Wednesday, July 18, 2018

Perfect Weather Day, Sweetie Pie Leaves, Waiting for a Delivery, Weeding the Lilies

I felt chilly through the night so actually slipped into my summer leggings rather than putting an extra blanket on. Bill said he didn’t find it too bad at all. On Wednesday, July 18th we woke around 6:15 when Clemson needed to go out and then curled up together, all 3 of us, until about 7:30. Bill had an afternoon client at CanAm so he didn’t need to rush off this morning. It was nice to have our tea and coffee after his shower and I was able to make his bacon and eggs before sending him off.

bye Dear!

We were grateful for the trailer loan
 Watching him pull down the lane is always bittersweet. I know he likes the job, we certainly enjoy the extra $ and the occasional time apart from each other is good for us but I am still a bit sad to be saying goodbye to my partner for a couple of days. Wait. What is he doing? I had snapped a couple of pictures and now it looks like he is backing up.

And he backs up like a pro
Sure enough, he maneuvered that 29’ trailer back up the driveway when he realized that he forgot his phone. LOL most people would have left the unit and walked back. What a guy. He did superb, naturally! 😊 After he left, I dead-headed my petunias and when I came inside, Clemson decided he should get up. He missed saying goodbye to Daddy today. He found a spot in the sun and went back to sleep.

Even though the grass is brown from the dry days
my seating area is trimmed up nicely
from weeds
Bill told me that our flag was up on the mailbox, which was odd, since he’d got the mail yesterday. I took my camera and walked down the lane but the box was empty. Hmm, either some walkers-by are playing tricks or Bill forgot to put the flag down yesterday. No worries, I wanted to walk to the corner anyway. 

The hill in the corral is trimmed up again too
It is a wonderful morning, although a cool start at 56F/13C, the sun is brilliant and the sky is blue. I love the way it looks as though the steeple is rising out of the trees in this picture.

Pond reflections
Back at the Suite, I heard from our friend, Laurie, from London that the date we chose for our next clothing exchange was acceptable by all 3 of them. I proceeded to text the sisters who attend and our hostess, Pat. Yay! These are so much fun and as you know, I’ve already started purging. I moved inside and created the event on Facebook. I’m hoping we’ll have a good turnout with a head start like this. It gives our friends time to mark it on the calendar and save the date.

Can't get enough of the country roads
The winter geraniums look better
Once we can cut the grass again, the lilies will show better
At least the thistles and most weeds are yanked out

I have thistles and weeds down at the end of the lane where my tiger lilies grow. It is a good day to take my gloves and clippers and clean that up. On the way back up, an hour later I clipped more viney branches that extend out towards the lane. They grow so fast and are a hinderance to bringing trailers as well as our Black Beauty in and out. I was already pretty hot but couldn’t leave well enough alone. Just this one branch here, oh and that one and those.

I've got about 4 piles of these to gather up in the morning
Another hour later I have a few piles along the side to pick up. Tomorrow, that is a job for tomorrow. I’m done for the day. I would have gone to see Mom this morning but we are waiting for a parcel to be shipped by FedEx today. You never know what time so in case they need a signature, I’m sticking around. It is a couple of items for Weber Q. I can go see Mom tomorrow. I wish they’d hurry though, I’d love a shower!

Back inside again for a minute, I had a yogourt, cheese, some almonds and a glass of ice water. It is difficult to eat something when you don’t feel hungry. Should I be eating something anyway? That just doesn’t make sense so the fatty snacks are better than nothing. Clemson is still curled up on the couch in his bed. He has changed positions and locations umpteen times, I’m sure, while I was outside.

Entrance to the corral
Whoa! What was that noise? I looked outside and there was a gust of wind that swooped up under our patio umbrella and blew the King chairs over again. I’m not sure where the gust came from. The flag is limp and leaves are hardly moving. 

Weird. The umbrella was damaged the first time it blew over so we already knew that with two bent ribs, we’d need a new one. Too bad, we loved this one with a solar light on top and little lights underneath. Oh well, I bought it second hand over 5 yrs. ago. I’d say we got our $25 out of it. Maybe I'll find another one.

I wrapped it up and we'll throw it out when bill gets home
Now that I’ve cooled down some, I’ll go outside with my book and relax. Where has the day gone? It is already 2 pm! I sat in my lounge chair in the sun for awhile, the sun felt nice. It has been a long time since I felt like sitting in the rays what with the humid days we’ve had. I went for a couple of walks down the lane without Clemson. Our parcel didn’t arrive and Bill wondered if it got dropped at the mailbox.

Clemson and I enjoyed the shade today too
I got lost in my book until 5 pm and came in to rouse Clemmy for his supper. Who knows how long he would sleep if I didn’t wake him. After feeding him, I knew I also had to get my supper going. I had leftover steak from Saturday along with about ¼ of a baked potato with onion slices. 

To the frying pan I added some bacon lard and sliced the partially cooked sausage and sliced some fennel. I still have veggies from the farm so better try them. I peeled and sliced a yellow zucchini into the mix and added the steak and potatoes. Simmering on medium to low heat, the smell was awesome!

Supper and my book
As it turns out, I like fried fennel. Seems like a lot of waste on this particular vegetable since I’ll only eat the white root part. Not worth me growing it in my garden. Supper was delicious! The sausage was perfect with whatever spices were added to it, just a bit of a nip to the taste. I cleaned up the dishes and went back outside to read some more, this time in the shade. Clemson walked with me to the mailbox checking for our parcel but it wasn’t there so now we’re finding out just how inaccurate the FedEx tracking system is.

Clemson and his shadow buddy
I’m back inside and decided to make up Mom’s white Pudding. I’m missing something for dessert these nights but don’t want anything sweet. Well, I do, but I’m trying not to eat the sugary stuff along with Bill. If I make it, we’ll eat it so this pudding is low on carbs, only milk and Splenda (sugar substitute) and a bit of corn starch for thickening. I won’t eat it tonight but will have some tomorrow night if and when Bill is home. He can add a few sprinkles of raisins to his and I’ll just add cinnamon to mine.

He went one way and I went the other
At the top he looked around for me
These little guys are getting really close!
Funny to realize while looking for some ‘fruit dishes’ (what an old-fashioned name!) I must have given them all away. So, for individual servings I had to use my short glasses.  Huh, improvise is the name of the game and they worked just fine. I spread plastic wrap across the pudding top to prevent skimming and put them in the fridge for 4 hours.

Bringing in the bales
Now that's a big load

Gayle gave me a couple of Moonflowers
They were pretty wilted but they have come 

My Petunias in the flower box needed some water
As I sit here typing this post, there is a lot of cheering going on at the intersection of North Line and Baptist Church road. I think they must be having either a birthday party at the Divine Love home or something is going on at the Church. The temperature rose to a lovely 75F today and now it is cooling off nicely. I’m sure I’ll be more prepared tonight in case it drops down like last night. This has been a good day and I hope you can say the same.

I filled the feeder and put bird seed in the bath again
Chippy should be 10 lbs with all that he is stuffing in his cheeks
the sky today displayed a variety of white fluffies
and here, some cirrus clouds
With nothing good on television, I watched the movie the Beach House on the PVR.
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  1. At least you know Bill will always return! I know it's not as fun being alone. That's why I have puppies!! I've made several desserts lately and put them in small glasses. They keep much better and help with portion control, something I seem to forget. Bet those tomatoes will be yummy!!!

    1. You're right, he keeps me informed too where he is and when to expect him. I'm so grateful for Clemson when I'm alone too.
      I manage small portions but Bill admits he has no control. :)
      Should be eating a tomato in a day or two! yay!

  2. Nice to enjoy the sunshine and cooler weather. Thos tomatoes look yummy nothing like fresh
    tomatoes from the garden.

  3. was there no writing??? or am I missing something. Great photos though!

    1. Thanks Donna. I was freaking out. I changed the font colour on my picture and it changed everything to white! LOL