Wednesday, January 24, 2018

Laundry in Blythe, Reuniting with Friends, Warmer Days Again

Bill and I were up shortly after 7 but not in any big rush. Usually when we do laundry there is a push on to get going early before the crowds. Today we were going to Blythe to get the clothes washed and then on the way back, we’ll stop in Ehrenberg. Our good friends, Ken and Nancy, from Illinois are camped there for a week.

Good morning!
We had our tea and coffee together while the Suite warmed up. We left the heater off last night as a test to see just how cool 37F would be when we woke up. Bill was up around 5:30 for a nature call and turned it on low at that time so it wasn’t terribly cold in here. I was downstairs first and it was still only about 14C/58F inside. Still brrr-ish.

One issue we found with no heat through the night, is that the heater then runs steady as it takes that much longer to warm up when you do turn it on. For the little bit of propane sipping it does all night, we’ll probably go back to leaving it on if it is dropping below 40F. I know everyone is different, every unit is different so it is a personal choice, as is everything else in this lifestyle. We only need to worry about keeping ourselves happy!

We got the laundry sorted, got cleaned up ourselves and loaded Black Beauty. By 9:45 we were all in, Clemson included. He was looking forward to seeing Molly again, I’m sure of it! We stopped in Quartzsite at Discount Solar to buy the LED bulbs we needed for the scare lights. A good price at $5.20 each and 2 backup lights at $2.80. Much better price this year, so we've heard.

Last stop was at the Chevron to fill up the tank. Decent diesel price at $2.82/gal. It was about 10:20 MT by the time we hit the road again. The lineup to get into the Big Tent parking was bumper to bumper again so it proves why we go early. 

Leaving the Chevron were 4 Yuma Police on their motorcycles
Out for a lonngg joy ride?

George was in town earlier and before we left camp this morning, he handed us a coupon that we were looking to pick up. Thanks, George, for picking it up for us!

We found the Blythe Laundry & Cleaners on 3rd Street and there were a lot of machines empty and available. Perhaps not the cleanest laundromat but the washers and dryers were at least. We were finished within an hour and a bit and drove to Dollar General for something I needed. We knew we’d need to eat out so went to Carl’s Jr. for lunch.
Take out today
After our Happy Hour discussion about bread I decided to try one of their Lettuce Wrapped Thickburgers. I did order the combo though so I could get some fries and a drink too. 

This was a yummy alternative to a burger on a bun and I will definitely do it again. Bill still enjoys his Big Carl combo. We got 'take out' so we could sit in the truck with Clemson while we ate. He enjoyed a few of the end pieces of our french fries too.

Heading east on I-10, the inspection station was slowing things down
From there, we took the exit to Ehrenberg and the Arizona Oasis RV Park. We arrived at Ken and Nancy’s site at a few minutes past 1 MT. Good timing! Needless to say, they were huge wonderful hugs that we shared. It was awesome to see these guys again. It seemed as if the conversation picked up from where it left off last winter in Bullhead City, Az.
I was almost too late catching this Ehrenberg sign
I love it though, and the firetruck
Can you say Relics?
Hey, we know that guy. Pick him up!
Ken walked up to meet us
there are a lot of turns and bends in the park
We made plans to meet at the Big Tent/RV Show in Quartzsite on Friday and then took the pooches for a walk. Or rather, they took us. Molly and Clemson are adorable and it doesn’t matter that they are indifferent to each other for the most part. It is a nice park and very, very full because of the show. 

This is the old "are you sniffing me or am I sniffing you?" salute
Molly was immediately on my lap
Santa brought her the same name tag as he brought for Clemmy
And little Mr. Nose-out-of-joint, Clemson checks out who is on his Mom
Molly tries to get her Mommy's attention
Please please please pet me more!
We walked down to the beach area of the Colorado River and it is beautiful. Molly is their water dog, apparently. She headed straight to the beach and got her feet wet in the not just chilly, but cold water. She's hilarious!

The boat launch is straight ahead
The 3 men take the lead and us 3 ladies bring up the rear
It is very pretty along the Colorado River
Arizona, you say? Looks more like a tropical island
Molly waits for her photo shoot moment
Ah, there it is. See how the natural wind (no fan) is blowing her locks?
I added to someones collection of seashells
Lori, my friend, this is for you
It almost matches your orange one!

It was just after 4:30 when we started saying our ‘goodbye for nows’. Nancy had to show off her contribution to their new truck for me and we all laughed and said “it’s a good thing Ken loves ya!” 😊  We sure have a lot of fun and giggles together. 

You have to laugh at some of life's events even though they aren't funny
They are both such good sports
We arrived back ‘home’ around 5:15 and weren’t surprised that Happy Hour was just breaking up.

Deb popped over just after we got in and brought us a map of the 4-wheeler trails in the area. We’ll have to pick a direction and take them up on their offer for a jeep ride. Bill brought our clean clothes in and we took turns putting them away. Him, his, Me, mine. 

Supper was another easy one. We knew it could be a late return so planned something simple. Chili and leftover cheddar biscuits. Maybe tonight we’ll have room for a dish of ice cream for dessert. I talk a lot about our deSert home but that is 2 ‘s’s this time.

Oregon Strawberry and Peanut Butter Chocolate ice cream with walnuts on top
With supper and dishes done by 6:30 I sat down at my laptop to finish my post. It has been a busy day but a great one in our world. I hope you can say the same. 

Happy Birthday beautiful Liz!
Before I sign off with my sunset photos, there is a birthday gal out there. Back home in Stratford, Bill's sister, Liz is celebrating a special day. We called her this morning to wish her a good one so I hope that was the case. 

Good night all!
 Thank you for taking the time to read my ramblings today. Feel free to leave a comment, I will read it.


  1. A nice productive day you had and visiting with friends is always a great time. Loving this weather and and the Colorado River. Did you see all the Bamboo on the river bank or maybe the park next store. Across from the cemetery.

    1. Wonderful day. The Colorado River is beautiful, so clear! No, didn't notice bamboo but this was the park across from the Pioneer Cemetery.

  2. Sounds like you had a wonderful day visiting with friends. Looks like the park is located in a great spot along the Colorado River.
    Bill's sister Liz is lovely.
    Great sunrise and sunset pictures.

    1. It was a fun day, we miss these guys.
      The park is situated in a nice location. There are 4 along the river.
      Yes, Liz is Bill's youngest sister.

  3. An excellent day. Happy Birthday Liz.
    Looks like you and your friends enjoyed the time together, always nice to visit with folks you know and like.
    I think the lettuce burger looked good. I've done that before with my own burgers.
    Love the pictures!!!

    1. Thank you, we did have a wonderful day.
      The lettuce burger was delicious. I need to do that at home too.

  4. Missed you at happy hour, but looks like you had a wonderful day! The burger looks good without the bread. Most times I end up pulling most the bread off so this would be a good alternative. Molly trying to get mom's attention is precious. Great pics once again! The sunset is beautiful! Have they been to the Big Tent before? That's a beautiful picture of Bills sister!

    1. We'll catch today's H.H. for sure!
      I laughed at Molly's insistence. So cute!
      Ken and Nancy have never been to the tent so they will get a treat. I hope they enjoy it. she loves to shop so.....
      I love the picture of Liz too.

  5. Hmmm did they have the burger wrapped in lettuce when we were at Carls? I does look tasty. I have heard about Ken and Nancy but can now put faces to the names. The hammock along the river does look tropical....and inviting!

    1. I'm not sure if they had it then but Bill pointed it out to me. :)
      Good! I didn't get a good pix of them together. Really great people.
      I know! the hammock picture makes me wish for a book.

  6. I never knew you could get a burger without the bun. Looks yummy!! And the hammock? Perfect for reading by the river!!

    1. Nor did I. It was a 1/3 lb. burger so very filling.
      Loved the hammock too!

  7. Just stopped by to say hello. You have some very pretty sunsets out your way.