Thursday, January 18, 2018

Breakfast Treat, Our Friends Move On, Blythe, Quiet Times, Blue Boy

We were all awake around the same time on Thursday, Jan. 18th. The sun came up over the mountains with a pretty show once more and as I slipped the blind open to the east, I heard ‘Good Morning’ from behind the divider. I knew then that Brenda and Randy were also stirring and I didn’t have to be so quiet. They asked if they could have showers this morning before they hit the road.

There was a bit of craziness last night at our place
Not sure if it can all be blamed on the beer, the Rum Chata, the wine and the Mike's Hard Lemonade
Hmmm, we had a great time
So, after showing them the mechanism of an rv shower, Randy hopped in and the rest of us had our tea and coffees. We relaxed for an hour or so, taking turns to get cleaned up and then drove into Quartzsite for breakfast. 

From my bedroom window this morning at 7:10
Tom and Deb from Celebrating the Dance recommended the Mountain Quail Café and we were not disappointed. A wonderful huge breakfast for under $10. More food than we needed but we did our best to eat what we required to sustain us for the better part of the day.
It was a great suggestion

A lovely picture of a lovely couple
From there, we said goodbye. Brenda and Randy were making a quick stop at the Readers Book Store once more for a picture of her and Paul, for kicks, and then onto I-10E to Phoenix. They were on a 10-day vacation and were taking full advantage of this lovely area in their rental vehicle before heading back to the Ontario winter.

Plenty of food

Brenda poses for me
It was about 11:30 when we headed west to Blythe Ford to see if they could fit us in for Black Beauty’s oil change. 
Bill and I will never tire of seeing this range of mountains along I-10W

Plus, I wanted to stop at their post office for stamps and then pick up some cheese that we forgot the other day at Albertson’s. It was a no-go for the oil change but Bill made an appointment for Friday morning. That works, it is only 20 miles away.

On the way back home, we drove to Ehrenberg, Az to find the RV park that our friends, Nancy and Ken, will be staying at in a few days. They are not boondockers but wanted to be close for a week so we can spend some quality time together, which it always is when we are with them. 

What a gorgeous day!
High of 75F
The little white orb makes me think of my lost loved ones
Who knows, eh?
Once in Quartzsite, we went to Quiet Times so I could pick up my parcel. Yay! The cd binder I ordered looks perfect for our needs. Thanks again Marlene and Benno! I'll show you a picture once I get started on it.
This fellow has an engine on this original 4 wheeler - no pedalliing involved
Apparently, we are not the only ones who have difficulty with this dumping thing
I'm not sure what fell off but I'm glad he noticed
When we returned home, we both felt kapooped! Not from really doing soooo much but we think from having company. As great as it is to have guests, I think hosts are always more on the alert and more attentive to make sure everyone is happy. That can be exhausting even though your company doesn’t require that. Anyway, we both opted out of Happy Hour today and went up to the bedroom for a snooze.

My navigator, Clemson

He enjoyed the open window and then the rests
It's a tough job, dumping tanks, you know!
 Neither of us could keep our eyes open to read. After 30 minutes or so I got up, not able to drop off (Murphy’s Law) but at least felt rested. Bill got up a few minutes later and we set about filling our Blue (gray) Boy to see how much we could dump today. For those of you who read about us ordering and receiving our new maserator, (RV disposal tank), we had some issues with it that my sweetie will write about later.
round two and I opted to get some exercise
Our option, when the black and gray tanks showed full, was 1) use our Blue Boy the regular way and tow it over the bumpity road up to the dump or 2) we could pull out to do it. That didn’t appeal to either of us. So, I drove, Clemson navigated and Bill rode up in the back of Black Beauty to keep an eye on things. We had our 2-way radios turned on so I could hear Bill’s “slower” or “stop” or “shit!” ha ha, just kidding on the last one.

 We had 3 successful trips up and back with no mishaps and the tanks were all empty before 6. Yay! Crazy what a relief that was on our minds, having it done now before the big tent show starts on Saturday. More and more rv’ers come in every day and the dump stations will only get busier.

Tuesday night's Riesling
I loved this California wine
and will buy it again..........soon
When we got back from town earlier this afternoon, Tom was generous enough to offer us the fresh water he had in his water bladder. He wouldn’t be using it right away and didn't want it wasted, sitting in the bladder too long, so we were happy to fill our water tank. Now we’re good for 10, 12, maybe even 14 days for everything!

Simple, quick and tasty dogs tonight
We lit the Weber and grilled hot dogs for supper. Simple, not high on the Martha Stewart food list, but filling and quick all the same. I had put a bottle of white wine in the freezer yesterday when I thought we’d open a second one. You guessed it, I forgot. I must be blonde because I sure didn’t know wine would freeze. Funny thing is, the cork and wrapper popped right off. Nothing came out of the bottle, it was just ‘iced’ wine the old-fashioned way!

still some ice floating in it
It tasted good anyway!
I’d set it in the sink while we did our dump runs and by supper time there was enough thawed that I was able to have a glass with my dogs. I chose another nice bottle of white wine, it can also go on my list for another time. I don’t like dry wine and had switched to Shiraz’s or Pink Zinfandels in order to enjoy a glass once in a while. I’m liking the options better now and all at $6 or $8 a bottle.

The sun starts its descent

Supper done and dishes cleaned up before 7, I sat and pecked away at my post. Bill packaged up a shipment to go back to Camping World. I’m hoping to finish The Lake House this evening and Bill is starting into a Tami Hoag book that I’ve already read. He’ll like it, I’m sure.

This has been a busy day albeit a great one. We’ve heard from our friends, and it is comforting to know they reached Phoenix and are doing some sightseeing in Old Scottsdale. They are staying in a Motel 6 tonight before moving on tomorrow. I’m so happy that they got down here and are already saying they HAVE to come back! 

A text from Suzie at 7:30 invited us to their small propane 'firepit'  since it is such a calm warm evening. We did go over for a while, until I could feel the cold creeping into my back and we came home. I'm not sure if that book will get finished tonight, but there is always tomorrow. Tonight's fire took the place of Happy Hour today as Tom and Deb were also in attendance. Good times!

Goodnight from our site to yours!

Thank you for following us today. If you comment, I will read it and respond.


  1. Being invited for a campfire was a perfect way to end the day.
    We so enjoyed meeting your friends Brenda and Randy thanking for sharing some of your time with them with us. Glad you liked the Mountain Quail Cafe.

    1. That fire was nice, I planned on staying for half hour but that turned into an hour and a half! I don't enjoy them after my back gets cold so had to call it a night.
      Brenda and Randy are real social bunnies so enjoyed meeting everyone too and loved Silly Als night. Loved Mountain Quail Cafe, we will go back.

  2. What kind of accommodations do you have for your guests? In our 5er we have a queen size blow up mattress. The mattress itself is very comfortable but it is cold and never seems to warm up so it needs to be covered with something. I bought a mattress electric warming cover which works, but a bit of a pain to use. I like your idea of that divider.

    1. We have a pull out queen mattress in the sofa so not the hotel comfort but seemingly comfy enough. We had a blow up in our last 5th wheel and covered it with a mattress cover but I know what you mean. The divider works well, and we move it out into the basement during the day when we have company.

  3. Glad Brenda and Randy enjoyed their visit and seeing more wonderful sights of the southwest.
    Ee enjoyed very good meal and service at The Mountain Quail Cafe years ago, has always been a favourite of some locals here that we know.

    1. They had a great time and hopefully they will come back again to see more.
      We really enjoyed the Mountain Quail food.

  4. Barefoot wines are one of my favorites! Give Clemson a pat of me!!!

    1. I'll have to try the rest of them, I loved it!
      Will do, Clemson will enjoy that. by the way, we loved your boots, Bill and I.

  5. Sounds like a great time was had by all. I have to ask what the battered-fried items on the breakfast plate were?

    It's always nice to get the blue boy chore accomplished, always make me feel better too.

    1. We all had a good time. They are tater tots. They had a choice of hash browns, home fries or those. I love them.

  6. Your friends look like a fun couple! 12 days or more that's awesome. Our little trailer would never last the long, but Ken doesn't know how to conserve water (haha)...Breakfast looked delicious, I think that's my favorite meal out. Love Barefoot wine..I'm a chardonnay girl and I always put ice in mine anyway. Beautiful sunset and a nice way to end the day with George's campfire.

    1. These friends are a hoot, I'm always laughing a lot with them. We have large tanks, 50 gallon black, 75 gray.
      I told Brenda the same thing, that breakfast is my favourite meal out.

  7. We've got a few days of above frezing weather here, with some rain sadly. I fear all our winter snow will disappear. But tonight the wind is howling outside.

    1. so I hear! stay warm. The snow will disappear but you still manage to get great photos no matter the weather!

  8. The small campfire puts me in mind of the Acreage firepit. It won't be long and we'll be back out there enjoying our recreational spot.

    1. It is a nice idea, this propane one for travelling. No wood required. I miss the crackling sound though although not the sparks!