Saturday, January 13, 2018

Weekend Warrior, Can We Do This Again? You Betcha! Quartzsite Stroll

Bill and I were up and at ‘em by 7:30 after I’d stirred many times since 6 am. I have lots of things that run through my head and it is a nice quiet time to examine them without interruptions. We find we feel better walking AFTER one morning drink and a bathroom break so we took care of those first. Otherwise, the 2 or 3-mile morning walk leaves us over-anxious to get home to have it.

And we're ready for the sun to make its appearance

And the sky to the west was basking 


And there it is!
So, another nice trek almost to the front of La Posa South and back where I fried up bacon and eggs around 9:30. 

Bacon, eggs and apple turnover

The shadow people walk with us again

In La Posa South, there are two dump stations
One is for full size rv's with a holding tank and you get a pressurized water hose for flushing
And this one is for Blue Boys only

A Blue Boy (for you non-rv'ers) is a portable closed in wagon with wheels
that we can empty our holding tanks into
You put it in or hooked to the back of your vehicle and tow it to this station
 We headed into Quartzsite to tour some of the vendors knowing full well it would be busy but we did it anyway. We visited RV Lifestyles first to check out a couple of possibilities and then a visit to Herb’s Hardware as well. Bill has a project in mind and we’re weighing our options. The guys at Herb’s seem very knowledgeable.

Lots of busy-ness going on already this morning
From there we parked in behind Tyson Wells and split up for 45 minutes. I headed towards the kitchen tent and found a metal slotted spoon and a metal tea ball. I’m hoping to be able to make mullein tea with it, so we’ll see. 

I like walking through the Kitchen Gadget tents

They have a gadget for everything
Even for grilling your jalapenos!

Homemade ice cream
We passed today
 Then we met up, sooner than our time slot and I wandered into the Cheap Food Tent for some canned mushrooms, which they were out of. No sweet and sour sauce either but I did find a jar of sliced dill pickles for our burgers and a jar of vitamins.

A beautiful day is upon us
We debated about what to do, go home and come back earlier tomorrow or stick it out and grab a bite to eat for lunch. The former idea worked out and we came home for lunch and to enjoy the rest of the afternoon. We’re hoping to go in for laundry in the morning so Bill can drop me and wander then. Of course, that jello plan may jiggle too between now and then!

Beautiful rocks at every turn

Thinking of Monica and Rose and George with this shot
After eating, there was nothing pressing to do except sit outside and open our books. Bill is reading one of the new ones Deb and Riley left, David Baldacci’s ‘Total Control’. Other than saying it was in smaller print, he seems to be enjoying it. Good thing he has good glasses now! So, we sat on the ‘patio’ and wiled away the hours, flipping pages.
This standard poodle was very patient at RV Lifestyles
Waiting her turn

Eventually, around 2:15 Bill went inside with Clemson. By the way, Clemson hardly had any interest in his tent today. Just a couple or three pop-ins. It was like he had ants in his pants or something. 
Clemson in his tent
Once they went in, I put my feet up on his stool and continued reading until 3 pm. When I came inside to see if Bill was going out for Happy Hour, he was ‘napped’ and ready to go. He’d fed the little bum, at precisely 3 because that alarm clock went off in his tiny body.

And we were happy at Happy Hour again today
We’d peeked out our window at our ‘new’ neighbours on the other side of us. Tom and Deb had relocated and joined our little group when they returned from town this morning. So, we grabbed our chairs, a little table and our drinks and headed over to join them. It was a tea day for me. Prime spots in midafternoon, sitting in the sun, great friends, what else is there?

We had a lovely time, much of it quizzing Deb about the adoption process of their 2 beautiful children. It was all very interesting and it is easy to see and hear how happy they are with their life. Thanks Deb and Tom for sharing that with us. Then we talked about farming, milking cows, being afraid of cows and we all discussed our children and parents and on and on. No one in particular dominated the conversation and that is the way it should be.

We came home around 5 and Bill lit the Weber while I took little 4 legs for a walk down to the corner and back. Actually, we ran more than we walked but it was good exercise. Our friend, Monica, from CanAm in London has challenged me on Fitbit to a Weekend Warrior event. It is a fun challenge that encourages your friends to push themselves and take more steps for, in this case, a 2-day weekend.

So, I’m putting the push on when I can and listening to my Fitbit more often as it tells me to ‘take me for a walk’, etc. We’ll see how we all do. We'll all be 'winners' because of it. 

Supper was simple because all we wanted was a loaded burger. It was loaded indeed and messy, just the way I love them. We skipped the bacon but had the regular, mustard, mayo, ketchup, onion, lettuce, tomato and Vlasic dill pickle on a melted cheese burger. Delicious and just enough……..for now.

We both sat after dishes and downloaded the pictures that we took today. I pecked away at my keyboard to finish my post. You guessed it, I wanted to get back to my book. Something I wanted to mention today because I neglected to do so yesterday. I thought of it, but it made me sad for some reason and you can’t type through tears easily.
Peanut butter pie for dessert
Yesterday, Bruce, my older brother who passed in 2011, would have been 65. I’m sure there would have been some fun and easy teasing from little sis to big bro about him being so much older than I. The funny part is that I was just 20 months behind him. Happy Birthday, Bruce, I’m sure you know I’m thinking of you.
Me and my big brother
(oh, and my doll Suzie)

This has been another great day here in Quartzsite. We can’t wait to see what tomorrow brings.
Good night to a very nice day

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  1. It was another wonderful day, so much to keep us busy if we wish and the Happy hour is always fun chatting about whatever !

  2. Quick question. Is there any estimate on how much the population grows in AZ in the winter??
    When I was working in the Rio Grande Valley, the population increased by the thousands!! It really helped the economy in that area and all over Texas.
    So sorry to hear of the loss of your brother.
    Don in Okla.

    1. Yes, good question. between September and April approximately 6X the normal population. January and February about 100,000 people attend the shows. The small town just booms.
      thank you, Bruce was my closest sibling.

  3. You and Bill have certainly been getting in some nice walks.
    After reading your blog from yesterday I took a walk to look at the nearby Ocotillo I could see the green you mentioned. That Elite looks like the red version of the Stinger "B"...:)
    What a cute picture of you and your brother. I cannot even imagine how hard it must be to have him gone. (((Hugs)))
    It was another happy, Happy Hour. It is so nice to just sit, chat, and enjoy the company.
    We are enjoying our new location with sun out the door...:)

    1. We both need the exercise for sure so I'm glad Bill joins me now.
      I hoped you see it. and you see why the Elite reminded me of you guys!
      I love that picture of Bruce and I, I can go through days and weeks and then it takes one memory that stops me cold and I realize that I'll never see Bruce again.
      A great happy hour, thank you! I understand the sun out the door, absolutely!

  4. We seemed to have either followed in your shadow or lead the way today.
    Love the pic of you and your brother. Those days are tough ones.
    Glad you all had a such a wonderful happy hour, looks like a nice gathering.
    Enjoy the walking!

    1. I have 3 favourite pictures of Bruce and I and this is the earliest, for obvious reasons. I'm hardly walking! When a memory hits, it can break me down for sure. :(
      Fun happy hour and fun walks now. Bill never used to go with me so I'm hoping a new trend has begun!

  5. Beautiful pictures Patsy! Sunrise and Sunset...gorgeous! Gotta say the kitchen tent looks interesting. We walked through the big tent area last year and I remember thinking I didn't need to go back..probably change my mind this year. haha..How sweet that Bill is waking these days with you! Love the pic of your brother and you..know how you feel about a memory..sometimes they come out of nowhere and the tears begin. Let them flow and continue've got some wonderful memories! How is your mom doing by the way? Loved the pics of her with that precious smile!

    1. thank you Shirley and Ken. I do like the kitchen tents, sometimes you walk and don't find anything but I was looking for a metal slotted spoon and found exactly what I need plus a couple of other things!
      Yes, it is a bonus when Bill walks with me and I'll take it while it lasts! ha ha
      Bruce was my closest sibling, we were together the most as young children.
      Mom is doing good, she still ups and down days that Donna tells me about. I missing getting her smiley pictures. thank you for asking.

  6. That's a lot of miles. Always great to get exercise each day and this beautiful weather makes it easier.

    Already crowded as at Tyson Wells I see. I think the big tent goes up on the 20th and then more crowds.

    1. Rare that I walk that many miles, I'm sure it would do us good if we could do it each day!
      Tyson Wells, the whole area actually is way crowded already. We will fight them in the big tent too. :)