Thursday, July 26, 2018

Holidays, Haircut, Small Projects, Plans for the Weekend

Bill and I were up just after 7:30, back to the late mornings again. It is so nice that he didn’t have to get up at 5 and drive to London today. It’s a treat to have him home for two weeks, I think a lot will get accomplished so the rest of the summer we can take it slower. The season is going by so quickly.

Pancakes and bacon
Last night, I was sitting in the living room watching tv and I could hear scurrying noises. Hmm, we’d found some mice tracks yesterday in the kitchen linen drawer so I called to Bill to come down from the bedroom quietly and listen. I muted the tv but I couldn’t tell from my position where it was coming from. Bill pointed up to the ceiling vent but now we wonder how could a bird or anything get in there? We always expect the worst and imagine critters living in the roof. LOL

we heard scurrying up there last night in that vent return

but NCIS Bill found no evidence
This is also a picture of Bill's haircut
After our brew and blog reading this morning, Bill drove into Durham to get his haircut, finally. He texted that it wasn’t a long wait so at least he didn’t have to drive back to Hanover to try First Choice again. While he was gone, I mixed up the batter for pancakes but I know he wants to open the vent and see what’s up there. After seeing the bat yesterday, my mind is just going crazy with the possibilities.

Home Sweet Home
I took a walk over to the Ridge Restroom and tidied it up a bit, sweeping and wiping down the seat. An outhouse can be welcoming if it is free of dead flies and webs. I wonder if one of those toilet seat deodorizers would work? Hmm, something to think about. I’d have to tack it just under the edge. I always worry about odor for our company but it IS an outhouse, after all.

When Mr. Sharp-Looking Bill returned with his ears respectively lowered, I began frying up bacon and our pancakes. Quick and easy and the pans just wiped clean. I love those pans I got from Costco! We did the dishes up and then went about our day. I’ve missed my ‘deadline’ for visiting Mom this morning so I’ll have to try for another day. I don’t want a repeat of last week so won’t go in the afternoon. It is not her best time.

Clemson can't understand why his buddies trailer is here
but they aren't
It was my day to shower, not that we have a set day but afterwards Clemson and I went for a walk down to the end of the laneway. There is a lovely breeze, thank heavens, so the hot, humid day is lessened. It is registering about 75F/23C right now at noon hour. Whether we get rain is ‘up in the air’ (hardy-har) but looking out the window, the sky is pleasant with just soft white clouds crossing the blue.

Beautiful Monarch enjoying the flowers
Bill set to work, opening the cold air return grates in the Suite but didn’t find anything that indicates we had visitors. That means that they were likely higher up, not sure if that is bad or good news. Once he starts, it is hard to stop so he carried on and washed a portion of the ceiling. This overhead stuff is not something I can do easily. My upper arm strength is next to nil. I sat on the sofa with Clemson reading my book until my eyes grew too heavy and I curled up for a nap.

After we all had a brief snooze, Rob drove up in his pretty GMC. He returned something to Bill and brought an extra cord for electric hookup. He sat with us for a bit as we watched a very big, very dark cloud blow overhead. When Rob left, I set up my tripod with my Canon EOS 30D and we took a few pictures with my self-timer for our new ‘business/home’ cards. They turned out pretty good but I still doubt we’ll get things put together in time for the sale.

Just one of the pictures we took today
At 5:30 I got the rice cooker for a change. Instead of potatoes tonight, we’d have rice with leftover meatloaf and our choice of vegetable. Bill opted for his corn and I washed and steamed up the last of my spinach. It was a lot of food but sometimes cleaning up leftovers means putting more on your plate than normal. We must be little pigs because with the exception of a tablespoon full of meatloaf for Clemson, we ate the whole thing!

Dishes got cleaned up and I went for a walk down the lane and down the road to the corner. It was funny when one of the cows in the field across North Line began walking alongside me. Well, far away but almost keeping the same pace as me, SHE began making a strange bovine call. I thought she was calling to me when I noticed a baby calf laying down in the field. She was calling to him and once they joined, the baby followed her back to the rest of the cows. So cute!

Mama finds baby and brings baby home
Hope she doesn't ground him!
When I got back, Clemson had to go out again. He wasn’t interested in joining me for the walk. I let him out and sat back at my laptop to finish a sentence. When I looked out for him, he was nowhere in sight. For more than the second time today, I found him over in front of Rob and Pat’s fiver. He just can’t understand where the heck his buddies are! He came running to me with the question in his little head so I explained that he’d see them tomorrow.

We watched some tv, read some of our books and enjoyed some of the outdoors. It sounds like many areas in southwestern Ontario got lots of rain today and even some heavy storms with hail. We had a beautiful day, as the dark clouds just seemed to move on over. We were sitting pretty here in mid-western Ontario. The temperature right now is hovering around 82F but that is while the sun is shining on the front of the Suite. The winds have died down but a slight breeze remains. It should be another great night for sleeping.
A good supper tonight
This has been a fun day even though I didn’t leave the property. I hope yours has been pleasurable as well.

Good night all!
Thank you for taking the time to stop in. Your comments are always appreciated.


  1. What fun day you had getting things all taken care of. Looking forward too seeing you guys this weekend with be fun times I am sure.

    1. It was another great day.
      Looking forward to seeing you guys as well, George and Suzie!

  2. That butterfly picture? You should frame it. Good capture!!!

    1. Thank you, Nancy. Usually as soon as I get close they fly off.

  3. Great butterfly shot.

    Do you eat quinoa? I mix 1/3quinoa and 2/3 rice when we aren't having potatoes.

    1. Hi Contessa. This is Pat, replying on Bill's laptop. Mine is sick and in the shop. :(
      Quinoa and rice are grains that I try to avoid and I could take it or leave it anyway. Thanks though for the suggestion. We had rice the other night as a switch up and with eating more paleo than anything, it was a guilt trip for me. lol
      Resistant starches are good for us (according to my sisters) and cold rice and cold potato is on that list but I just can't get there. There is a lot I don't understand about what they do but they must be doing something right because their bellies are mostly flat! :)