Saturday, March 7, 2020

New Park to Us, Our Friends Get Settled Too, Saying Goodbye

Silver View RV Resort, Bullhead City, AZ
On Saturday, Mar. 7th we had to move. Bill and I were happy about that. It was a few things that we experienced, different from our last visit here. Sometimes that is all it takes to make us want to return or do we return simply because of necessity. I’m not taking away from Lake Havasu RV Resort, as it is indeed a nice well-placed campground. This experience just didn’t hit the for us.

Such a pretty last morning sky
Bill and I were up around 6:30 as per our usual and I went for my walk. I walked to the north down London Bridge Road only as far as the Fire Station (is it 'wave to a fireman' day?) and down a short road before heading back home. The L.H. Firemen are having a pancake breakfast so they were busy setting up tables. Returning home, we each had some cereal and got washed up for the day. I should have had a shower but maybe later or tomorrow for sure.

Nice firetrucks, boys!
These 2 volkswagons were at 'Crash'
a restorers business down the street
So, Bob and Jo-Anne were packing up almost the same time as we were and after our goodbyes, they pulled out about 15 minutes ahead of us. Our hookup was easy, as they should be, and I texted Kim that we were leaving the park. Her response was that they were ready and would be at the road watching for us. Our little caravan followed Hwy 95N until we reached Fort Mohave and pulled into the Walmart on the east side. We were ahead of schedule as far as check-ins so stopped there for a meet up and a few food items.

Have fun guys and safe travels!
Bye sweet little Higgins!💓

One last wave as they pulled out
We'll see you guys back in Canada!
Keith was feeling better, although still not 100%. He just needs to push himself to drink more water and has been doing that for a few days now. Some people just can’t drink water the way I do, the way a lot of us do. Bill, for example, just doesn’t care for it unless we are in a restaurant for a meal and he will have a glass of water along with another drink. I need it, daily, often and I enjoy it very much when I’m thirsty.

Heading towards Lone Tree Hill for a last wave at the Hand this season
and to meet Keith, Ken and Kim
top right - Keith watching for us
bottom right - both are lined up ready to make a caravan
Who says a desert is brown?
Train - upper right pix for Bill's Dad
Still love the views

We catch the Golden Shores turn off
which is the old Rte 66
eventually putting us on Hwy 95 again

This is a nice section of Rte 66 to follow even with big rigs

Ken and Kim could get into Ridgeview at 11 but Keith and us had to wait until noon to check in. We’d never been in this park before so it is all new. We’d heard good things from a few fellow bloggers. Silver View RV Resort is a Coast to Coast park for us but is also Passport America and an open park to the public so Keith was able to book in as well. The weird thing is that their office is at the very back corner meaning you are driving your rig following office signs with NO idea (the first time) what you are getting into.

Coming into Bullhead City
Still no shortage of beautiful views
We found it and were issued a site quickly. What a surprise to find that the sites are huge! Bill had no issue at all getting us in as the lanes were wide enough for some maneuvering. We’d assumed that Keith was going to be one row over in the Dry Camp area where he got offered a rate of $10/night. However, after we were set up, he texted that there was a mix-up (oh brother!) and he was on a site along the ridge looking out over the Valley. We were happy for him as long as they gave him a decent price.

Top and bottom left - Park entrance and our huge site
Right pictures are from Keith's site
What a great view he has!
Bill said he was thirsty and hungry so he had some cheese and a cold pop. I had some cottage cheese and what else? Water. 😊 We sat in our chairs and that was when I remembered I’d had a strange night. I had woken up for some reason at 2:50 am. Figured that I was just warm, it was the first night we’d gone to bed with ALL or 90% of our windows open. Even the little window beside my pillow was up and that is unusual.

Driving into Ridgeview for Happy Hour
We do enjoy this park but not staying here this winter
But even with the duvet down and just a sheet over us, I wasn’t cool so was surprised when I was unable to drop off. I didn’t speak to Bill but I got the feeling that he was also restless, tossing and turning as well. I know I watched the clock tick slowly by until almost 5 and then the next time I saw was 6:30. I was glad to have dropped off again but couldn’t figure out why the night was such an odd one. I’d not slept through the day or had any late caffeine or food to blame it on.

And what a happy Happy Hour it was
We have lots of chatter, laughs and Dave and Cheryl
even provided us with cheese and crackers
Thanks guys!
So, my point is that it explained why we both dropped off so quickly. Me especially, I just don’t do that for such a long time. It was at least 30 minutes before I woke and we discovered that it was almost 2:30. Bill texted Keith to see if he wanted to join us for Happy Hour. We were invited to Dave and Cheryl’s site at Ridgeview RV Resort, 5 ½ miles away. This would be their last day before they move on further north so we didn’t want to miss this last opportunity to see them.

We picked Keith up and headed over, finding them easily, just down the road from where Kim and Ken ended up. The 2 ½ hours went quickly and other than a variety of conversations, Dave offered a ‘possible ‘solution for something Bill has been trying to solve in the Suite. Maybe there is an easy resolve for something this winter! It has been great getting to know Dave and Cheryl this season and we have valued every moment spent with them. Truly wonderful friends.
I had to work hard to capture this proud fellow
so you have to work hard to find him!
The sad part of the whole thing is that we won’t see them again until the fall at the soonest but the good news is that we have something to look forward to again. We wished them safe travels and said goodbye to Kim and Ken as Bill, Keith and I drove back to our park. We dropped Keith off at his site with an invitation to feel free to come to visit when he wanted some company in the evenings. I’m sure the nights are long in his small camper.

After dropping Keith off, this road runner scooted across the road
and then stopped for us to take his picture
Back home, we weren’t hungry yet so sat and read our books. The peace and quiet with no music and no tv were welcome and I delved deep into Grisham’s story. Almost biting nail time that I hated to put it down. However, I had to and at 6:15 I got Madame IP out once more and placed our leftovers in for reheating. I warmed the gravy and cooked mixed veggies in the microwave. We were eating shortly after 6:30.

There was some debate in that sky tonight
The winds were gusty all afternoon, it felt like rain
but turned into a lovely picture instead
Supper was good the second time around and we were impressed that a small 2 lb. roast of beef and 3 potatoes filled us for two meals. Yum and now the leftovers are gone. After dishes, we sat at our laptops while I finished my blog post and Bill updated his blog map. 

You've read about my 2nd hand Marketplace Fitbit purchase
Here is what Patrick picked up for me

The seller had them all boxed up in a pretty gift pack
for me
The air outside has cooled down and with windows open, it is slowly cooling the Suite down as well. The skies were looking mighty angry when we came back from HH but I sure got a performance to the west after sunset.

Leftover night looks identical to last night's picture
This has been a nice day. Bob and Jo-Anne have moved on and are settled safely in Williams, AZ not too far from the Grand Canyon south rim. Kim and Ken and Keith are in Bullhead City settled safely. Dave and Cheryl are here as well but moving on tomorrow, with a list of sightseeing things to do on their homeward route. We are also settled safely and we aren’t planning too much this week. Check in later to see what transpires here at Silver View!

Hot darn, that is a pretty sky!
Good night from Bullhead City!

Thank you for stopping by.


  1. Sometimes you just have to be prepared to move on. Thats why we bought tires for our houses!!! Glad you found a nice place. Great sunset!!!

    1. Yes, you are absolutely right! Tires are a good thing in this lifestyle!
      Thanks Lorne.

  2. Beautiful sunset picture. And you get another Road runner. I've never been able to get a picture of one. I don't drink water very often and with my kidneys I should be drinking a lot more. I rarely feel thirsty. Looks like a nice place to stay for awhile. Enjoy.

    1. Thanks Doug. I was surprised to see the R.R. we were just talking about them and the quail at Happy Hour.
      Yes, you and Bill both should drink more water. :)

  3. What a great move you all made! Nice for you all to at least be closer together and make visiting easy. :) Congrats on the Fit Bit buy. Love all those bands! Yes, water is important and that's all we drink, until Happy Hour! haha. Once in awhile I'll make iced tea but haven't had soda in years! Enjoy your new place! Gorgeous sunset!

    1. I'm glad we were able to be close to our friends again. It will be quite a tough separation when we split off! haha
      thanks Shirley, the sky was so pretty last night.

  4. It is rather warm ... or warmer ... in Bullhead City. I stayed there once when it was 118. It's a nice place to visit! Love your fitbit purchase. Now you have your choice of bands!! Beautiful sunset. Rain predicted here for the next week, so hopefully I'll get to see something like it.

    1. It can be really nice here and it looks like rain here for a couple of days too. I want to get in that pool today if possible!
      Looks like your weather is warming up. :)

  5. Oh that sunset sky is so beautiful! It's wonderful that you're able to catch up with friends along the way, even if it's only for a few days at a time.