Wednesday, January 10, 2018

Beauty, Gorgeous, Magnificent, Visiting, Reading, Tough Life, Playing with my Selfies

We both woke up and got up within 2 minutes of each other, well, not even that on Wednesday, Jan. 10th. The sky was beginning to show some signs of light around our bedroom blinds. It was 7:30 when Bill said “what time is it?” (Mr. Wolf). He took Clemson out and then he asked if I was going for a walk. Well, yes, just not right that minute.
The sun just popped over the mountain
We read blog posts and comments from our friends and then decided to go together for a walk to see if we could locate our friends, Deb and Riley. We didn’t but I must say it was a wonderful long walk together. At only 49F we had left the Suite with sweatshirts and hats and I had my fingerless gloves. By the time we were walking back 2 ½ miles later, our hoodies were undone or off, my gloves were off and we were almost over-heated.

It was time to make our first brew of the day and then we set ourselves outside with Clemson for a while. This was going to be a perfect day, I could feel it. We didn’t have to go into town for anything and other than taking a drive within the grounds, I was content to just sit and read. This time in the warmth of the sun’s heat. Bill did a couple of puttering things while I practiced ‘lazy’.

I need to work on this blur
From my camera phone, distance is an issue
First thing on the agenda was the handle for our Blue Flame heater. George was in town yesterday and picked two up, since we had mentioned needing one as well. I’ve found it difficult to move around when I’m sweeping the floors or opening our shoe/pet storage cupboard. So, Bill did the measuring and took care of that very quickly. Yes, I took pictures but he will write about the job he did so I gave them to him to post.

Closer, not so much blur
The next thing on his list was to put up our American flag on the fiberglass pole he purchased. Last year, the two flags flew simultaneously in the winds when we were here and he wanted to be somewhat respectful and do that again. Already, with less wind.

The thing on my list was to take an inventory of the fridge contents and now two days have passed without me taking care of that. I need to know how much and exactly what meat we have in the freezer especially. So, at 12:30 we were both hungry enough to have lunch. I put the pot on the stove and warmed our bean soup through and through.

And I'm feeling just fine, sitting on my butt, reading
We each had a bowl, or more like half a bowl, and that was enough to fill any empty cavities in our tummies. Since I rinsed our same bowls we used for cereal, doing dishes was not imperative. 
Clemson didn't care about the dishes either
We left them in the sink, something we seldom do, boondocking or not, and all 3 of us hopped in the truck. Bill took his drone and off we went in search of Deb and Riley once more, this time on wheels.
Bill got his flags up but not thrilled that they aren't at the same height
Knowing the correct fork to turn at and the correct signs to follow on the Dusty Road sure helped. You know, 2 hairs past freckle kind of directions. We are, after all, in the desert and many roads look the same! We found them successfully and had a lovely visit for about an hour. I didn’t realize until after we arrived that they were in the middle of preparing their early lunch/dinner. Sorry guys!

A visit with Deb and Riley before they leave tomorrow

Inside, HRH (Her Royal Highness)
watches Bill's drone
"What is that thing and when can I pounce on it?"
Clemson sniffed around and soon enough popped himself up on Riley’s lap. It wasn’t a long rest for him, but at least he did give her the benefit of the doubt that she liked doggies too. 

There were a lot of things that were discussed, and much laughter. The connection is a good one and we were very happy to have the opportunity to get to know them both better. At just past 2:30 we headed back home so they could enjoy their meal and we didn’t want to overstay our welcome.
More playfulness

Yes, more visible here
I know it was Happy hour time but even though George and Suzie were out reading, we chose to just sit at home and read on our patio too. Sometimes, it just feels right to exercise the options and we know they’ll understand as well. I went for another walk around 3:15, I guess, and played with my tripod some more. I’m using my camera phone mostly now, until I get my Canon cleaned up. Right now, it is much less frustrating than doing the spot-fix option.

See? I'm still sitting
Woops, I forgot to grab the Bluetooth remote so it meant I got a few awkward, walking into position shots. Oh well, live and learn and I’m definitely doing both! Back home, I sat with my book and Bill started another one of the ones I’ve just finished. First Family by David Baldacci. He’ll enjoy it, I’m sure of it. When our eyes got heavy around 4:15, we moved inside about the same time the wind picked up a bit.

No sooner were we seated inside and we saw Tom pull up in their Stinger “B”. We’ve been expecting them at some point here at the Q but not sure of the time or where they would park. Once Deb pulled in with the Jeep, they found a spot across the wash and settled in. We have solar panels, both the Yates’ and us, so we always need to be able to tilt them towards the sun. Plus, I am a sun person so I like our patio to also be facing the sun.
Bill walks over to chat with Tom about location
Deb and Tom, on the other hand, don’t have panels but have their fridge on their door side of their home. They like to face away from the heat for obvious reasons. It was good to see them arrive safely and we’ll catch up with them later.

When going through the freezer (yes, I finally did it!) I discovered much more chicken than I realized I had in there. Oh my. Well, actually we have quite a bit of food to eat so we won’t need to shop for meat for a while.  Bill lit the Weber Q at 5 or shortly after and I prepared the food inside for grilling. We had a chop for Bill with corn and a chicken breast for me with broccoli. I also made up a packet of a cut up potato to share.

We were eating by 6ish and it was delicious. The dishes were plentiful, surprising how leaving clean up after only one meal makes a difference. I also emptied the remainder of the bean soup into 3 smaller containers to free up fridge space. That was another addition to the dishes tonight.

We settled down in our usual way. Me at my laptop writing a post and Bill, oh wait a minute! He is also sitting at his laptop. I wonder what he is doing. He took some pictures with his drone today as well as some on his Canon this morning so he must be downloading them.

Love the pink shade the sun turns the mountains to the east

Good night from our corner of Quartzsite, Arizona

I have had a great day, we both have. Some visiting, some relaxing and another day with lots of reading and walking. Great times here in the Quartzsite desert on a beautiful, gorgeous, magnificent weather day. I hope yours also has the adjectives rolling off your tongue.

Thank you for stopping around today. Feel free to drop me a line!


  1. Nothing quite like to wide open spaces and quiet of the desert, Happy hour is optional not mandatory, we outside anyway relaxing
    Nice that you got to visit with Den and Riley again super people they are. And Tom and Deb pulling as well.

    1. It was a really nice day.
      Nice to see Deb and Riley and Deb and Tom again for sure!

  2. Beautiful sunsets!! Its so nice to have a lazy day once in a while. Everyone seems to like Deb and Riley. Looking forward to meeting them too..

    1. Can't go wrong with Arizona sunsets!
      We really enjoy their company and hope you get to meet them.

  3. You didn't interrupt at all, it was just lunch, and we can eat any time. We enjoyed the visit a great deal. Looks like a nice walk this morning but long. That's why we cut cross country.

    Love the drone pictures Bill, I'll post them tomorrow, ran out of room today.

    Glad to see Deb & Tom made it safely.

    1. Good to know! I'm sure your meatloaf on the Weber with the blue lid was perfect!
      We enjoyed the visit as well.
      Until we knew your direction (since our memories were a blur) we didn't get off the main road! ha ha

  4. Another fun and relaxing day for you. We had a pretty great day too......maybe just not the adjectives you had! :-)

  5. What a beautiful sunrise and sunset! Looks like a great day you had there. Looks like a beautiful spot you guys have got. Oh, and dinner made us hungry this morning! Looks wonderful!

    1. thanks guys! It was a good day of being lazy. I'm darn good at that!

  6. Great pictures...I really like how much fun you are having with your cute tripod.
    It is a tough life butttttt.....someone has to do it so why not us...:)
    I am second guessing how Tom parked but we have to move on Saturday to get some stuff taken care of at RV Lifestyles so we/I have time to think about it...LOL.

    1. thank you, I have a lot to learn about taking selfies with a camera phone. But I am having fun.
      I don't volunteer often but for this life, you betcha!
      sure! by then you'll know where you want to settle. :)