Sunday, January 14, 2018

Portrait Sunrise, Laundromat, Brunch, Success in Bill’s Search, New Blogger Friend

It was 6 am on Sunday, Jan. 14th when Clemson had to go out so Bill got up with him, turned the Blue Flame on and then returned. At 6:30 it was my turn for a nature call and I crawled back into bed too. At 7, I realized that I wasn’t going back to sleep so got up, turned the hot water heater on and read blogs and comments for 20 minutes.

Stunning sunrise

What a beautiful sky! Even the moon was hanging around

By that time, the water was hot and I hopped in the shower. Hopped. Hmm, not sure why I always say that because the last thing we do is ‘hop’. Anyway, I left the bathroom door open to the hallway so Bill would remain in the dark, in bed, and the heat from downstairs would seep up to where I needed it. It worked well, by the time I wiped the walls and doors down and stepped out, I was warmed up enough.

On our way into town, the sun has risen
We had a mission this morning so without stopping to make tea and coffee, we brushed our teeth with our new-fangled brushes and loaded the dirty clothes into the truck. Arriving at 8 am found lots of vehicles in the lot of the Laundromat/Restaurant but we had lots of washers and dryers to choose from. We only needed two. Bill helped load the soap and clothes in before leaving me with my book.
Cute sign that tells it like it is!

Lots of machines to choose from
This place is always bustling with patrons and staff keeping it clean
 He had better luck this morning, once K & B and Burly’s Tools opened to the public, than we did yesterday. 

First off and most importantly it wasn’t so crowded and he was able to find a decent spot to park without walking ½ mile. He met me back shortly after I’d transferred from washers to dryers so we had about 15 minutes to wait before everything was dried.

The restaurant is at the front of the Laundromat
I went to the restaurant while Bill loaded Black Beauty and we were soon sharing a table with a young man I’ll refer to as Big Mike. He was alone, his dining partner was his cell phone, but it meant we would all eat sooner by sharing. No worries, not a peep out of him until he finished ahead of us and thanked us for allowing him to sit at our table.
You can plan your menu choice while waiting for
your clothes to dry

I dug in before snapping a picture
It was so good and lots of it
We drove home and noticed by that time, 10:30 the downtown was a-bustling again. The clouds had moved in to cover the sky but at least they were wispy and allowed the sun to heat up. I’m glad I was up at 7 as I was able to capture some of the panoramic sky to the east as the sun made her appearance. 

These were my 7 am snapshots
We put our clothes away, taking turns in the closet and Bill opened the packages that he found today. A man with his tools, toys and little cases of ‘things’ is a happy man. That makes me, also, a happy woman as I know it means he has what he needs to fix things around the place.
Taking pictures like this proved to me that my camera lens is still not clean
I've had to spot touch about 8 or 10 dust spots

My conclusion: take shots with NO sky until i can get it professionally cleaned
this road we walk and drive on is like a cobblestone street in places

This fellow lives in Regina, Saskatchewan, if I remember correctly

These people have a nice location in the middle of the saguaros

I like the baby growths on these arms
This picture I left untouched so you could see the dust specks I have to remove

The skin is slowly peeling away with its thorny spines
 I missed my walk this morning, but Bill got some of his at the shops. He walks fast and covers a lot of ground so I need to get moving. I put my runners on and headed down the roadway to see what I could find. I took the time again, to clean my camera lens, to try and get what I missed the other day so took my Canon for a test run. I’m not counting on success with that, but don’t want to put it away until I know for sure.

this part of the saguaro skin had fallen off
While I was gone, Bill took the water bladder up to the water taps for filling. He had it back at the Suite and emptying water into our tank before I even returned. He said there was no one there so it was quick. He had 45 gallons of fresh potable water but we didn’t need it all. We weren’t desperate for water at all, but because we have friends coming to stay with us on Tuesday for a few days, we wanted things topped up and other things empty.

I love this, 3 fingers up
must be Triple A O K
We sat and read for a while and around 2:00 it was my turn to retire inside for a nap. Well, that didn’t quite work, too many outside noises, not to mention any names! 

Little grumpy pants is giving me attitude
"You went for a walk without me?"
Anyway, I rested and after Bill and Clemson joined me (and managed to drop off pretty quickly) I got up and went back out with my book.

At 3 o’clock, or soon after, we took our chairs, a tea for me, a Coke for Bill, Clemson and a table over to George and Suzie’s site. Their turn to host and soon enough Tom and Deb joined us. It was a nice surprise to see Nancy Kissack from Kissack Adventures drive up and also join us for Happy Hour. None of us had met before but again through blogspot and our blogs, we felt we were familiar with each other.
The other day, Deb from Celebrating the Dance
gave us a couple of dish clothes that she crocheted
Thanks Deb!
It was a very nice time and Happy Hour turned into one of those 2 ½ hour Happy Times. Saying goodbye until we meet again, we exchanged info about our blogs and went on our way. I took Clemson for our late afternoon run down to the corner and back but still didn’t add much to my step total for the W.W. challenge.

Right from my empty chair:
Nancy, Suzie, George, Bill, Tom, Deb and Clemson
While sitting at Happy Hour, I noticed this sun dog to the northwest
Bill lit the barbecue and began grilling our pork chops and his corn. I steamed asparagus and made a salad for Bill inside. Mine was a large butt chop and I knew I wouldn’t need anything else on my plate. As it was, he had to help me finish it!

We cleaned up dishes and now the only decision to make is what pictures I want to download into my blog and what kind of pie we’ll have for dessert. Nice to have choices in life. Warning! Sunset overload.

Clemson and I captured these photos while on our walk/run

This has been a good day with a little bit of everything. I hope you have enjoyed yours too!
I couldn't decide on a favourite or two, could you?
good night!

Thank you for reading. I love hearing from you if you wish to drop a comment.


  1. Very nice photos. Thank you. Reading the RV blogs in the evenings sure beats watching TV!!
    Don in Okla.

    1. Thank you Don.
      Yes, reading blogs sure passes the time!

    2. thanks Don.
      Yes, reading blogs sure passes the time and that is a great time to read them.

  2. What a spectacular show this evening. Great pics of the cacti. Once again Happy Hour looks like a great time. Enjoy your company!!

    1. Wasn't it beautiful!! I went a bit crazy with the pictures.
      Nice to meet a new blogger.
      Looking forward to our friends arriving, yay!

  3. It was a productive fun day, exercise, great weather, wonderful sunrise and sunset and so nice to meet Nancy.
    Sorry we made too much noise while you were napping.......

    1. Great day and I guess it doesn't hurt to miss a nap! you guys were having your own fun! :)

  4. You are welcome.
    Tonight's sunset closed a wonderful day in our "neck of the woods/I mean desert"..:) and deserved picture overload.

    1. I'm hoping you got some great photos too on your new camera. Isn't it all fun?

  5. I'm looking forward to filling my shopping list at the 'Show'. (It's a guy thing!)
    The sunset was a classic tonight in Yuma for sure. Looks like Q had a great one too.

    1. I like it when Bill and I can split up, we have interests in different things, obviously but I'm afraid I'll get lost at the show!
      Beautiful sunsets everywhere last night, I imagine!

  6. No such thing as sunset or sunrise overload. My favorite part of desert boondocking.

    1. thank you, I agree, just wanted to warn everyone that I lost control! ha ha

  7. Love the laundromat with a restaurant! What a great idea! What beautiful sunrises and sunsets....I enjoy them.

    1. I know, what a great idea! Glad you enjoy the sunrise and sunsets as well.

  8. Love the sunrise and sunset pictures Patsy! Too bad about your camera lens, hopefully you don't have to wait too long to get it done even though I think the pics turned out well..I don't think you can ever have too many sunset (or sunrise) pics! Breakfast looked quite good and the prices weren't completely out of sight for the area..and looks like lots of food!

  9. That water bladder you are using seems like a good investment. Could Bill write something about it on his block how much space it takes rolled up or packed away and where they are sold? I made a quick calculation of the 45 gal to get it in prospective. 45 x 3.785 = 170.3 litres (1 litre water = 1 kg) x 2.2 = 374.7 lbs.
    (or three of me ;-)