Monday, January 22, 2018

Pretty Morning Sky, Water Top Up, Soup! Paul Winer Matinee with Friends - Oops! A No Show.

Last night it felt cool inside the Suite even though the temperature was still 67F. It was a cooling 49F outside so Bill turned the Blue Flame heater on to take the chill off. We knew it was going to drop overnight to mid to high 30’s. At 9:30 Bill let Clem out for his last piddle and they were going to bed. I figured I may as well go too and took my book up to the bedroom.

Turns out we both were able to read a few chapters before giving in to the droopy eyes. I think it was close to 10:30 when the lights went out. We slept well and didn’t budge until 7:10 this morning. It was certainly easier to get out from under the warm covers when the Suite registered 66F. Right Clemmy? He was the last to pull himself out, by the way.

We made our tea and coffee after I slipped outside into the cold 38F to snap a couple of pictures of that gorgeous sunrise. Thank you, God! Keep ‘em coming! Since we had a full water bladder in the back of Black Beauty, we decided to take advantage of a nice hot shower this morning. Realizing that it means our gray tank will fill quicker, we are hopeful that we’ll still be fine watching our water output.

Bill then topped up our fresh water tank. I took some of the tips from my fellow bloggers/readers and added some chicken Bovril that I had in the cupboard. I had forgotten I had it and wouldn’t have thought of it anyway! Duh! Now, the soup won’t taste watered down while trying to add liquid. I love that posting a blog can be so helpful. I don’t mind admitting when I don’t understand or know how to do something.

Gorgeous Monday
Thank you very much!
I had found a nice striped body suit (ladies, remember these? Like a short onsie) at a second-hand store somewhere. I haven’t seen one for sale for a long time and I always liked them. Especially when I was skinny, but now they are really nice with leggings. So, for $3 I bought it. I didn’t realize until I got it home that there is no way to undo it at the crotch. Hmm, you see my dilemma?

this one kind of looks like it is alive (?)
I can fix that! So, this morning I did the lazy man’s sewing job. I took the stitches out and hand stitched the edges (roughly) so they wouldn’t fray. I was going to sew snaps to each end but then I found some adhesive back plastic snaps in my sewing kit. This might work! So, it will depend on how well the adhesive sticks to the material. I’ll try it for a while and if it doesn’t stay on, then I’ll resort to the snap fasteners. That was an easy project and took me all of 30 minutes from start to finish.

Bill finished with the water and then went out to assist Tom with attaching his new sunshade. How many friends does it take to install a sunshade? There is no limit because when you are rv’ers, everyone makes time to be available and lend a hand. Unless you are packing and hooking up or unhooking and setting up, (when we say ‘please don’t interrupt us’) we all help each other. 

Then we had my soup for lunch. All I can say is: 'DELICIOUS!' Bill really liked it too! Bonus.

Something about chicken noodle soup requires me to make a peanut butter
open faced sandwich

Bill and Tom get the sun shade out

Tom, Bill on the ladder, George

George says there have been lineups at the rv dump station since 7 am this morning. I imagine it is pretty steady before the shut down at 11. I needed to go for a walk and see for myself. Bill was finishing up helping our neighbor so he said he’d walk with me. It wasn’t as far as I was going to go but we were limited a bit on time today. We walked to the dumpsters and they were indeed being emptied. It was a process, they needed a couple of trucks and front-end loaders to clean it all up, twice!

So, if you remember the picture from Sunday with multiple bags on the ground
in front of the dumpsters - this is an improvement

Then 2 hours later.........
this lady scoots around with her dogs but hey! she gets around on her own
It turned into a nice day although still no warmer than 60F. When we got back, we rested for a bit, I finished Pop Goes the Weasel. Wow, a page turner! Bill layed down for about 30 minutes with Clemson and I got cleaned up and I wrote a bit on this post. When he got up we headed into Quartzsite to the Senior Centre on N. Mountain Road. Paul Winer, the local bookstore owner, was performing a 2 pm matinee.

Looking forward to a nice afternoon
Paul had 2 scheduled matinees, Sunday and Monday
this notice was posted Sunday
Tom and Deb rode with us and we followed George and Suzie. Oh-oh! There was a sign on the door that said the show was cancelled, Paul had the flu! Refunds were available at the Reader’s Oasis Book Store but we were offered a free show (donations only) by his 3 band members. This sounded good, we were all dressed to go somewhere so went inside. It was quite chilly in the room but all 6 of us sat on the metal chairs and enjoyed the first set.

It isn't a clear picture but I can honestly say, this is the first Tuba solo
I've ever witnessed
We left during their first break mainly because we were so cold in there. I thought a senior centre would be plenty warm! We drove directly to the book store and got our $20 back before driving back to La Posa South. It was interesting to see a couple of rv’s dumping and a few getting water. Hmm, so much for shutting services off at 11 am. I guess they didn’t mean that, and that is a good thing for everyone here.

Happy Hour!
George, Suzie, Jean, my chair, Bill, Pam, Skip, Tom and Deb
Clemson is hiding between Pam and Skip
Since it was 3:20 when we got home, the Happy Hour bells were chiming (in our heads) and we took our chairs over to George and Suzie’s site. I took a hot tea trying to get the chill out of my bones from the cool Centre. Bill shakes his head at me, as he didn’t find it cold at all. Naturally, my hot-blooded man! It wasn’t long before Skip and Jean drove up with Skip’s sister, Pam. How nice they could join us.

Bill grabbed a couple of our bagged chairs, encouraging them to stick around rather than just say hi and leave. It is nice to see Skip and Jean again after first meeting them at Pilot Knob at Christmas and also to meet a new rv’er. Pam is the proud owner of a Class B Pleasureway and is making this trip, on her own, for the first time in the southwest. This has got to be exciting and somewhat adventurous for her. Kudos, Pam!

By 5, we were cooling down and began the departure from the Yates’ depot. We said our goodbyes and see ya down the road toodle-oohs. Bill lit the Weber Q and I moved inside to prepare a large potato, our steak, asparagus, corn and mushrooms. Sounds like a feast and man, it was!! 

With a glass of wine, we shared the food with a dab of sour cream, chives and bacon bits. Food for a king and queen.

We cleaned up the dishes right away so we could relax and enjoy our wine and the rest of the evening. I have to choose another book so will probably move on to another one that Bill has read. This means moving them on out of the Suite sooner. This time David Baldacci’s Total Control. I snapped a couple of pictures of the setting sun and the beautiful pink mountains to the east. What a gorgeous world we live in.

 I have thoroughly enjoyed this day and I hope you have made the very best of yours.

I loved the way the sun just dabbled on these mountains to the south
That is Palm Canyon back there at the right end of the ridge
One day, we are going there!
Thank you for peeking in today. I love to hear from you so please leave a comment if you have the time.


  1. I'll have to ask Bill about your SeaLevel gauges when I see him next.
    You guys are always ready to seat those of us that show up without a we well know!
    Supper looks delish!

    1. Okey doke, Bill will be happy to answer your queries. :)
      We do try to make our guests welcome!
      thank you, supper was very good.

  2. It sure was a wonderful sunny day, too bad Paul could not make the show.

    1. It was a great day.
      Yes, next year. We enjoyed the outing all the same.

  3. It has been a couple of good days in our neighborhood. It was so great to have Bill and George lend Tom a hand this morning. Plus, they both brought their own ladders Tom did not even have to get his out. There are so many wonderful things about this lifestyle and at the top of the list are the wonderful friends we are making along the way.

    1. It is one of the BEST things about this lifestyle. I am confident that if we were to need help, it would be there in droves.

  4. Looks a lot better with the dumpsters cleaned up. Maybe they won't shut things off after all. It's hard to say. Here they just taped a garbage bag over the trash can at the office but it looks like everything else is still turned on, although I didn't try the restrooms.

    Too bad about the show but at least you got your money back.

    Very nice of Bill and George to help Tom out with the awning shade. Many hands make light work.

    Dinner looked wonderful. Glad you had a fantastic day.

    1. So glad the garbage was on under a city/town contract. They did a great job in short time.
      Yep, we got our money back and maybe catch him next year.
      The sunshade is ready for the next heat wave. :)
      Dinner was tasty. Great days!

  5. Paul is a character for sure. So sorry he's sick and you missed the show.

  6. Beautiful pictures Patsy! Another great day! Your soup looks like it turned out awesome! I'm like you if I have chicken noodle, I need peanut butter not sure why other than that's probably what I grew up on. We are here on the main drag of South..same spot we had last year. We did drive by your place yesterday but it was a few minutes before 3 we wanted to check out the dumpsters and dump station..(just cause we're nosey) and we saw George's car and Black Beauty were gone..We'll try again. Thinking we saw Black Beauty drive by when you guys were headed home.

  7. That looks like a particularly good dinner tonight!