Tuesday, January 23, 2018

Yay! New Blogger Friends! Gorgeous Desert Day, Bill Earns His Keep 😉

On Tuesday, Jan. 23rd (wow, where did the month go?) I was awake close to 6:30 but remained in my tossing, flipping, rolling mode until just after 7. I did the Martha Stewart stretches from reclining position and got up. It was warm in the Suite because we left the heater on its low setting through the night. Bill and Clemson followed soon after.

These 4 sunrise photos were taken yesterday, Monday morning
I took them with my Canon EOS30D
but I forgot to post them yesterday
I had snapped a morning picture, they often look identical and I could use the same one and you’d not be the wiser! I didn’t do that though, just so you know. 

And here is this morning's normal sunrise
I turned the Keurig on and made our hot brews. It was 8:30 or so when we finished catching up on our friends’ blog posts but Bill wanted to get ‘to work’. He needs something in his belly before doing that so I fried up eggs and bacon for an earlier than usual breakfast.

this is interesting
This lady pulled in here Sunday, quite unsure about where to park in a place like this
We guided her as best we could. She only has this van but it seems all her worldly possessions are in it.
She proceeded to unload and unload each day and today still more stuff came out
We don't know her story, it isn't our business but it is interesting
She came in Sunday when the office was closed so the Ranger today
is checking on her, we assume to make her payment
We meet all kinds

He wanted to remove the covers from our big scare lights on each corner of the Suite to see what kind of bulb he needs to replace them with. None of them are LED, and we knew that, but even though we’ve replaced all our other lights with the efficient LED bulbs, these have never been done. Okay, so now he knows what we need and next time in town, we’ll take care of getting those.
Me slowing down
While he was getting the ladder set up, off I went with my bag of empty dvd cases and a book. At least every other day, I’m trying to do the long 2-mile walk up to the gate and today was the day. I find if I walk it at a leisurely pace, it doesn’t seem far at all. Sometimes, I have to rein myself in too and slow down. After all, it is only 15 mph in here!

Someone else should have slowed down too
I’d read on a comment that our blogger friends Ken and Shirley had arrived at La Posa yesterday. They live in northern Nevada and have been working their way down to warmer climates for just over a week, I think. I’m so anxious to meet them, well, I mean WE are. Just knowing they are here now, gave me the ‘itch’ to meet them.

Our smiling Volunteer Camp Hosts
On the walk out to the gate, I looked for their Jayco and truck. I researched (ha ha aka stalked) what they drive so I could pick them out. I thought I saw their rig but couldn’t identify the truck parked there other than it was the same colour. “On the way back, I’ll stop”, I’m thinking. I got to the front and posted Bill’s flyer about the generator. We are trying to sell it here rather than carting it home again to sell.

I walked around to the Gate Office and walked in. I was greeted by the volunteers’ ready smiles and that makes my day. I welcomed them back and they responded that they were happy to BE back. I put our book on the shelf and I sat to explore the other titles at the same time taking a load off. I found a couple more that we haven’t read and headed back. As I turned around, it was necessary to put my hood down and slip my gloves off. Gorgeous!
Ken and Shirley's set up
As I past the Blue Boy dump station, which by the way only had a couple in line, I began watching for the Jayco. Oh my! There it is! It wasn’t the one I first saw, this one was all by itself and beside it was the Tundra. I had no doubts who it was and I also had no doubts that I was going to interfere in their lives and introduce myself.

As I approached the rv, I could hear “It’s Patsy!” just before the door opened. Out bounded Shirley, yes bounded with her arms outstretched for a big welcoming hug. This is what it is like. We’ve only followed each other’s blogs for 6 to 8 months, never met, yet it seems like we’ve known them for a long time. I was so pleased that she felt that same connection and joy that I did.
My boys were outside together when I returned
When Ken came out I ashamed to say I pushed his offer to shake my hand away and gave him a hug. “What was I thinking?” he commented later (or something similar) about offering his hand “we are already friends!” I stood with them and chatted for maybe 10 minutes and left with their promise to stop in for Happy Hour later. Yay! It felt so great to meet them and put a smile on my face that I carried all the way back to the Suite.

I was excited to tell Bill and he was happy I stopped to meet them. He was finished with the light ‘exploration’ and was about to climb up on the roof with the Windex to wash solar panels. First, we had another drink and then he got them all sparkling again. They were so dirty/dusty. It didn’t take him long and he was down doing Black Beauty’s windows and putting his California duster to work. Things are looking spiffy now!
Look at this cute little 'toad' (so to speak)

We came inside and I warmed us up a bowl of my chicken noodle soup for lunch. Of course, with an open faced p.b. bun. There was enough soup for maybe 2 more lunches but we are enjoying this one more than my bean soup, so I put it into a plastic container in the fridge. We’ll clean it up over the next couple of days.
Tonight, even though a nice night to barbecue, we’re having the leftover hamburger gravy mixture with potatoes and Red Lobster Cheddar Biscuits. Bill settled inside in his chair, with his book and semi-sleepy eyes and I went outside with my book as well. The temperature today has already risen above yesterday’s high of 60F. It is resting at 64F at 1 pm.

Our new generator fits nicely into our 'basement' when we go somewhere
Clemson and I relax
The rest of the day was a very relaxing one. I got a few chapters read and Bill managed to do the same. Just when he thought he’d have a snooze, his mind wouldn’t stop so he got up and gave up on that idea. 

I do believe he is aiming that spray bottle at me!
Before cleaning

After cleaning
Before we knew it, it was time to make a drink and head over to Tom and Deb’s for Happy Hour. We just got comfortable and our expected guests arrived.

George, Tom, Deb, Shirley, Patsy and Clemson, Bill's chair, Ken and Suzie
Ken and Shirley pulled up in their big truck and joined us. Tom and Deb had provided extra chairs so that made it easy for them to walk in and just relax with us. It was so great to meet fellow bloggers like this and I knew Bill would hit it off with them like I did earlier this morning. There is no lapse in conversation, we sure cover all the bases.

Supper was messy but very good
At 5 we had to break up the gang and head home for supper. Leftovers like I mentioned above were easy to prepare and the biscuits were yummy! Bill had no hesitation starting the new genny, he is so proud. 😊 With dishes cleaned up we settled in to watch our programs. It IS Tuesday night after all and they started at 6 pm MT.

Sunset, a pretty normal one
This has been a wonderful day. We made new friends or should I say that we united with friends we already knew on a blog. That is what it feels like. I hope you have had a good day as well.

Thankyou for reading today. I love hearing from you!


  1. Oh what a great day. Glad you go to meet Ken & Shirley. Sounds like a near perfect day.
    Glad you slowed down and didn't get any speeding tickets during your stroll.
    Bill did an excellent job on the solar panels.
    The new generator looks right at home in that cubbie.
    Dinner looked excellent as usual.

    1. It was wonderful to meet the Kays. Such a great couple!
      Me too! There is enough dust flying at normal speed. :)
      The panels are working to their maximum again, thanks to Bill.
      Nice that the genny fits in the two main places we wanted it to.
      I could have thickened the gravy a bit but too lazy.

  2. Just popping in to let you know how much I enjoy your daily posts. We are staying busy here in S. Texas. Enjoyed your comments about meeting up with Ken & Shirley. It is so exciting to meet bloggers we follow, or follow us. I could feel yours as well. Hopefully we'll have that same opportunity to meet each other someday. Love the sunrise and Sunset pictures you post. With your wide open spaces you get stunning views!!

    1. thank you for popping by! It is funny how we aren't busy busy like our friends and family back home, but we still wonder where the days go!
      So nice to meet our blogger friends. It would be great to meet one day for sure!
      The sunrises and sunsets sometimes are the same things but I still love each one.

  3. Well for heavens sake .. another Ken and Shirley. I was sure it was my friends who were commenting, but come to find out, it's NOT!! Looks like the perfect day!

    1. Too funny! We've met so many 'repeat' couples with names too! It was a great day!

  4. Glad you got to meet Ken and Shirley supper people and was nice for us to see them again after 2 years, missed them last year and they were parked so close.

    1. We are so pleased to meet those guys! Already seem like old friends. :)

  5. It was great having Shirley and Ken join us for Happy Hour today! Like you said, after following each other's blogs it did seem like we were sitting down with old instead of new friends.

  6. It was wonderful spending the afternoon with you all! I agree with Deb after following y'all there's none of that uncomfortableness (is that a word?) that you feel with 1st time meetings. Love that! Looking forward to happy hour today ( I know you might not be there) but we've got a few more. So glad you stopped by on your walk. Made our day! Nancy's comment is funny..Bill did a great job and the solar panels and the placement of the generator which we'll have to check out one afternoon! Your Bill is like Ken, likes to stay busy..

    1. I love your bubbly personality, exactly what I thought it would be from reading your blog. sorry, I forgot to put a link to that. Duh, blonde moment.
      Definitely will have more happy hours. Yes, Bill and Ken are probably a lot alike.

  7. Forgot to mention, your dinner looked awesome! Great comfort food, with the added bonus of the biscuits..yumm

    1. Mom used to call meals like that ghoulash and Bill calls them pussymuck. :)

  8. Sounds like you are keeping busy socially as well as productively. The sunrise pictures are gorgeous!

    1. Thanks sis. A different busy from your home busy but good all the same.