Monday, March 9, 2020

Can You Ever Get Enough of Oatman?

Silver View RV Resort
Monday, Mar. 9th we were up around 6:45. Bill made his coffee and I went for my walk. Around the perimeter of the park and up and down a few lanes. I saw where Jim and Sharon had to spend their overnight and watched a bit of the construction going on just around the corner. We could hear the backhoes working on the new rv site area from here so I assume the people parked right next door weren’t too happy at 7 am.

with no slide-outs, this was a suitable overnight spot
for Jim and Sharon
That's what happens when you come in on a Sunday and the office is closed

The crew were hard at it when I walked by
They had a huge sized hole dug and were preparing to install sewer pipes. It will be interesting to check it out on our next visit. They won’t get too much more done on it this week if the forecasted rain appears. Back home, I made my tea and we both got cleaned up. I’d noticed site #395 just 5 down from us was empty this morning so perhaps J & S could move in there. The office doesn’t open until 9 so we all agreed to delay our departure until they could get settled into a spot.

a lot these park-hung flowers get an automatic morning watering
They're so pretty
Just before 9:30 we picked Keith up and drove outside the park and down the road to meet up with Ken and Kim. Keith rode with them and the 4 of us rode in Black Beauty. 

Oatman entrance
This was supposed to be our last dry day while we’re here so we were happy to take advantage. It was early to be arriving at Oatman but that was okay, shops were open but the biggest disappointment was that the burros hadn’t shown up. The word is that they are staying and eating the natural greenery up in the hills. 

We arrived early to a quiet town
Sadly, no burros on the street during our visit
This lady recognizes me every time I come
She sold me my jacket on our first visit here
Signs, signs, everywhere a sign
These would be cool on the Ridge
Love this one

We did a wee bit of shopping and hung around for the gunfight/bank robbery. It was fun, the guys gave us a laugh. From there we headed out through Oatman and took the winding Rte 66 to Sitgreaves Pass. We stopped there and took some pictures. Cool Springs Station ( was the next stop and we had fun in that historical spot as well. The story is pretty cool. It got its name from the 1920’s when it was the stop for fresh water. You can read about it here.
Keith's first visit to Oatman
A little history for you
Gunfight on Main Street
Walter, the only burrow we saw close up
We love this drive up to Cool Springs Station

I was going to crop it but I also wanted the view behind us and that sky

So here it is cropped
Left to right: Keith Kim Ken Patsy Bill Sharon Jim
Look at all those Canadians!
Bill and I to match last years picture

Why not, eh?

Don't pick him up!! haha
We left there after more fun pictures and we followed Ken into Kingman. We were hungry and had agreed to find a place to eat. Ken and Kim knew of a place called Mr. D’z Grill. This is a cool restaurant and the food was awesome. I had a reuben with sweet potato fries, yum. 

Mr. D'z Diner

Typically cool Route 66 setting

Jim and Sharon's full rack of ribs

My reuben and sweet potato fries

I think this is Miss D'z
We were all very full when we drove home and Bill and I stretched out in our recliners with our books. Soon, we were both dozing. Jim stopped around at 3:30, I think, to tell us they were going to the pool on the last sunny day. I was too tired so returned to my chair.
I took so many scenery pics on our drive
but this is my favourite

The views are just too awesome to ignore
At 4:30, I was watching the clouds taking over the sky and was glad not to be at the pool after all. Bill had NCIS on and then we watched The Voice and Bull. Funny to chat with Donna who is watching it back home yet it is 3 hours later. 😊 

This is exactly where I want to be
We had a snack of cheddar cheese and chips/crackers and a cold drink. My goal was to finish my blog and perhaps even my book before going to bed.

Outside, the sky is preparing for our rainy days
Good night everyone!

This was a fun day and we enjoyed every minute. Thank you for stopping by.


  1. We love Oatman and the drive out to Kingman. We always stop about half way at a little stream with a rickety old bridge over it and have a snack and a drink from our cooler. Glad you had fun.

    1. Bill and I have only been that way to Kingman once before so enjoyed the drive following Ken. One day we will have to go back with more time and explore the Old Town and museums. Plus another meal at that diner!!

  2. Gotta love Oatman! Too bad about the burros :( That food for lunch looked awesome! I spied an old fashioned milk shake in the back of the pic too...oh so yummy! Hope the rain stays away for awhile, it's not supposed to do that there! Great looking group picture, and the one of you on route 66!!

    1. Kim, Ken and Keith had the milkshakes. They looked awesome too but I wouldn't have had room for one. It was a fun day. It is too bad about the rain but as long as it is still mild and not windy, I can deal with it. ;)

  3. Ahhhhh Walter!! The answer is no ... you can never get enough of Oatman!!

    1. Walter was just visiting with his hat on so I'm glad we saw him on our way out. We've never had no burros there in all of our 6 visits. Today was odd but still fun!

  4. What a trip on the Mother Road 66 and perfect weather.

    1. We picked the perfect day for the trip. Not too hot not too cold, just like Baby bear's story. :)

  5. Oh WOW! What a day you guys had! Great town and the pictures are wonderful. I can tell it was a fun place.

  6. We've never been to any of these places. Very cool pictures. Our bucket list just got longer.

  7. I had forgotten about Oatmen until I saw those pictures of Mr. D'Z's grill. It took me back. We stopped there several years ago when we drove Route 66 on our way to Sedona.
    I think I've caught up with all of your blog posts. You've done a lot since leaving Pilot Knob. Glad you all are enjoying your time together.

    1. It is definitely hard to keep up with all the reading. We do enjoy Oatman and now Kingman too. We'll have to go back to that diner and tour the town.

  8. What an interesting little town, it sounds like lots of fun! The food at the restaurant looks terrific too.

    1. Oatman is a fun place and Kingman is a 'must-return' town for us.