Monday, January 1, 2018

HAPPY NEW YEAR! Welcome 2018! Perfect Sunny Day, A Day of Rest

This is how we spent our New Years Eve
Happy New Year!
After a fit of coughing around 5:30 am on Monday, Jan. 1st I took some cough syrup and crawled back into bed. That is usually too late for me to expect that I would drop off again but at least I know I dozed off and on. Bill was up with Clemson at 6:30 and he also crawled back in.
Sprayers keep the grass and trees alive in this dry weather
It was 8:30 when we got up and made the bed. Happy New Year everyone! Let’s get this new year started! Resolutions anyone? Mine is just to carry on doing what we’re doing, it seems to be working fantastic!

I had decided when I went to bed on New Years’ Eve at 10:10 pm that I wasn’t moving too fast today. We had no obligations to go anywhere or do anything so it didn’t matter what time we moved. We had tea and coffee together and read blog posts and caught up on the comments on mine. It is so nice to visit with blogger friends this way. We all enjoy doing the same thing no matter where we hail from. We are all in the same frame of mind.

On my walk, there is one more reminder of our friends back home
They keep leaving the 'e' off!

Until I got the tea into me with my Omega-3, Calcium and Tylenol Cold, I didn’t feel like going for a walk. After they all started working, I was ready to wash up and go outdoors. It is gorgeous out there already! Full blue sky. Oh! When Bill took Clemson out at 6:30 this morning, he was sweet enough to take a picture of the full moon for me. He knew I would have hated to miss that opportunity.

And Bill captured the Super Moon for me this morning

I remembered last night to boil up the sugar and water mixture for the hummers so wanted to fill that container before I forgot again. It has been cooling in the fridge. After doing that, I took that walk that I missed earlier. It wasn’t my typical ‘fast paced strut’ like my usual, but instead a slower not so determined saunter. My gumption just wasn’t gung ho today.

I skipped a couple of lanes and met a few people and we shared pleasantries and Happy New Year wishes. Up at the north end, I was in time to see Dee and Bill just getting ready to pull out and George was there saying goodbye to them. It was really nice to meet you folks and I hope we bump into you again somewhere down the road!

One more chit chat slowed me down on the way back. A couple from Samona, B.C. near the Okanagan Valley. They are only here until the end of January, as he still runs an auto repair business back home. It is rare that you run into someone down here that knows ‘exactly’ where our little home town of Durham is in Ontario. Safe travel wishes were shared and I returned home to make up a batch of bacon and eggs.

Good food!
After we cleaned the dishes up, I headed to the puzzle room. Now that the hardest part is left of this jigsaw, it has slowed me down. I found quite a few pieces but still found myself getting frustrated with it. My head was pounding after an hour so I reluctantly wandered back home again. I hate letting it get the best of me but I’m justifying my defeat today with my cold symptoms.

Bill tries to stay in the shade
Bill was sitting outside when I returned, watching everyone bring their cargo trailers and rvs back for storage. They park along the fence across from us and we watched them last week come and pick them up for the weekend/holidays. Now, it seems fun times are over out in the dunes or wherever and they have to return their toys and go back to work tomorrow.

For us, it means our view to the sunsets are blocked again and I will have to walk a little further to capture them. No problem, really. I can handle that for a couple more evenings. I opened my lounge chair and stretched out on the blanket for an hour or so and Bill sat reading his book. My head was full although I’m not stuffed up (touch wood).
I saw this cute little guy once before on my walk arounds
At 2:30 we both decided to come in and find a snack to tide us over until dinner time. Bill managed to find some licorice nibs and a Reese’s peanut butter cup so I had one too and a Clementine orange. I also took two more Tylenol Cold tabs, they seem to be helping a lot and it has been 6 hours since my last ones. Promptly, the recliner went back and my sweetie has dropped off into dreamland. Just as promptly, I started to feel better so updated this post.

I need to start a new book and since Bill is reading the first of a group of James Patterson’s that we have on hand, I’ll move on to David Baldacci’s ‘First Family’. Within the first few pages, I knew I was hooked. I don’t usually worry about reading any series in order because I can’t remember the previous story anyway.  He is trying to keep them straight so I’ll follow along too.

We opted out of Happy Hour today, even though I know we would have been welcome over at the Yate’s site. Neither of us really felt up to our regular chit chat today. So, Bill stayed inside reading and I went outside to read and doze. There was a lovely breeze so I was able to stretch out in the sun. I could hear my sweetie coughing inside and I was keeping time with him outside.  I think another hot toddy is in order tonight. As Dad says, whether it works or not, we’ll at least feel good!
Bill took a couple of pictures of our little sun lover
this is looking at the bed pillows and my sunny window
And a different angle
Clemson climbs mountain pillows to get the best spot
At 4:30 Bill came out and asked if I wanted to go for a walk around the park perimeter. So, we took the little bum and stretched our legs. I was still puttering and my steps were unhurried so we had to slow down until I got going. This cold isn’t horrible, you have really good moments where you don’t even feel it, but then you go through spells where you feel yeuchy.

It was nice walking with Bill and Clemson and on our way back we stopped and chatted with Suzie and George. They weren’t surprised that we didn’t join them today for happy hour. They told us about the fun they had at karaoke last night up at the clubhouse, you can check it out here.

From our site, we can sit and watch the eastbound traffic along
Hwy 8

Probably every 5th vehicle is an rv and then usually 2 or 3 in a row
Back home, sat for a bit and then we set about preparing the supper we had planned for two nights ago but didn’t feel like making. Fish and chips were on the ‘definitely tonight’ menu. Bill cut up the potatoes from the oldest bag in the cupboard and I got the lard heated up. I like using bacon grease and lard rather than oil so emptied the container we keep in the fridge into the deep fryer.

It was a really nice day
We have to cook our fries in two batches because we bought the smallest fryer. Duh! Not using our heads, that’s for sure. Last time we had Tilapia filets, Bill commented on the taste of them. They tasted odd. I agreed so instead of coating them in a Beer Batter Crisp, this time I fried them like I used to. Just plain, in oil, with lemon pepper seasoning. That was the ticket! At least we know it isn’t the brand of fish we’re buying although we will even switch that up too.

Supper was yummy and filling. Bill likes his fries with ketchup and at home especially, I like mine with butter and sour cream. We both like tartar sauce for our fish. We cleaned dishes up and discussed upgrading in size for the deep fryer. They are reasonably priced at Walmart so we’ll have a boo next time we’re in the store.

I finished posting and we watched Heavy Rescue 401 re-runs. This program is on the 400 series highways back in Ontario. We’ve driven this road and it is unbelievable what type of rescues this crew deals with. The worse part is seeing the snowy weather and nasty driving conditions. Been there, done that. The way traffic zips by when the rescue tow crews are working to clear the roads is crazy!

These rv's are parked along the fence for storage

Yesterday, it was empty with the exception of one 5th wheel
I’m so glad we aren’t dealing with that right now in the winter but it still makes me concerned for our friends and family who are. The rule we learned is ‘When there’s snow, go Slow’. Common sense. Be safe. Speaking of snow, I’ve heard from my sister, Gayle, tonight by text. She got their phone issues straightened out but seem to be having some truck as well as weather issues. They have decided to stay put in the -2F/-19C at the hotel in Hutchinson, Ks. for a second night and get things taken care of.
this is the only evening sky I caught tonight
It is good to hear from her and we hope they don’t take any risks but at the same time get down here to the warmth safely as quickly as possible. Be safe, guys! This has certainly been a slow, lazy day and just what Bill and I needed. No pressure to do anything or go anywhere and guess what? We didn’t! At 7 o’clock we are sitting at 66F so it should be a great sleeping night.
Clemson enjoyed his walk tonight
He must have piddled at least 2 drops 15 times!
what a reserve he has!
One more day here before we move on down the road a bit. Hope you’ve enjoyed your first day in 2018 and I wish you 364 terrific ones even better!

Thank you for reading today. I’d love to hear from you!


  1. It was a great way to begin the new year, Happy hour is only if your feel like it, no big deal. We don't need to get together every day. Glad that you are beginning t feels better ,and finally enjoyed your fish and chips. We don;t care for the beer batter fish crisp either like the butter and garlic one much lighter.
    Our Fry daddy is actually much smaller than yours, no basket but we managed to get by.
    It's been almost 2 weeks here and we sure are ready to move on down the road as well. We get that hitch itch frequently as you well know.

    1. We had a great day too and we spent it with our loved one. What more could we ask?
      Maybe we need to try our fryer without the basket, we would get more chips in.
      Time to move, yes. We'll be right behind you this time.

  2. Hope you and Bill soon start feeling better. These days are necessary when one isn't feeling well. Good luck to your sister and her hubby, hopefully they get everything taken care of quickly so they can get out of the cold weather.

    1. thank you for your healing and hopeful wishes for all of us.
      Slow days are the best thing when we're feeling poorly.

  3. Happy New Year Bill and Patsy. We sure hope are both feeling better soon!

  4. Thanks for having us over for happy hours. See you in Quartzsite.

  5. Best wishes for a great 2018 sis! You are 'missing' a real cold snap here in Ontario and the snow has been coming down steadily for 3 days now. This -19 stuff is not welcome. I think today it is supposed to get up to -7. Happy Trails and safe travels.

    1. Same to you and Gerry! Glad to missing that part of Ontario for sure.
      -7 will feel warm - ish. :)

  6. First glad to read your sister and husband are okay I know you were getting somewhat worried about them. Hopefully, they are already on the move to the warmth.
    You and Bill look like you are nice and relaxed in the first picture, not a bad way to welcome the New Year.
    Looks like Clemson enjoyed the first day of the New Year...hope you and Bill are feeling better today.

    1. Thank you Deb. I'll be anxious to hear that they are on the move again.
      Lazy, happy New Years Eve for sure! :)
      Clemson seems to have fared his first day of 2018 too. This cold could get worse before it gets better but we'll make it through!

  7. Sounds like a good relaxing way to spend the day recovering. I have to give you a lot of credit on the puzzle, the colors (or lack of) would do me in..that would be difficult, seems a lot of other people feel that way too since you're the only one brave enough to work that one. Is your sister coming to spend time with you guys or do they have a place in the area? Sorry, missed it somewhere. The weather where they are is brutal right now. Take care and hope today you're feeling better than yesterday!