Tuesday, July 17, 2018

Laundry, Book Exchange, Surveyor Cleanup, Weed Trimming on a Cooler Day

Last night, Monday, we went up to bed at 11 and Bill turned the tv on to watch NCIS reruns until he could no longer keep his eyes open. Probably at midnight he turned it off. I don’t know for sure what time it was because the tv does not keep me awake. I have ear plugs in and I’m usually so tired that I drop off pretty quickly.

Today, Tuesday, July 17th, I woke up a couple of times early morning and remember rolling over at 6:30 to face the fresh air from the window. Next time, it was 8:30!! That is unreal. We had been dozing throughout the day as well so why are we so tired? It must be the humid days. Anyway, Bill said he just rose himself about 8. Needless to say we slept well. The dreams I had, though I can only remember bits and pieces, seemed like all-nighters.

At the nice and clean laundromat
We had our tea and coffee together and I read comments and your (bloggers) latest posts. We are doing great with our wi-fi this month so have no clue what happened in June when we came close to going over our 19 gb. It is wonderful to have our friend, Furry Gnome, frequenting the ‘roll call’ of new posts again. Welcome back, Stew! You and your eloquent script of nature were missed.

This is the book I got from the book box
I sorted the dirty clothes into 3 loads and Bill brought in the basket for the trip into town. He helped me fill the washers and then took Black Beauty to get a fill up. I took a walk across the street to deposit The 4th Judgement book that we both had finished. I keep forgetting to get a picture of the book exchange box. I found yet another James Patterson so left one and took one. When Bill returned to the laundromat, we didn’t have to sit long to wait for the loads to finish.

You can see why we don't need to cut the grass up here
It is so brown
Sorry for the reflection of my hand, I was inside the Suite when I took this
Back home, I hung the clothes, fighting the wind but knowing that they would dry very quickly. It was a whole lot cooler than the past few days have been and it is such a refreshing change. With temperatures hovering around high 60’s/low 70’s this was the perfect day to do some work around the property. First, we needed to eat so I made up a batch of Greek Yogourt Pancakes (thanks again Shirley) and fried some bacon. That hit the spot!
with butter and local maple syrup
two each is just enough
Bill took the truck over to the Acreage with his pressure washer and gave her a wash job. We took the Rav4 through a wash yesterday in Hanover so it was only fair. As he was leaving, I was pulling out my weed trimmer, gloves, ear muffs. With long pants and runners, I was equipped to safely begin working. I did around the outhouse, the flower garden and then in the patio area. 

I moved first down the corral hill along the fence line and then back up the driveway side. There is no quick way to cover this ground so by the time I got up the side, I was feeling pretty bushed. I really didn’t plan on trimming the hill in the corral but when I was taking a break, I changed my mind. Once I'm in the mood, I hate to stop.

Bill vacuums the trailer before returning it
After all it is the one he sleeps in while at CanAm
He has the whole trailer to himself!
The whole job took me close to a couple of hours but it is done now for a few weeks. At least a couple, I hope but that will depend on how much rain we get. Bill returned and got out his kite. It is really windy but the kite didn’t co-operate the way he’d hoped. It looked neat when it was up against the blue sky with the white fluffy clouds. Soon after, he vacuumed the Surveyor travel trailer before hooking it up for the trip back to the big city. Thank you Andy and Kirk for the loaner.

Clemson was in and out throughout the day, but this was one of his favourite spots today
I didn’t like the look of our blue spruce tree, Goose, so filled the watering can from the trailer and gave him a good soaking. I’ve been focusing on other plants but didn’t pay any attention to the poor tree. I figured while I was at it, I would also give the peppers a good watering. Everything else seems to be doing okay but they seem very slow in producing.
My peppers do need some encouragement
Can you see my ONE pepper on the back row?
That was enough work for me for the day so I changed out of my work duds, slipped the shoes and socks off and sat outside to read my book. I couldn’t believe that later in the afternoon (well, the day flew by because of us sleeping in) I needed a hoody when the sun slipped behind the clouds. Gradually, I moved back inside and we actually closed a few windows. What a change, a delightful one, I must add.

It took some patience but eventually........

......it was up there!

Looking at it from a different angle
For supper, Bill grilled pork chops and also put farmer’s sausage on the Weber Q. We needed to have tomorrow night’s supper planned too since Bill would be heading for London in the morning. I made up a green salad again for our side and I went with the olive oil again. I’m losing interest, maybe too many greens? I don’t know but I may have to go back to my regular dressing in order to eat them all up before they go bad. Maybe I just need to add some black olives and peppers.

We cleaned up the dishes and Bill, preparing for his work time away, filled water bottles with milk and cranberry juice while I packed his supper. The rest of the evening was spent in front of the tv with my two sweeties. We had an a episode of America’s Got Talent to watch before bedtime. This has been a great day again with a bit of work, well a lot of work, and the same amount of relaxing. I hope you’ve had a good one too.
Here is a tour of the 29.1' Surveyor Bill uses 

It is also for sale and a very nice unit

Hooked up for the drive tomorrow
Jacket on, Jacket off
It was a pretty sky today
Thanks for reading along today. Your comments are appreciated, I love them all.


  1. Ugh! Laundry!! Mowing the grass is more fun!!

    1. ha ha, I don't mind laundry nor mowing the grass. Trimming with the weed eater is harder though but the results make it worthwhile. :)

  2. Another wonderful much cooler day getting things taken care of and getting ready for Bill to head back out to work , leaving you and Clemson to fend for yourselves once again. Enjoy your time apart.

    1. It was a great outdoors day. I don't look forward to Bill leaving but time apart is good for everyone. Clemson and I look after each other. :)

  3. Greek yogurt pancakes...yum. Could i have the recipe please?
    BTW, i appreciate all the book recommendations. Thx!

    1. They are yummy! 1 - 5 oz. yogourt cup (plain or flavoured), 1 egg, 1/2 cup of coconut or almond flour (I used coconut flour) 1 tsp baking soda. Mix and let sit for 5 minutes. It is very thick but scoop 4 pancakes into the oiled pan. They are the perfect size and the perfect amount. Enjoy!

    2. Thx! Looks simple enough ...I might be able to manage 4 ingredients.

  4. I was interested in your pancake recipe too! Thanks for sharing it. Glad you are getting some cooler weather. Send some our way, would you? Lol!
    I've never minded doing laundry either but Dean enjoyed the mowing and yard work too much to let me get near it. 😉

    1. You're very welcome. The pancakes are very easy and delicious.
      We are enjoying the cooler temps but still loving the sunshine. I'd share if I could. :)

  5. If your peppers do what ours always do, just have patience. Suddenly, they will overwhelm you--late maybe, but prolific.