better tomorrow, we have wood to pile.

The sky was intoxicating this evening
The geese were all in the front field
Bill couldn't get over how the goslings were now the same colour as Mom and Dad
I hope you’ve had a good day and thank you for looking in on us today. I’d love to hear from you if you wish to leave a comment.


  1. Sounds ike a busy day you had and a fun dinner out with Donna for her birthday.

  2. It was a fun night and a great dinner. The "real" carrot cake was rich and delish! Well worth being centred out with the happy birthday song.

    1. We enjoyed celebrating your birthday dinner with you. The carrot cake was delicious.

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  4. Happy Birthday Donna! That carrot cake looked amazing! Love your skirt Patsy, looks so happy! Nice that you two take care of each other while working, sounds like it was a much needed break! The clouds are so pretty, really makes for a nice sunset. The lasagna looks wonderful, was it made with ground beef or italian sausage?

    1. Thank you Shirley. That skirt was one of my great finds on our sisters second-hand shopping. I love it too. The carrot cake was yummy and the lasagna was made with ground beef.

  5. What a fun day. Can I borrow Bill to load and unload 125 bricks for my back yard? I'm truly not looking forward to that adventure at all. Happy birthday to your sister ... what a nice dinner out. LOVE the clouds. I probably have more pictures of clouds than anything!!

    1. It was a fun day and we got some work done too. Occasionally I loan Bill out for our jobs but usually not so far away. Do you make cherry pies?
      Bill wondered if you read our comments on your July 21st post about Arizona water?