Friday, July 20, 2018

Cool Start, Nature’s Critters Come to Life, Little Bit of Painting, Mom

A couple of times through the night I woke up and felt chilly. I think there were only a couple of windows left open and no wind but I slipped my jammies on so I could drop back to sleep. Clemson stirred at 5:45 on Thursday, July 19th and we went outside for his piddle. Back into bed, he crawled under the sheet and light bedspread with me. Cuddled together, we managed to snooze until I got up a few minutes before 7.

It needs attention, no?
The morning ritual takes on a whole new perspective when you are alone. I made my tea after opening blinds and closing the downstairs window. To get my blood pumping and to warm up at the same time, I did my 3-minute warm-up routine. I texted Bill and we chatted when he called right back. It isn't the same as when he is sitting across the table from me. No one to play footsies with. 😉

He says he slept well and it is nice to know now exactly ‘where’ he spends his evenings and sleeps. It gives me comfort, which is comical, in a way because he isn't my child.

First coat on the firepit
nothing on the base, yet
The sky is a clear blue again and although I missed the sunrise for probably the 17th time this month, I knew it would be another beautiful day. Last night at 9:30, Bill checked the status of our FedEx parcel and found that it was in Woodbridge, On and should arrive today by end of day. Hmpf, heard that before but I am feeling optimistic and hope it is before 10 at least. Since there was no breeze to speak of again, I decided to tackle another project we’d talked about.

Mr. Piggy is back
I got some direction from Bill on which sandpaper to use and began removing the loose rust particles from our fire pit.  It is in need of a new paint job, badly. With gloves on, I worked my way around the pit until it was relatively smooth and then wiped it clean with a rag. We’d bought Tremclad High Heat Enamel spray paint in gloss black. I did the perequisite 1-minute shake to stir the paint and began a section at a time making sure to keep out of the direction of any spray. You need a strong 'trigger' finger for this job and mine isn't one of the strongest. It kept slipping off the nozzle. LOL

He can't be praying for food!!
Oh, maybe he is thanking me for it
90% was covered when I ran out of paint, leaving only the base and the 2nd coat to do but it doesn’t look too bad. I’m not a pro so no matter how even I tried to keep it, the flow wasn’t always consistent. Maybe with the 2nd coat it will improve. It was around 10:15 when I heard and then saw FedEx coming up the lane. That’s great, however, I was half way through my job and with a cleanup to follow, I knew I wouldn’t get in to see Mom this morning. Half hour earlier would have been perfect.

this little Brown Bird posed for me
I finished up, snapped a picture of the empty can and texted Bill before hopping in the shower. All cleaned up I had brunch and took a walk up to my garden. Still no more peppers but the plants look healthy. I’m disappointed but reading the plant sticks that came with them, there is still hope. It says 60-70 days to harvest. I still have a week left. Ha ha, so optimistic! One beefsteak tomato is almost ripe and we’ll be eating it this weekend, I’ll bet.

Red-winged blackbird

And guess who?

With my book, which is getting hard to put down, I sat out in the half sun, half shade on my lounge chair. Clemson joined me for a little while but after wandering around and sitting with me for a few minutes, he wants inside again. It is nice and cool inside the Suite so I don’t blame the furry little guy. 

Yes, I caught you again! Look at those fat cheeks
I took a walk down the lane not for any reason other than exercise. My plan is to go see Mom at 4 this afternoon and then take her down to supper. I think I’ve said that us leaving is the hardest part for her. She needs a distraction even though she doesn't think she has ever been down there before!

Back inside for some water and to catch up on my post. Oh! This morning while I was sitting at the table with my tea, I saw something here in the pond for the first time. I do believe they are gophers or ground hogs. 
I zoomed in but couldn’t get a clear picture. Looks like a Mama and child. 

I don't know what they are
Not raccoons even though it looks like stripes on Mama's tail, that is a branch
The chipmunks, birds and ducks are making their presence known today. Some days I see them more than others but they are always a treat to listen to and watch. No turtles and no geese crossed my path on this day. But wait! My walk after supper proved that statement wrong!

I sat outside until 3 and retreated inside to brush my teeth and get dressed up a bit to go and visit Mom. I’ve never visited her at this time of day, it just doesn’t usually work that way for me. When I arrived, I was hopeful but soon found out that this was going to be a tough hour. Turns out it was the hardest one I’ve spent since returning home in the spring. After talking to Donna, we think it is just a result from a mid-day visit. Point taken, I won’t do it again if it can be helped.

Looks like Mama Duck is alone

But nope! All these little heads pop up as I walk away
When I left her at the supper table at 5 to 5, she was fine and her usual self with the waves until I was out the door. I am going to give myself credit on how I kept the conversation going, being brutally honest about her disease rather than let her think she was stupid or crazy. I remained loving and positive and although I couldn’t get her out of the funk until 15 minutes before I left, I made the very best of the visit. It hurt my heart though and did get a nice picture of us together.

A nice shady spot to read
As I drove home, I, myself, dropped into the ‘funk’ because I can’t imagine how it must be for her. No one needs to tell us that it will get worse as time goes on as we already know how important those ‘good’ visits are. For us, I hope they are few and far between for a while yet rather than more frequent. Clemson was waiting for me when I got home and after picking him up and thanking him for ‘looking after the house’ I got his supper ready. I’m hungry too so at 5:30, I began my own.

Posing with Mom in her new hairdo
She even has her "Past President" Legion pin on her sweater
that right there indicates what she has lost with this nasty disease
I heard from Bill as I was leaving Rockwood. We had both hoped that he would be on his way home tonight but his Friday morning appointment is back on schedule so it will be late afternoon before I see him. Part of me is glad, I hate to think of him driving home after a full day, Costco shopping plus a stop in Stratford. Now at least I know he is settled for the night, safe and sound whether he goes to Costco tonight or not. 

I went up to check my tomato and was shocked to see
our first bunny rabbit run out of the garden
OH NO!! that changes things for me
My supper is much like last night, since I enjoyed it so much. In place of the sausage and steak, I cut up the cooked chicken strips in the fridge with the fennel, zucchini and onion. Fried in bacon grease again, it was another tasty, filling meal. I put the dishes in the sink, hardly enough to use water for, and just rinsed them. Clemson seems to have something on his mind and can’t settle down so maybe I’ll just sit with him for a while with my book and finish my post. I think he is just feeling the heat. 

So, Clemson hasn't noticed the geese
The rest of the evening was quiet. Clemson and I squeezed in a walk down the lane and I closed up our storage shed and the bunky before I called it a night. Tonight, if I’m up at 11:10 pm there are supposed to be 6 passes by the ISS (International Space Station) in front of the moon. There is a path shown in our local paper that if you are in that area, you will see a teeny-weeny eclipse when it happens. How cool! I’m not close enough but I haven’t seen the space station for quite a while.

My Pointer pooch just noticed them

And this was his stance just before he ran after them
Luckily, he didn't shift into full gear and they were gone before he got to the gate
I doubt the tv will go on tonight, I’m planning on either finishing or getting really close to finishing this book. It is only 7 pm so I have lots of time to read. I’ve had a good day and got a head start on a new project. 

Don't like seeing these choppers go overhead
I have purchased another can of paint so can finish the firepit tomorrow. I hope Bill gives it the thumbs up when he returns. Oh, and I hope your day has been a fine one as well.
tonight's supper with my book and an ice cold glass of water
Good night from the Ridge
Thanks for taking the time to see what I’m up to. I love to hear from you if you wish to leave a comment.


  1. That chipmunk made me laugh out loud. How cute is he?? Great job on the fire pit ... you're more energetic than I. No clue on your critters. I'm hoping someone knows what they are and posts it for you.

    1. That chipmunk would put you and I both to shame for industriousness. He's everywhere scrounging seeds! haha
      Thank you, second coat will have to be another day, the wind is blowing me around today.

  2. Nice to be back in wifi I can spend time getting caught up on what our friends have been up to..and as usual you are a busy girl! Sad about mom, but glad you spent some time and got that cute pic taken! The fire pit is going to look nice! Your dinner looked great! Could the critters be beavers?

    1. I wondered about beavers but their tails look too long and furry, not paddle-like.
      I've had many good visits with Mom and hope that I'll have more.
      We'll be afraid to use the firepit, it will look too purty! haha

  3. Nice photo of you and your Mom. She looks younger with that new do. I felt your pain as you shared your inner thoughts about life and your Mom. Hugs.

    1. Thank you Contessa. I'm able to keep the 'front' up when trying to console her but when I leave, it hits the tear ducts. Thanks for the hug, I needed that! :)

  4. Could your mystery animals be nutria or muskrat?

    1. I hope to see them better another time. You could be right. Bill thinks they are raccoons from my pictures. Thanks Jeff.

  5. What a transformation of the fire pit.