Sunday, January 28, 2018

New Day, Touring for Fun, Celia's Garden, Day of Rest?

On Sunday, Jan 28th we understood it to be a day of rest. It doesn’t always work out that way though, does it? So, we’ve had a few ‘busy’ days and today we’ll take it easy for the most part. We were up shortly after 7 am and the sun was anxious to burst above the mountains spreading its glorious pink across the sky. It isn’t much different from any other morning but that doesn’t mean I don’t enjoy each and every sunrise.

New day is right!
We had our morning brews, a bite to eat, did our morning computing and took turns getting washed. Around 9:30 we headed into Quartzsite for a bit of touring. This kind of touring doesn’t cost us anything and it allows us to dream a bit. Well, it allows us to visualize options. We drove to Paul Evert’s RV Country to look through his motor coaches.
I should have counted but I didn't
Trust me, there are a lot of large motor homes here to tour
With the quality we have in our Mobile Suite I am hard pressed to walk into any one coach and be impressed. No, let me rephrase that. In order for me to walk in and be impressed, the price tag is over $280,000. We viewed a few under $200,000 but they were gas not diesel (our preference is diesel). Nothing made my jaw drop. Then I walked into an Entegra and I stopped cold at the door. 

There was something about the first impression of this one that stopped me cold
But even it had its shortcomings in my list of 'wants'
Okay, I like this one. Bill walked over and checked the price. “Of course,” he said, “it is $645,000”.

There you have it. We walked through many on the grounds comparing all things. They are beautiful for sure. Then we walked into an older model, with dated furnishings but it had a totally unique bedroom. 
Nothing on the outside looked 11 years old
Vern and Bill talking job offers
We chatted with Vern, a salesman, for quite a long time about everything and anything. There was no pressure, even though I went through the Monaco Camelot from top to bottom.

Just go with me here
This is the bedroom, king size bed with underbed storage
A lovely sitting area to watch the traffic coming behind you

I actually adored the dated regal look of the chair cushions and valances
It kind of fit the bill
Just past the stove top on the left, the lower cupboard
contains a Duo washer and dryer unit
They can keep that and give me the storage
Doesn't really look its age, it was well cared for
The reality is that we aren’t ready to buy and certainly not here in the U.S. If we were, no matter that this was a 2007, we would seriously consider it. We’d have to upgrade a number of things, but I wouldn’t touch the valances, the chairs in the dining area or the bedspread. Very, very intriquing. So, we said goodbye to Vern after he offered Bill job choices and we vacated the area. That was fun!

It was lunchtime and I was feeling a bit of a nosh coming on, so we had a snack bar that we keep in Black Beauty. From there we drove to Celia’s Rainbow Garden out next to the Quartzsite RC Flying Club. You can read Celia's story here, written by her Mom, Joanne Winer.

We missed getting in to see it last winter. It is a pretty little place and a volunteer work in progress.

Some of the memorials are sad
Totem-Pole Cactus? Looks like it refuses to give up
This one looks like an abandoned Saguaro
The outer skin is gone and it is held together by wire
We viewed the stone markers in memory of a loved one throughout the garden, some very touching. Bill found the sign for Adamsville, the miniature village that was donated to Celia’s Garden in 2001. 

there were a few memorials for musicians
Love this
Quite original and fun to see. One of the sundials on the grounds was bang on, as Bill checked his watch to read 1 o’clock. 

We left there soon after and drove back home to the Suite. There were a lot of cactus in the garden so indulge me while I show you some.

Now, there was actually a lot to see in the garden so here is the miniature Adamsville.

the church and the school
Now is when the Day of Rest begins, I guess. Bill made a sandwich on a bun and I had lettuce, pb, cheese, mayo and tomato in a wrap. Hmm, that hit the spot nicely. I changed into my shorts and found a comfy spot on the patio. I felt exhausted again. Goodness, we need to slow down! Bill took a drive up to see a fellow blogger about a few issues he was having and I dozed in my lounger.

The winds were strong again, shown here blowing to the west
Soon after, they made a direct change from west to south
I didn’t drop off but I knew I was too tired to try and read. The book remained closed for the whole 45 minutes I sat outside. What a gorgeous day and I’m grateful for the wind, although it could calm down just a tad. It was 3 when I brought Clemson inside and fed him. I couldn’t remember whose turn it was for Happy Hour hosting but poured myself a drink and took my chair to George and Suzie’s. Decision made.

Bill and Clemson have a serious conversation
See the flags? They've already turned
Bill returned around 3:15 and we enjoyed the time together until 5. What is different? Wait a minute, someone is missing! Ken and Shirley texted from Imperial Dam to let us know that we were missed as well. Cheers, you two! I’m hoping we’ll get to see them once more before they trek off to the north again. Bill lit the Weber for our steak and we decided on fried mushrooms and veggies for supper. Neither of us felt like a salad in lieu of potatoes.
Happy Hour but still missing our Nevada friends
It was a good meal, although I forgot to take a picture. Bill had his corn and I had my asparagus. Dishes were cleaned up by 6:15 and we relaxed for the rest of the evening. How nice that it is still 72F outside.

Bill just called Dad and Marilynne to see how they are doing. We usually try to do that on a Sunday and today got away from us. It is one of the hardest things about being away from home, to hear that your loved one is suffering with one ailment or another. Not that we could do much even if we were home, but it is still tough. We’re thinking of you Dad, every day, always. 

Soon after, Bill's youngest 'engaged' daughter, Jess, called us soon after with some details about  her and Matt's destination wedding. It was great to hear from her, and we were blown away with 'our' young lady. She sounds so grown up now and in control of her life. With Matt, she is planning a wonderful event and we are thrilled to be a part of it. 

This has been a busier day than I expected when I started this post but that isn’t a bad thing. Tomorrow morning we have plans for a couple of hours with Tom and Deb but hopefully the rest of the day will be our slow ‘Sunday’. I hope you have enjoyed your day today as well.
Goodnight from Quartzsite
Thank you for stopping by. Feel free to jot a comment if you wish.


  1. Celia's Rainbow Garden is beautiful I had heard of it but we have never taken a ride to see.
    I can see why you liked that Monaco very nice.
    It was a good day. Looking forward to tomorrow.

    1. Celia's garden was nice to see. We missed it last year. You would enjoy it.
      The Monaco was attractive, yes,we had to walk away!

  2. Whew!!! If you call that a day of rest, I would hate to see your busy days!! Glad you got some time to relax.

  3. That's the busiest day of rest I've heard of for some time.
    Nice Monaco, I liked the chair covers as well.
    Enjoy your last few days in Q.

    1. I thought it was going to be but maybe only an hour or two was real resting!
      thanks, we will enjoy them for sure.

  4. Even doing those things you did can be restful and Celias' Rainbow garden a restful place to visit and reflect. Gotta love looking at all those wonderful Motorhomes. So tempting.

    1. Yes, the garden is a nice restful place.
      the motorhomes are fun to peruse.

  5. I love Celia's garden. Never knew it was there. Check out the Tiffin Phaeton's. Mine looks almost exactly like the one you took a picture of, only the end of year price was under $200K with the best service company around. Much as I love my black and tan paint scheme, that black is the pits to keep clean and it can get warm inside, not to mention all the white crud running off the roof (as in the picture). It IS always fun to look!!

    1. We've not seen your Tiffin. I'm sure the black is like the black of our truck! Tough to keep clean.
      Always fun to look.

  6. You're so funny talking about the motor homes. I really liked the one you did. love those chairs and windows in the bedroom! I love looking! That was no day of rest, gotta say. Celia's garden is beautiful, a wonderful tribute. The winds blew all night but gotta say we're waking up to temps at 59 degrees..nice! but still windy. Hope to see you guys before we head up again!

    1. We were dreaming a bit with the motor homes but I'm spoiled so the quality of a mh has to be in the big bucks to make me happy, it seems.
      We enjoyed the garden. Windy here too but love waking up to warmth and no heater overnight. We will make a point to see you before you leave.

  7. New RV's just seem to draw you in, don't they!