Sunday, July 15, 2018

“Good” Friday the 13th, Freezer Stockup, Acreage Visit, Little Brother, Good Times

On Friday, July 13th, oh-oh, it started out as a beautiful morning. I’m not too superstitious but I am a wee bit so I’m not expecting anything untoward to happen today. I will say a wee prayer that my hubby gets home safely today and that other travelers are also traversing with no unexpected ‘delays’. This begins our family weekend, which is usually held on the long August weekend.

Two colours of day/tiger lilies
Our little brother has disrupted our norm but that is okay, we are thrilled to have him whenever he can make it home and would shift heaven and earth (if we could) to simplify his stay. So, some of us have adjusted or made plans to be able to see him today, tomorrow or Sunday before he leaves on Monday for Alberta. Clemson was up first at 5:30 and only I crawled back into bed for another hour. I didn’t really sleep, but I rested and let my mind wander.

This is my most typical tiger lily
With my tea made, I texted Bill and woke him up, which I didn’t mean to do. He had a late night so was lazing a bit longer than is normal for him. When he called, we chatted about the day and he convinced me NOT to cut the grass since it is only those stupid tall weedy things and I might hurt myself lifting the mower out from the storage corner. No worries! That was an easy ‘talk me out of it’ scenario. I agreed probably too readily.

There are some breaks in the clouds this morning but it is mostly overcast with a 44% chance of rainfall. It is a pleasant 69F/21C right now. With no chores to do outside, I swept the hallway and kitchen and living room floors and gave Clem’s food and water dish a good scrubbing. Then I did up my own few dishes from last night. The only other thing I’d like to do is tidy up the bunky. Seems I just dropped blankets, purged clothes (yes, I am diligent in doing that) and books last week.

Our freezer supply for meat is looking a little pathetic so I’m going to West Grey Butcher’s once it opens to buy one of their freezer packs. Bill’s daughter, Jess, and Matt are coming tonight after work and will be sharing our meal with us tomorrow. Other than their own drinks and rolls for lunch, we don’t need them to bring anything other than personal items. They will stay one night in a loaner travel trailer from CanAm. Actually, the one Bill has been sleeping in.

Love the local butcher shop
At 8:30 I took a drive to other side of Varney to the butcher shop. They have their boxed meats in various packaging. Bill and I like the $55 pack with 2 strip steaks, 6 pork chops, 2 pk. of 4 hamburg patties, 2 lb. ground beef and on the side I bought another 2 strip steaks plus a couple packs of chicken thighs. That should keep us going for awhile. We’ll probably have some steak for Saturday night’s meal. Getting everything there meant not having to stop at Foodland.

On the way back home, I stopped at MacGregor’s Ladies Fashions for the first time. Not that I needed more clothes but curiosity. The sign said Clearance! and that draws attention as it is meant to. Often Bill and I have driven by and I’ve wondered what it’s like even though I knew it would be out of my price league. What a lovely little shop, next to her home! I would love a set up like this, where I didn’t ‘have’ to make a living off my sales.
so, now I can say 'been there, done that'
Some outdoor iron works at decent prices and although her ‘sales’ racks at 50% off still meant spending $30 and up for an item, the clothes are absolutely beautiful quality. After the deals in our second-hand stores, you’d think I wouldn’t find anything interesting. When I was about to admit defeat on the sales rack, I found a beautiful shift dress that almost fell into my hands.

It reminded me of the painting us girls did last year and since the price tag was already marked down to $34 from $68 (where no others were) I wondered if I’d get half off again. I asked because I wasn’t paying that. She pointed out a flaw that would take the normal eye a real close view to find so I bought it for $17. It is too short for a dress even though it has a lining (girls, a lining!) but adorable over my black stretch capris. Bingo! I added my name to their email list (more junk mail) but will be advised of future sales. There were a few things in there I think Mom would like. Hmm. I’m outta’ here!
I'd love a set up like this!
Back at the Suite, I parked Ptooties and came inside for a second tea. I did a few heart pumping exercises which took all of 3 minutes tops. I want to go to the Acreage again for a bit so will check in with the girls and see when they are there. Not sure about a swim today but will go prepared regardless. I wasn’t quite hungry enough to prepare eggs so sat with a crossword for a few minutes with Clemson.

The Snelgrove's set up displaying their Alberta flag proudly
At noon I had some eggs and drove back into Durham to the Home Hardware. Bill had got a call that our hedge trimmer is in that was on backorder. It got it quickly enough and turned off #4 hwy at Eckhardt’s Shell, Concession 2 towards the Acreage. We are amazed that this Shell station out here remains in business, their fuel prices are always 8 or 9 cents higher than in town, 5 minutes down the road. Only Gayle was ‘home’.

It wasn't long before Michael drove in the lane
Aj and Donna were in Hanover, Gerry, John and Tom were looking at a property listing down the road and Michael and Crystal had not yet arrived from their night spent away at Bridgette’s in Cambridge. It wasn’t long and everyone returned. It was so nice to see Michael and Crystal. Michael was home for Mom’s 90th birthday party in April 2016 so it’s been two years since we’ve seen him.

Yay, my little brother!
I sat around the pond with John and Tom and worked on crossword puzzles. It was nice in the shade but soon it started to spit and I remembered that I’d left all our windows open. Bill had texted at 12:30 to let me know he was on his way home. Yay!

I sat with Michael and a few played Mexican Train 
I hopped in the Rav and drove home to close windows in case it got windy and it stopped. Typical, however I stayed home with Clemson until Bill arrived at 4:30.

10 year old Tango
Such a sweet little Jack Russell
He pulled up the laneway towing the Surveyor. Holy cow, it is really long! First, he dumped the tanks as not only does Bill use it while he is in London working, but it is also the trailer they take out for weekend shows in the area. 

Bill arrives with the loaner Surveyor
After backing it in behind us, we levelled it and then we drove over to the Acreage to fill the water bladder to fill the fresh water tank. We plugged them in for the time being to get the inside cooled down and their fridge in case they brought food.

For supper I just grilled chops in a fry pan and made up a salad. It was quite sufficient even though the chops were the last of our skinny little things bought in Ohio somewhere. The first of our Ridge company, Jess and Matt, arrived around 7:30 and of course, Domy. Domy is not a small dog and seems even more rambunctious than last year. My goodness, 80 lb. of energy and Clemson needs to stay out of his way. Beautiful dog though.

Jess and Matt arrive
 After getting them set up in ‘their’ trailer we sat outside, it was a beautiful calm evening. Patrick had left around 7 from St. Thomas so we decided to light a contained fire since the ban for those was lifted in our area. It was nice to just sit and relax until we saw the lights from Patrick’s Honda Fit come crawling up the driveway. Did I say it was dark out here in the country? It was just before 10:30 since he had to stop at Subway for supper, not having taken the time after work to eat.

Domy relaxed around the fire with us

It didn't take one of my starters to start the fire
Cardboard did the trick tonight
We stayed outside until 11:30, I think, and went to our respective beds. Patrick slept on the futon in the bunky with the screened windows open. He is so easy to please too and enjoyed the quiet time to himself. It is when we have company using our bunky and outhouse that I’m so happy with Bill installing motion sensor lights for them to see their way around. The Ridge Roost has it on the outside and the Restroom has it inside as soon as you open the door, you are in brightness.
That was it for that day. Sleep well!

Domy will!
On Saturday, July 14th, after sleeping with our windows open, I know I had a great sleep. I couldn’t believe that at 7:30 when I woke up, Bill and Clem had vacated (at 6, he told me) and the bedroom door was closed. I haven’t slept that late for a long time but I must have needed it to catch up from the busy week. I took a quick walk down the lane, into the front field and did some stretching exercises. It gets the heart pumping when I’m not doing my brisk walks.
The family of geese 
When everyone was up, we sat inside the Suite for a bit with our tea and coffee and Bill lit the Weber. He grilled the bacon and I cooked eggs inside. I like it that way, the prep is on both of us. We ate and put the dishes in the dishwasher. 

Good morning, Patrick!
With the day looking so gray again, we’re pretty sure we’ll need to steal the cord from Jess’ trailer to bump up our batteries to prepare supper stuff later. In the meantime, they can use it for the a/c.

Breakfast at the Suite
Great chef and atmosphere :)
Around 1 we loaded up afternoon ‘stuff’, chairs, coolers with booze and snacks and drove over to the Acreage to join the gang over there. The spatters of rain WILL NOT deter us from having a good time. I chatted with our good friends, Rob and Pat, and filled them in on our Jell-o plans for the day. They will be joining us at some point throughout the day and participating in our group Saturday night dinner. Yay! I’m proud of our family and I’m pleased to have such great friends, so I’d like them to meet.

Before we left, Bill dumped our black tank

The duck family in the front pond
The guys, the dogs and Jess had a brief siesta while I caught up on my blog and tried to squeeze another walk down the laneway in between the drops. I ended up sitting under the trees beside my flower garden where I had a perfect view of the lane and I was sheltered from the light rain. When Bill woke up, or did I wake him? I came inside and began washing and prepping potatoes for tonight’s supper. We had planned steaks for the 5 of us and so I made sure they were out of the freezer to thaw.

Michael telling red neck stories from Alberta?

Tango's comfy position on Crystal's lap
The back leg just hanging there
Patrick left earlier, going first into town and then over to the Acreage since he was on his own. The rest of us washed up and puttered around until we sensed the rain was going to stop. We hopped in the Rav4 with Clemson and left Domy in their trailer with the a/c running. It was a lively group gathered under the canopy with the circle widening to allow us in and then moving closer still when it rained again.

Half hour or so after we arrived, Rob and Pat drove up the lane in his pretty red GMC. Of course, Rob was all smiles and so were all the guys as they hovered around it. The afternoon went well chit-chatting with anyone about anything and our friends fit in perfectly, as we knew they would. Pat said she was so happy to now have met ALL of my sibs, one of Bill’s daughters and after meeting Patrick, both of my children.

Clemson trotted down the lane behind Patrick
when he went to erect his tent
After retrieving our food from the Ridge, and exchanging pooches, we separated into 2 groups and moved to the back with the Weber Q and table to barbecue supper. 7 of us ate at the outdoor picnic table together and it was really nice. The steak and potatoes were delicious and we all felt full when the meal was over. Rob and Pat treated us all to a cream cheese/blueberry cake so it was cut up at the front and we anyone who wanted it helped themselves to a piece. Yum.

Our supper group at the back
Bill had his drone out taking pictures

With plans to drive to Manitoulin tomorrow, Rob and Pat left after dinner and we stuck around while a fire was lit. My little wax firestarters made that job easy, according to Tom. 

The evening was very calm and there were 16 of us including Wendy and Morgan who arrived after supper, sitting around it, not for the heat but instead for the ambience. The fire ban did not apply to fires in a pit. Crystal and Gayle got into a game of life size Jenga so that was entertaining. They broke their family record at 25 layers!

Wendy and Morgan joined us for awhile
Human Jenga
By 10:30 we were ready for home so the 4 of us with Domy drove back. It was a great day again and we dropped off to sleep easily with a nice breeze coming in the Suite windows. This is long winded but a recap for me especially of what the days involved. I hope you’ve enjoyed your days as well.

Clemson lets it all hang out too
on Daddy's lap

Thank you for reading. Your comments are always welcome!