Thursday, March 12, 2020

Walking for Exercise, Mixed Weather Bag, A Big Jell-o Jiggle

Silver View RV Resort
I heard Bill downstairs at 6:45 on Thursday, Mar. 12th and was surprised I’d slept so well and so late. It looked like a lovely morning and after such a lazed-out day yesterday, I was anxious to get out for some fresh air and a nice walk. With my hoody being all I needed, it was 60F/16C, I headed down the east park road and out the gate.

I walked a different way today and enjoyed the pretty skies and scenery
Turning towards the south seemed to be my destination for a reason. There is a park next door with a similar name and a nice lady walking her dog. She was over the fence and we exchanged friendly greetings. 

I like the picture on the left, shot looking across the wash
into a neighbourhood of nice homes
Notice the moon up there in that pretty sky
Then I could hear them. Gambel quails! There they were, scurrying around just in time for my camera to get focused. I carried on walking and was rewarded once more when I saw a road runner getting ready to cross the road. Yay!

Not the best pictures at all as they were
taken in haste before I lost the little guys
that road runner is definitely running with a purpose,
a car was coming
A pretty sky but no real sunrise this morning for the camera
I carried on, following the sidewalk down another street that turned and met up with Goldrush Road at the bottom of the hill. If there had been sidewalk all the way, I might have been tempted but instead of walking on the dirt and gravel, I turned back for home. 

They were moving fast this morning
Five more quail chattered in the trees and I got a picture there too. I was happy, it’s a beautiful day in the neighbourhood. There wasn’t a real sunrise and slowly the clouds took over the sky.

These yellow wildflowers are everywhere, very pretty

This is the park just 100' down the road from ours
This is our park entrance
 A metal moose just outside our fence line
See what I mean about the flowers?
Back home, I had my tea and Bill said that the rain today was reversed from the previous two days, coming in the afternoon instead of the morning. Tomorrow we’re hoping for some dryness at least so we can pack the mat and bbq away without them being wet. At 9, Bill drove over to pick Keith up. They needed to get some propane in town. I needed to look after my wedding rings; I noticed the other day how dirty they are, so I took care of that while Bill was gone.

My rings are shining brilliantly again

When he returned, we had a coffee together and while I delved into my book again, Bill sat at his laptop checking out Google Maps for our journey home. Talk about changing plans, we all do it and sometimes often. Originally, this winter journey was going to end with us heading north up to Langley, B.C. to visit friends in the spring. It’s a long way up but we’ve planned it for a couple of years. Reality has set in and we now aren’t going to go home that way.

There is the sunrise
A decision had to be made so we called our friends and gave them the unfortunate news. There are just too many things this winter that have put the kibosh on that added journey. No point in pushing our luck with the tires and Suite issues. We’re going to head for home come Saturday. Taking a big rv up there, trying to find a suitable place to camp for a week, considering how much we’ll see of the two of them with their work schedules plus the extra 3,000 miles added on to our trip – it just makes sense NOT to go. They understood and certainly support our decision.

The work carries on when the rain stops
This is the 2nd row being dug with sewer pipes placed
Bottom line, we’ll have to hope that maybe we can afford to fly out for a weekend sometime during the summer months and forget trying to take our home that distance. We’re saddened about the decision but when Jell-o jiggles, we’ve learned to adjust accordingly. So, with that resolved, Bill and Ken have been discussing routes home. We all figure to reach Canada in the ballpark of April 4th.

Bill called me to the window to see 2 quail in our back yard
Bill got a text from his 2nd daughter, Charlotte, informing us that Ontario’s schools will be closed from Mar. 14th until Apr. 5th because of the Covid-19 virus. Wow! That can surely put some families in distress, dealing with day care issues. We are thankful that it has worked out for our 5 children that have offspring. One works in the school system so she will be home with her girls, one has children old enough to be home on their own, one has a child too young, one with children fully grown and one  grandson will have his Mom home part time and a Grandma around the corner. That is a relief for them all.
The sky wasn't looking to clear any time soon
Patrick called and we chatted about the goings on in the world and it was nice to hear his voice. He admits to being terrible with the 'keeping in touch' role. I laughed and told him that I agree! He doesn’t get it from me! I finished my 5* book and thought I’d go for a walk but the rain spatters chose to start on cue. Instead I mixed up a batch of Cherry Jell-o (speaking of Jell-o above) and checked cupboards to make sure that I have enough ingredients to make a nice batch of chili for travelling.

Then, I sat with my wool and attempted to get a start on my sweater. Wish me luck! It took me 4 times starting, tearing out in the traditional ‘rip-it’ fashion before I got it. Not each time because I didn’t understand but the pattern said to double the wool and that just made it way to thick for a sweater. I’ll change that on the written copy. Eventually, I got in the rhythm and crocheted along at a steady pace.

Bill was reading his book, The Fallen, by David Baldacci. He discovered that we’d already read The Winner so quickly moved on. He was feeling sleepy so we took advantage of the break in the rain and went for a walk around the park to stretch our legs. It was very mild out, 68F and without any wind, we enjoyed the air. Other than to the garbage and maybe to Keith’s, Bill hadn’t been around the park much. Back home, we carried on doing what we were doing and I blended the cream cheese and heavy cream for when the Jell-o is set.

this was supper
At 5:30, I was feeling hungry so got the pork chops cooking in Madame IP. Not my favourite but they’ve been in the freezer for awhile and we needed to eat them. I cooked some corn for each of us as a side dish and warmed up the remaining mushroom soup gravy from the other night. I had to douse the chops pretty good but they were tender and tasted pretty good. Fair, well, they were okay. šŸ˜Š For dessert, we had a piece of cheesecake again. I do recommend this crust, folks!

We finished eating before 7
Have a good night!
We did dishes and sat to enjoy the rest of the wet evening. When I closed our outside door at 7, the ground under our Suite was just a pool of water so that was a lot of rain. We’d also been experiencing thunder and lightning throughout the bulk of the afternoon, probably our second time this winter. We’ve had a pretty genteel day and it was all good. I hope you enjoyed yours too.

He is never far from our mind but when a neighbour behind us
sits with his small poodle sleeping in his arms
Our hearts break a little bit again
He sure loved the sunshine šŸ’“

Thank you for your visit.


  1. That cheesecake is killing me! Would have been so good with my coffee this am!! LOL..Your sweater is going to be great when the color! Love the pic of Clemson..such a cutie! I know you hated having to cancel on friends, but was probably the wisest decision and now you'll enjoy a new adventure home!

    1. Sorry, no pics of cheesecake. (maybe) haha
      My sweater should be nice if I can figure it out. I had to tear it out again, it seemed to be getting tighter across instead of flexible. LOL
      We believe it was a wise decision too for many reasons. Thank you guys.

  2. We've been down in Florida since the 21st of Dec. Supposed to stay until end of this month but with all this craziness going on, we decided to head home on Monday. Apparently some of the out of country health insurance companies do not cover you for pandemics. We just thought it was wise to get back to Canada.

    1. It is scary, all this crap that is going on. Be safe in your travels and continue to practice good health procedures. We have 3 weeks left to do the same.

  3. I am going to have to try making cheesecake in the IP it looks delicious.
    I did some catch up reading sounds like you have been enjoying the park and area. Always fun to take a ride to Oatman. Plus, nice to get together with friends for Happy Hours. That Jello does jiggle sometime to bad about your plans to see friends I am sure it is a disappointment to you all. Safe travels as you start the trek back to Ontario.

    1. Once you make the cheesecake once, you'll be a regular! haha If you have a springform pan (I don't yet) it will be even easier to get out of the pot.
      We've been having fun with our friends, Oatman, happy hours. Missing our B.C. friends was not our hope but with all the stuff going on, the best decision. Thank you guys!

  4. I know how much you miss your fur baby. It is so hard. You guys really put a rainy day to good use. I don't blame you for heading back home. Things are really crazy and scary. Safe travels.

    1. Thanks guys. We will be crossing the eastern states slowly and trying not to catch anything or have any other issues.

  5. Awwww the baby boy. He was just SO sweet!! I have a new dessert recipe for you. I'll post it in a couple of days. Super easy! Your pork chops look delicious. I still haven't gotten those to cook well for me. I'm so excited, I saw my first two gamble quail yesterday!!! Must be springtime.

    1. Clemson is on my mind a lot, I say goodnight to him every night. Every once in a while something happens that makes us miss him more. The man holding his poodle out our back window is what Bill misses most.
      The pork chops were 'okay' you know me, I at least ate them! haha

  6. cheesecake. ay the 13th. You've got to stop showing me that cheesecake. Looks so delicious. Enjoy your day and I hope the sun is shining where you are.

    1. Ha ha, sorry Doug. No more pics of cheesecake for a few days!

  7. Hi folks,you may wish to head home right now- both Canada & US are looking at closing the border due to Covid-19.
    Enjoy your blog & adventures,sorry for the bad news but things are changing very rapidly .

    1. Hi a. James. We're not sure what to believe, so many rumours. If we have to quarantine ourselves that's one thing but to close the borders and keep us here when we have not encountered any threats. It's scary but it's also a lot of hype. Maybe the border from Mexico to U.S. would be a problem but it would be a disaster with so many Canadians south of the border.
      Thanks for your comment though and for following. We leave here tomorrow and plan on making our way across but at a leisurely pace. What will be will be. We have no home to return to so can't go before the snow is gone on our property.

  8. Good thing you are up high at Silverview. Looks like you had a ton of rain overnight. It's still raining here in Pahrump. Sounds like it will be rainy for the next week. Sure not typical Nevada weather!
    We'll have to try the cheesecake. Cheryl's fav!
    Stay safe. Happy planning for your journey home.

    1. Yes, we have a puddle under the Suite even though we are up high. Bill has everything put away except the satellite dish and I think the rain is clearing out later this afternoon. One more happy hour here.
      Yes, try the cheesecake, Cheryl will love it. :)
      Thanks Dave, enjoy Pahrump. :)

  9. Lots of people around here will have challenges with their kids for two weeks. They're asking international travellers (that includes you!) to self-quarantine for fourteen days. We expect to just stay at home alone for most of 6 weeks. It's all happened so fast!