Thursday, July 12, 2018

Two Day Wrap Up, More Shopping Fun, Packing, Goodbyes for Now, Home to Clemson

Wednesday, July 11th I slept in a bit, not getting up until 6:30 which was better than the previous night’s sleep. We were in bed before 11 at least. What was on the agenda today? I went for a short walk down the trail behind the house, alongside their pond. I didn’t get far when I realized the deer flies were fascinated with me. Crikey! I took a couple of quick photos and scurried back.

The raft is tied up but the canoe floats free, all around the pond
This was to be a fairly easy day with not scheduled commitments. As we get older, remember this was started this 29 years by three of my sisters (when they were much younger), we find we don’t need to be busy all the time. Our interest in go-go-going are close to gone and we’d rather just do one main thing on the 3-day gathering. Wendy went home last night as she had to pick Morgan up at noon hour so we won’t see her until the weekend now.

some pictures around Cedarhaven in the morning

The trail of deer flies

I moved quickly but snapped this distance picture of the back of their house
Today, we lazed around and then had our brunch before I drove the Rav into Owen Sound. There were a couple of stores that were not open on Monday when we were in town. We first hit the Salvation Army thrift store where a few of us found some things, then the Mission Store which is usually very rewarding in value and price and lastly Value Village once more with our 30% off bonus which wasn’t valid on Monday.

Gayle waves hello from across the pond
We hit pay dirt and everyone was very happy with our goodies. It was 5:15 when we checked out so had to decide on a place to eat. Not knowing Owen Sound ‘too’ well, we all agreed that we enjoyed Mudtown Station enough to go back again. Their menu was a little funky, in that your entrée did not include a side in most cases, but their food was delicious.

Looks refreshing, eh?
Not being very original, I ordered the same beer battered white fish with garlic scapes and split an order of corn bread with Gayle. Oh my! My Mojito accompanied my meal and we enjoyed it outside in the fresh ‘hot’ air very much. 

The patio was full when we left
With dinner finished, we took a walk along the river to settle our food. It was a lovely evening and a nice bit of scenery.

Four of my lovely sisters
I love the old lamp post look
Back at Gayle’s, we unloaded our bags, individually, and with the exception of Cathy, modelled our expenditures to ooh’s and aah’s. There were also a lot of laughs in there for sure and an outsider looking in would definitely think we’d had a few drinks for us to carry on so. 

This was such a delightful find for Aj
She modeled it by donning Gayle's hat and shoes
We enjoy each other’s company and easily slip into our routine. I didn’t stay up as late, being the first to say goodnight after a Palm Bay cooler. Maybe the drink was why. Hmm? It was another fun day.

She has a great property for selfies
Sitting in the glossy-leafed periwinkle

These tall cedars make me feel short

I like this one, you can't tell that I ran from 30 feet away
On Thursday, July 12th Donna and I woke up pretty much at the same time but I lazed a bit longer in bed. It was around 6:45, I think, when I got up. I looked at the pile of ‘stuff’ in the corner of the room that I would have to pack up and though ‘oh my! That’s a lot of stuff’. With just the morning left with my sisters, I skipped the walk and went upstairs to join the rest.

So, we had to find a place to pose
and I set my tripod and Canon EOS 30D up

And then we needed a close up
There was another game of Scrabble to play, a crossword puzzle that may not get done, a ‘last meal’, some group photos (we’ll miss having Wendy in these) and a bunch of packing up. 

This was a tough one, it didn't get finished
We tend to do our own thing first thing so spread out across the main floor with our morning drinks. I snagged a spot in the wing back chair in the sitting room overlooking the pond again. I read a couple of blogger friend’s posts and soon went downstairs for my shower.

The bumblebees disappeared right inside the lilies
I’m feeling good for one thing and sad for another. Yesterday, Bill informed me that my brother, Michael, had arrived at the Acreage around 5 pm from Goderich. They had spent some time with the trailer in the Goderich area with Crystal’s family. Now it is our turn. Yay! 
Michael and Tango all set up at the Acreage
Unfortunately, his sisters weren’t even around to greet him but the guys were. Once their trailer was set up Michael and Crystal drove in to Rockwood to visit Mom and then grab a bite to eat at Tim Horton’s. Small town, not much choice after 6.

I’m feeling a bit sad also, not so much for our sister’s time ending, but because everyone is going home to their partner. My sweetie left this morning at 8:15 and I won’t see him until Friday sometime. 

At least Clemson is home to welcome me back. Before leaving Gayle’s we did finish the Scrabble game, we did have a lovely brunch together and we did get some photos together before loading our many bags into the vehicles.

I drove Audrey and Donna back to the Acreage, took a peek at the rental trailer (which is very nice and accommodating) and drove home to the Ridge. Little furry bum was sound asleep until I closed the door and his head popped up. 

My greeter fell asleep after we spent some time at the Acreage
We sat outside for a while although Bill had left some windows open and it was not too bad inside. I unloaded, put my purchases away and unpacked. The worse part of a trip away from home, in my opinion.

At Gayle's, she was giving a mini tutorial on her Insta Pot
At 3, Clemson and I drove over to the Acreage for a visit before suppertime. The air is warm but it has been an overcast day from early this morning. I took my swimsuit in case the pond was inviting enough to cool off. Donna and Audrey were at the shaded picnic table working on a crossword so I sat with them.

Seldom will he sleep on the ground
but here he is under the bench at my feet
Clemson wandered and sniffed, knowing that Tango, my brother’s Jack Russell had been there. They had left this morning to visit friends in London and then to Cambridge to a Foo Fighters’ concert tonight with my sister, Wendy, and daughter, Bridgette.

At home, I walked to get the mail and spooked this Mama Duck
and her 6 babies
Where are the babies? They dove under water
As I waited and watched, one, two, three little heads popped up
And soon, they were far enough away to feel safe
Gerry was home from his work shift and Tom was puttering around with various things. He likes to keep busy at little fix-up jobs around the place. It was around 5:00 when Gayle and John arrived and at 5:30 my pooch and I bid farewell and came home for supper. Clemson was so good, wandering around and having a nap under the picnic table I was sitting on. Staying close to Mom, I like that. At home he got his meal and flopped in his bed while I made my own supper.

The flowers that were still alive
Tonight, after checking in the fridge, I had the makings for a salad along with some potato salad that was left from Sunday. I cut up chicken strips, leaf lettuce from my sister, Cathy, snap peas and zucchini from the veggie pick, my green onion and a couple of slices of tomatoes. Audrey suggested a drizzle of olive oil if I chose not to make it a down and out salad (which is never a favourite of mine). Actually, I was pleasantly surprised with that plus salt and pepper, that it tasted as good as it did.

My cold supper plate
I poured myself the last half glass of a mixed Caesar that was in the fridge and was finished eating by 6:30. It sure gives the impression out there that it might rain tonight but that could be because of the day shades being pulled down. I’m fine with whatever it wants to do. Bill was sweet enough to water my garden before he left this morning so they should be fine for a couple more days. The grass needs cutting but I’m not feeling ambitious enough to do that tonight. There is always tomorrow.

One thing I haven’t done since Saturday is open my book and since I wasn’t too far into it at all, may have to start over to refresh my memory on what it is about. It’s a James Rollins book called Deep Fathom and I know it didn’t grab me within the first 2 chapters. We’ll see how it goes when I settle down with Clemson tonight. I was invited back to the Acreage later but I think I’ll just stay put now that I’ve poured my drink.

More garden flowers bloomed
Shasta daisies, I think
This has been a good day and as I finish this, I’m waiting to hear from Bill at the end of his work day. My indoor fresh flowers were looking sad so I refreshed their water and removed the spent blossoms. This is all that is left. I hope your day has been half as good as mine at least and that you made the best of it. I've talked to my sweetie for the first time since Monday morning, so I'm a happy camper now. :)

One of the community gardens along the waterfront
No sunset tonight so this will have to suffice
Good night!

Thanks for taking the time and stopping by. I love to hear from you!


  1. Looks like you gals had fun. Love Aj's dress!! I have become a salad eater for dinner just so I don't have to cook! Lol

    1. We had a ball! that dress had to be tried on by all of us because it was so unusual. I wish I had taken a picture of the back. It suited Aj to a tee.
      I do wish I enjoyed salads more. Other than caesar salads, I could easily go through life without them.

  2. As usual you ladies had a fun time enjoying each others company. No back home again.
    I love a salad with just olive oil on it so light and tasty.

  3. We seem to make the very best of our short time together every year.
    Getting used to the salads with olive oil.........not 100% sold yet! :)