Thursday, January 4, 2018

Getting Better all the Time, the Heat is On, El Centro Shopping, Happy Hour

When I got up on Thursday, Jan. 4th, I felt chilled but well rested. No coughing last night, yay! We’ve been used to having the fireplace on low while we sleep to keep it nice inside when we wake up. Neither of us likes waking up in a cold house so that is something we agreed on from day one. We neglected to pull out our Blue Flame heater last night so before Bill rose, I turned the furnace on low.

I walked over to Lori’s, as I mentioned in yesterday’s post, to try and connect to their wifi but it was a no-go. It only took me about 25 minutes to download pictures and get it published so not a big deal at all. We had our tea, turned the furnace off after 30 minutes and Bill got our propane heat source out of the closet. Not it is ready for use tonight if we need it.
I took this picture so you could see the 'non' existent wind by the flag

We had a bite to eat and by 9:30 drove into El Centro to find the Costco. We were there last year so Bill had a pretty good idea of where it was. We left a sizeable donation once we found everything. Each Costco store is different but we did pretty good. We then drove to a mall where Bill found a hair salon to get his wings clipped. He was very pleased with the fact that this gal knew exactly what he wanted.

If you look in the distance of these pictures, you can notice the dirt haze
Many people think this is where all of our coughing is coming from
It is really, really short, but as long as he is happy. I told him that he will have to wear a hat outside for sure now! While he was getting his hair cut, I wandered down the row and found Farra’s store. One of those stores similar to our Giant Tiger back home but not as neat and yet definitely better prices. I had fun and of course found a couple of things at $3 each.
The harvesting of crops here is a non-stop production in the winter months
We met up and walked through Harbor Freight. It seems the one thing we keep looking for is always out of stock, so maybe there is a hidden message there. We were hungry and it was close to noon hour so stopped at one of Bill’s favourites for lunch. He ordered the Big Carl and I ordered the Grass Fed All Natural burger. Both messy and good. Light supper tonight.

And you think your grass gets brown in the summer?
Bill filled up our gas can for the genny and then we headed home. It is hot now at 81F so we put up our sun shade on our awning. I prefer sitting outside with a slight breeze rather than inside with none. I poured myself a tall glass of ice water and took my book outside. The morning is gone and we’re sliding into the afternoon. I bet two people and one dog are snoozing before too long!

Lunch time
Okay, make that one person, one dog. I was quite comfortable in the air that was cooler than inside the Suite and also quite into my book. I was swatting at flies and flipping pages at the same time I was responding back and forth with my 2 sisters. The good news is that my sister, Gayle, and her husband, John, have arrived in Arizona to warm weather, after a rough start out on Dec. 29th. That is awesome news!

It was after this interlude when I heard a *ping* on my phone from Lori reminding us about Happy Hour. It was 3:30 so Bill and I grabbed a drink and our chairs and meandered over. It was Lori and the guys at this point since many of the group had taken a bus trip to the Acorn Casino for the day. Our circle became larger as they returned closer to 4:30 and I stayed until the cool air had me folding my chair up.
Hardly any traffic again on this highway at 1 pm
Bill joined me and we came inside to the warmth that I was running from earlier. Strange how it cools down so much within a 2-hour period. It was nice to see everyone although I still can’t remember all of their names. We sat with our books and read a few more chapters, biding our time until we were hungry enough for supper. It was after 6:30 when I was ready to have something to eat.

Early happy hour with a small group

And then we moved our chairs out for the bus trip group to fit in
Together we prepared toasted cheese and tomato sandwiches. Because we didn’t want to run the generator for toast, I grilled them in a fry pan on the stove. To me, this was nicer because the cheese is melted. 

We still only needed one sandwich to fill us and dishes were cleaned up in no time. I sat and downloaded my few pictures for today’s post and finished the somewhat boring tale for today.
Lori is the treat lady and the dogs all know when she has some left in her pocket
And Judy was our entertainment today
Looks like she has Cody (?) straddle as she tries to grab a snack
I was just a little too close to get the whole picture
I hope you’ve enjoyed your day. This has been beautiful here in the Hot Springs rising to 81F under perfect blue skies. I was in the midst of Happy Hour though when the sun made its descent……….a way over there, so didn’t capture the glory. You know what they are like so you can take my word for it today.

These Osprey were a hilight of my day, they flew over several times so I was able to capture them
I can't get over how alien they look

Thank you for stopping around. I love reading your comments if you care to share one.


  1. Glad you enjoyed the shopping day, and helped the economy, happy hour was fun after we had a blast on the Casino bus.... Loving this weather.

    1. It was a good day, and stocked up on some of our favourite regulars.

  2. Enjoy the warm weather. We are expecting a mild spell next week. Monday it is supposed to be up to -5 and by Tuesday 0C. It will seem like T-shirt weather after the -20 temperatures we have had since Christmas!

  3. Glad to hear sister and her hubby have arrived safely. Also nice to read that sister Donna will be having a heat wave soon.

    We have a small wire frame toaster that fits on the stove top, makes a toaster unnecessary. We've used them for years. Like you I often use a pan though since I like my cheese gooey as well.

    Happy Hour looked busy. Glad you enjoyed it.

    1. Thank you, it is a relief to know they are now in the warm temps and yes, even Donna back home is getting a break.
      I used to have one of those and have looked at them since.......just never bought one. If it hadn't been so late when we ate I would have toasted the bread on the Weber. ;)
      Happy Hours are almost too busy for my liking but that is just me. I like a smaller group of about 6 to 8 people where you can take part in all conversations. :)

    2. That makes me sound like a snob and I don't mean that. Smaller group, more personal is what I mean.

  4. That's what I call Happy Hour, but I agree if you have too many it's hard to visit with everyone. No one would ever think you're a snob! Dinner looked simple but awesome! Forgot to mention your steak dinner yesterday..that looked yummy! Sounds like you both are doing better :)

  5. It's interesting how many flies you have been dealing with. One of the things we love about Yuma is the fact that there are no bugs flying around but when we first arrived in November there were flies everywhere. That lasted for a week and since then we haven't seen a single one.

  6. I'm just catching up and so sorry to hear you have been sick. I REALLY hope it wasn't me that dropped off a bug on the 26th when we saw you.
    I love all the neat military flying machines we see around here.