Monday, March 23, 2020

Day Three, Winter Wonderland in Spring

The Ridge, Home
Monday, Mar. 23rd we woke up around 6:30 and were feeling quite warm. We’d left the heaters on so that things downstairs and in the basement didn’t get too cold. It didn’t get as cold overnight and we'd been forewarned, therefore not surprised, to wake up to a white landscape. Freezing temperatures don’t always bring snow. It was still below freezing when we got up around 7. The thermometer reading was -2C/28F.

Expecting it didn't make us like it any better
Bill went downstairs, adjusted heating as required for comfortable daytime living and I hopped in the shower. We have a small electric heater in there that I was able to turn up and/or down for warmth. Nothing worse than stepping out of a hot shower into ‘goosebumps’. Not for me, anyway! We don’t have campground pressure, just what our water pump provides but let me tell you, after sink bathing for a number of days, it felt wonderful!

French toast was yummy
All cleaned up but still in lounging clothes (why not?) I sat and caught up on comments and friends’ blogs. We’ve read a lot of variables about what exactly is acceptable when under quarantine. We aren’t just self-isolated since we’ve come in from another country. Snowbirds Association provided the clearest logical non-contradictory advice for us. However, that does give us concerns considering we will need cash before too long, plus propane and eventually RO water. 

Without leaves, it was easy to see this little hummer nest
We made ourselves another hot drink, bullet proof coffee for me with coconut oil instead of butter and it was a nice change from my regular coffee. It was also filling so I was waiting for Bill to need food before I started breakfast. He was busy contacting our insurance companies regarding the truck and trailer so finally at 11:30 I started making French toast. I have some rye bread and Bill has some crusts from a loaf of bread to be eaten up so they were perfect for frying.

Just some pictures around the Ridge
This one is from up at my garden area
It was very good, not too much, just enough and we still got eggs into us. A staple food in our ‘diet’. I had some choke cherry jelly on one and butter and Durham area maple syrup on the other. Yummers! We cleaned up dishes and I washed our good placemats (from Brenda) in the sink. They are so pretty and whenever we slop on them, we cringe. But, like your good dishes, you only live once so no point in keeping ‘the good things’ tucked away for a special occasion. We are living that special occasion right now!

Bill is pointing out little pine cones on Goose the Spruce
First year that we didn't cover him he's all grown up!
Bill went up for his shower and I changed out of my flannel lounge pants into something more appropriate and we went for a walk. The snow is falling steadily but the winds have dropped since we got up. 

The bunky
Huge big flakes makes it hard to grumble, so I won’t. It is milder today by about 14 degrees so a nice day to get some fresh winter air – er, I mean spring air. This is Ontario and not surprising at all. It is why we usually wait until April to return, less chance of seeing this. Together, it was a nice walk around the property.

A cool hollow tree on the property
Then there was some ‘rib-iting’ going on. Yes, I held up the front and back panels of my ‘will it ever be done’ sweater and with Bill’s and my assessment, it wasn’t going to be big enough. It might fit a very svelte lady or girl but it would be very tight on me. Again, no big deal tearing out a crochet project. We decided that if I just tore the back panel out and added about 2” on each side, it would be roomy enough to wear something underneath if I wanted. I’m hoping anyway!

Shed and Outhouse
So, we sat together in our chairs and couldn’t believe the difference in temperature from yesterday and today. The Suite was easier to keep warm and we turned heat down and the propane blue flam heater off. The winds were less than 10 mph today and that made a huge difference. We were able to open both blinds on the windows to let light in as there was no cold air coming in. The blinds do make a huge difference. 

Bill called and cancelled our mail forwarding

That means our new mailbox will go up in the morning
this side facing west where she comes from
and the night time side will be facing east
 Bill read his book for a while, starting Lee Child’s TripWire and I did some crocheting and then started The Sixth Man, one of David Baldacci’s books. We each had a snooze, his was longer and louder than mine but we were both obviously tired. It can’t be over-exertion but never-the-less, we slept. When he turned the tv on, I started over with the sweater back. I wanted to watch NCIS, we hadn’t had tv for a week. I can’t read at the same time, especially a new story.

We sat and had a cup of tea and hot chocolate together
At 5:30, I thawed two pollock filets and Bill brought the FryDaddy in for fries. When the weather is nice, like in the southwest, he would cook them outside but today he brought it indoors. I wasn’t going to eat too many fries so boiled some baby carrots while frying the fish on the stove. 

We do like our little Fry Daddy
Everything was done at about the same time. That’s pretty good timing! Supper was great, crispy yet tender fries and crispy fish. I had a few lemons from George and Rose so that was a treat with my fish.

A perfectly delicious meal
 When the dishes were cleaned up, I sat to work on my blog. These days could get pretty boring – for you, not for me – but I’ll continue to jot things down in my post. It is another time-passer for me and I enjoy it. This was a snowy day for the most part but by 5, the wet stuff had stopped coming down. By 7, we looked out and already a lot of the snow on the ground was melted. We could see the grass again and that was a good and positive thing. Temperatures are rising each day over the coming week. 

and the snow was going away almost as quickly as it came
Good night!
Thank you for dropping in. You may leave a comment if you wish, I enjoy reading them.


  1. May be cold but it sure is pretty!! I’m on day 11 and going crazy. Not that it matters cuz I have a feeling it will be a while longer.

    1. At least you and I are living in an area where we can be outside on our property, nowhere near anyone else. :)

  2. We are taking advantage of the down time to get some things done. Like I haven't sorted out the kitchen drawers since the new cupboards went in 20 years ago, LOL. I heard a guy on CTV this evening say this is a RESET TIME. Good one. Welcome Home Patsy and Bill.

    1. Reset time, I like that too. I think this will be longer than 2 weeks in the long run but it means the Suite and the property will be in good condition! :) Thank you for the welcome. Stay healthy!

  3. Well the snow is pretty but I'm glad you have it and not us, although we were suppose to get some today ... fortunately we didn't.

    I'm glad you reconsidered going out. The government is being very clear, and I just read another comment by Doug Ford on CBC about snowbirds returning to Ontario and still stopping in at businesses, anyone returning to Canada must go directly home and stay inside for 14 days ... no stopping along the way.

    You guys sure are fortunate that you can at least get outside and you know you won't run into people. Happy reading and knitting and I sure hope your weather warms up quickly. :-)

    1. Thank you M.T. No, we won't be going anywhere. We have had multiple offers from friends and and a couple of children to get us stuff and that is wonderful. Laundry can wait, I have a sink for the necessary items and a clothesline. :D
      We are fortunate that we have a huge outdoor space and I can walk the lane as much as I want. :)

  4. Glad you are able to walk around the property while still staying Quarantined. Besides Fresh Air is good for clearing out the germs.
    Be Safe and Enjoy!

    It's about time.

    1. Yes, we are very fortunate to be able to be outside away from everyone.

  5. Hope your snow is gone soon. It'l be a few weeks for us I'm afraid.
    Looking forward to a picture of the new mailbox installed!
    Stay safe!

    1. Today the new snow should disappear but still lots in the ponds and berm areas.
      Todays post should reveal the pretty mailbox!

  6. Ohhh my goodness, that french toast looks so good!!! YUMMM..guess I'm hungry haha! Love your little tree! Nice to get out and enjoy your area! I forgot about your mailbox, it's just too beautiful! Can't wait to see it up! Spring will be here before you know it!

    1. I'm holding you to the spring promise, Shirley. Ha ha
      The french toast was very good!
      Our little tree is happy and healthy too. :)

  7. If you like the changing seasons you're getting it. That mailbox is beautiful. Have to get me one. I'm finally getting my cooking down to where everything is done at the same time. Takes practice.

    1. You're becoming a real chef, aren't you? Dolly might appreciate sharing that chore when you return. :)

  8. I'm always impressed that you blog everyday. AND with pictures! I'm too lazy for that. I do try to read blogs everyday and enjoy when others blog daily.

    Hopefully the snow won't last too long. We're supposed to get a bit today and tomorrow but then we're back into more spring like temperatures. Fingers crossed!

    1. Thank you, sometimes my blogs are boring but I enjoy writing and I enjoy taking pictures. That's what you get! :)
      The new snow is gone and that is wonderful.