Wednesday, January 17, 2018

Waking Up with Guests, Walking the Desert, Quartzsite Meandering, Silly Al’s

I was awake a few times through the night but still managed to have a good sleep. Our guests were still sleeping behind their divider so I crept out with Clemson and then settled at my laptop to post my blog. As you’ve noticed, it was a morning posting. We had fun catching up last night and now a new day, Wednesday, Jan. 17th is upon us.

Once everyone was up around 8:30 and we took ourselves off for a nice walk around the desert. It was fun showing them the places and things we love. When we returned, we all had our morning drinks before I made us all bacon and eggs. With our tummies full, all cleaned up, we headed into Quartzsite to fight the crowds. Ha ha. Actually, we were indeed prepared to walk and join the fray of people.

Brenda and Randy with the huge saguaros
First stop, Reader’s Oasis Books. While boondocking in Quartzsite, we’d heard so much about the naked book store owner. Paul Winer is well known in the area for walking around amongst his customers in merely a crocheted sock/thong, a hat and running shoes. We didn’t get the opportunity, or didn’t take the opportunity last winter to make the trip in to see the store. This year we knew was the time. Brenda and Randy would get a kick out of this as much as we would.

The Four Amigos

this is quite the set up

This mesquite tree grows out of the wash
Paul was outside when we arrived in his hat, shoes, thong and a sweatshirt. Mind you, it was only 13C so we understood the cover up. So, we wandered through his shop, listening to his old-style jazz/country and were blown away by his huge collection of books. What a fun journey this was. Brenda and Randy engaged him in conversation about his choice of music and whether they could purchase a cd.

We all adored these beautiful Burmese dogs on our walk this morning
We left there and found a spot to park in the west corner of Kuehn and Hwy 95. We walked the strip, in and out of gem tents, grocery tents, clothing, kitchen and jewellery tents. Our friends had a lot of fun and about 2 ½ or 3 hours later, we loaded into the truck with our purchases. What a good time it was. Back at the Suite we invited The Yates and The Duchaines to break tradition and join us again for a short Happy Hour.

Beads on strings in one tent
Rock wine racks
Clemson needs boots like these
She has a portable barber shop
Brenda could do this!

By 3:45 we were on our way back into Quartzsite for an early supper at Silly Al’s. We were all looking forward to it and Brenda and Randy couldn’t wait to experience this rare pizza treat. We had a wait of about 15 minutes or so and since there were 12 of us, we took 3 tables of 4. This worked out well. Anna, our waitress, was run off her feet as the place was crazy packed.

Bill and Randy split the Hawaiian special and Brenda and I each ordered a small pizza of our choice. It was delicious! Bill and I had a couple of Mike’s Hard Lemonade and boy, am I feeling that now! We had a few ‘doggie’ bags to come home with. I had to sit and let supper settle and try and write my post.

I've lost our friends!!

Brenda and Randy chat with the owner
while the fellow on the right waits for his attention
The other two poured a glass of wine and went outside to enjoy the beautiful evening. What feels cool to me, feels wonderful to them. Remember, they just left -7C/19F yesterday! I gave them a few minutes, downloaded my pictures and then grabbed a warm hoody to join them for a bit. They leave tomorrow and my head could use some clearing! LOL

Relaxing after Quartzsite

Waiting in line

Busy place
We watched the stars for about half hour and my oh my, are there stars!! The sky is black speckled with all these thousands of little lights. I left the two lovebirds and came in to finish this before I got too tired to do it and couldn’t believe it was only 7:30. This has been a wonderful day with Brenda and Randy. I hope you have enjoyed yours as well.
Randy and I get silly

We all dig in! Yum!

Brenda, George and Suzie

No guys, I said 'smile'! :)

Brenda and goofy Len

Paul and Ann
Happy Hour!
And then I'm in a picture too!
Good night from all 4 of us at Quartzsite, Az

Thank you for taking the time to read today. I love to hear from you.


  1. I've heard lots about Silly Al's. Looks like the clientele get a little 'silly' while there!
    I'll put that place on our list of places to go.

  2. Silly Al's has the best pizza in the State!! I'm glad you got to check it out! It was so nice meeting you and your hubby, even it it was for just a short time. I'm looking forward to keeping up with your travels.

    1. We just HAD to take our guests there this year. We love it!
      It was great to meet you too, Nancy and back atcha!
      Good luck with your 'new' home.

  3. It was a fun day, nice you got to the Oasis Book store, Paul is an interesting character and Silly Al's was busy as usual , always fun times there and excellent Pizza.

    1. We love the store even without the main character! :)
      Silly Al's is definitely the place to go for pizza!

  4. What a fun day. Glad you enjoyed it so much. Looks like your friends enjoyed it as well. Braving the crowds in Q? You folks like to live on the edge!!

    1. It was a great day for sure. Brenda and Randy loved the pace in Quartzsite. They love to shop in that environment!

  5. How nice your company stayed a 2nd night. We love Silly Al's their pizza is awesome and always a good crowd. Never been in the bookstore, but tons there it's looks like. Where are Brenda and Randy headed after they leave you (again, because i'm nosey)..What a great day between walks, and the crowds, happy hour and more. Looks like everyone is enjoying!

    1. Yes, we hoped for 3 nights but on a 10 day vacation we understood their need to keep moving. They'll come back I bet. They were headed to Phoenix, Apache Junction and Santa Fe. Some of his old stomping grounds. :)

  6. OMG!! I broke out in song when I saw Randy....Whiskey River take my mind!!!! He is the spitting image of my hero Willie Nelson when he was younger. I bet he gets that all the time. Looks like everyone is having so much fun without us. See you soon!!

    1. OMG is right!! I love Willie so maybe that is why we clicked right away. I'll have to share your comment with him! What a hoot!
      We are having a great time, look forward to seeing you soon!

  7. The pizza indeed looks yummy....mouth-watering in fact!