Saturday, March 28, 2020

Day 8, Dull but Mild, Good Movies

The Ridge - Home
It was almost 7:30 when I got up on Saturday, Mar. 28th. This quarantine business is making a lazy person out of me! I hope I don’t get too used to the late nights and late mornings as eventually, I will have a job to go back to. At least, I’m hoping I do. I haven’t talked to Jamie yet, other than receiving a Welcome Back wish on Facebook but all in due time. I can’t do anything now anyway.

This dullness stuck with us all day
Bill had risen about 45 minutes earlier, had finished his coffee and was sitting at the table reading blogs. Good morning, sweet cheeks! Because of a pending shower, after my tea, I came down in my housecoat for the first time in …….. well, ever! Getting dressed as soon as I get up is just what I do and have always done. Part of that, since retirement, is that I’m up early for a walk and as much as they’re nature walks, I need to be dressed appropriately!

Now, doesn't this look good?
It was tasty, I'll you that!
 After my tea and some blog reading, I had my shower and Bill followed soon after for his. I finished working on the worksheet of our Winter Expenses for the last couple of years, not sure how I missed doing the 2018/19 travels. 

From scribbles in a book of our receipts
to an easy to read printed document
All done now and it is a good representation of our costs and how they vary from year to year. Some things we’ve improved on, most, actually, and others are beyond our control like fuel prices. It is an interesting fact sheet.

The front field slowly starts to dry up
Bill has a hard time cutting this area for part of the spring
Bill and I have come to a conclusion and having the visual influence of our travel mates this and the past winter, we’ve set a new goal for ourselves. Today, as a start, we called Bill’s 4 girls for a nice little chit chat. Times are hard right now for everyone, with some of the kids getting bored with being restricted from their school and sporting activities. We knew that on Saturday they would be home with their family. After nice conversations with all of them, we were content that everyone is doing as well as can be expected and mainly, they are healthy.

Now, the turtle log is ready for spring too
Yesterday, I had a nice texting chat with Bridgette (which isn’t the same) rather than a phone call because she has a cold and texting is easier. No, not virus symptoms. I will call her once she regains a better voice back. I talked to Patrick on our way home from the border and will be sure to get in touch within the week. These are communications we felt that we were missing more this winter than ever before. I guess we are getting sentimental in our aging years.

Pretty robin red breast
Around noon, after a second brew for each of us, I didn’t feel like eggs. Surprise, surprise. I fried bacon for each of us and eggs for Bill. I added a tortilla shell to the bacon grease in the pan and fried that to a crisp, adding grated mozzarella cheese, green onions, the bacon and then lettuce and cottage cheese after it was on my plate. Oh my, this was another delectable delight. I enjoyed it very much.

Looking up towards the Suite from our back field
After dishes, I sat and worked on the crossword puzzle from the local Grey Bruce paper. It started out tough but then things started getting easier. We worked on a few clues together and then I put my boots on with hoody and windbreaker and went for a walk. I try to think of ways to extend the walks without leaving the property but after covering the perimeter, rather than doing it again and again, I returned inside. I’ll go out again later.

More wood for the fire
Here you can see the tangle of vines Bill had to deal with
The trunk is in the middle
It is a mild 48F/8C today with cloudy skies. The sun isn’t far away, we can see it trying to break through as we look out across the landscape. There is a breeze today, somewhere around 8 mph as an average so not too bad. Back inside, I started my blog and then sat with my crocheting. I was making good progress when Bill said that he was going upstairs to watch a movie. That opened the door for me to turn on the tv downstairs and watch the 2 episodes of This is Us that were pre-recorded.

I'll work on this for a couple of days until it's done

I made myself a tea around 4, another Earl Gray. When the programs were done and my tea finished, I dressed for the outdoors and went for another walk. Our thermometer says 50F but it feels cooler than that with the clouds and winds. It still felt good as I walked the lane, down the road to our gate entrance and back up through our front field again. 

Looking down the lane and you can't see much snow now
There is a very cool little old stone house that sits in the farmer’s pasture across the road. Each year, I try to get a better picture of it, you’ve probably seen it. It reminds me of the old buildings of the southwest, although in better condition.

Through the lens, it looked blurry but not so much on here
I came back in and continued with my sweater. By the time I finish, it will be too warm to even wear it. Ha ha, I think my friend, Kim, hinted at that a while ago. She could be right! 😊 We’ve decided on an easy supper tonight. We have part of a tomato that needs to be eaten so I’ll make Bill a toasted sandwich and grill a cheese and onion sandwich up for me. It is optional whether we have salad on the side or not. We’ll see how hungry we are.

I kept trying, getting zoomed in as much as I dared
As it turned out, I had one sandwich and Bill had a couple so no salad was required. Not even sure we need dessert but maybe some chips and dip later. I had found the movie Bourne Identity on and it being a favourite of mine, I watched it. We’ve seen it many times but that doesn’t matter when we love a movie. After dishes, I sat to finish my post. Bill returned to the bedroom, there is a run of his movies on. I was happy that the 2nd in the series, Bourne Supremacy, was on next. Yay, Matt Damon. 

This one was at 48 pixels and a bit of a blur is noticeable
We've never been inside as it isn't our property
I’m feeling a bit upset tonight as it was suggested that I was taking pictures (which you all know I do) of someone without permission. From a distance, I can’t claim that I’ve never taken pictures of someone, but only when it isn't obvious who I’m catching on camera. Today I didn’t even do that. Inanimate objects were my target today, the stone house I’ve mentioned above. I will be even more careful in the future but this has put a bit of a damper on the evening.

A picture looking up at the Suite from the left side of the laneway
There were two ducks in the pond this afternoon but they were very skittish
and I couldn't get a picture
This was a quiet day, we didn’t get much rain at all, not even enough to dampen other than one window on the southeast corner of the Suite. It sure has been dull though. Maybe we’ll get some sun in a week? Ha ha. Bill touched base with our friend, Keith, through texts after supper. Good to hear that he is also doing well in his two weeks of isolation. 

Here, from last April, Clemson was on his leash as we walked the road
And this one after he raced me back up the hill
Gosh how I miss those little races
Good night everyone

Have a nice evening and thank you for popping in.


  1. Good to connect with family even if by texting. It’s cool you keep track of expenses. I’m an accountant and don’t do that!!! Lol. Love the pictures of Clemson.

    1. It is indeed good to keep in touch and we haven't been doing it enough.
      When you don't have much, keeping track is important! haha

  2. Clemson was a sweet little boy. I've never even thought about getting permission when I take pictures of strangers. If they're in the way they get zapped. The ice left the pond quickly. Soon the turtles will be back.

    1. Clemson was indeed a sweetie pie. :)
      The suggestion was that I was purposely taking pictures of someone. I was seen with a camera. when do you ever see me without one? haha
      Nice that the ice has gone, 90% of it. Looking forward to the turtles. :)

  3. Nice to be able to get back to organizing while Self Isolating.
    Clemson will always be remembered.
    Be Safe and Enjoy!

    It's about time

    1. There are many things we find to do while in S.I., isn't there?
      Some days the little guy is missed so much more than others.

  4. That little stone house is so unique. Not typical Ontario is it?

    1. I love the stone house. Its inhabitants now are only 4-legged ones from the farm. :)
      It isn't typical Ontario so very rare.Buildings like this get torn down it seems, not like the southwest where they live forever for us to explore!

  5. Gosh!! Don't you know it was a major job to get those big stones stacked up into a wall!!!
    I always enjoy your blog and especially now with the changes we are having to live thru.
    Thank you.
    Don in Okla.

    1. I can't even imagine the time it took to build that little house either! Imagine also living in such a small space.
      Thank you, Don. I appreciate your dedication. :)

  6. Cute pictures of Clemson. Like the little stone building.
    When you say pictures of someone without permission are you talking random people that are viewing the same thing you are, that sort of thing, because if anyone can figure out how to avoid that I would like the secret.

    1. Thank you. I love the stone building but it is quite a ways back in someone else's field. I was out taking pictures and that 'someone' was in their yard. He 'thought' my lens was pointed at him when in fact the stone house was my direction. LOL

  7. Wow...he should be honored that you wanted pictures of his stone is beautiful by the way! He must have had his binoculars pointed at you to see you with the camera LOL. Don't worry about him, you did nothing wrong! I do the same with our expenditures, need to get on that, but the days go so quickly!! Enjoy your Sunday!

    1. Ha ha, no it isn't his stone house - he wasn't even near it. Just mistook the direction of my camera. LOL Not worried, just upsetting. Thanks Shirley. :)
      It is nice to have the $ down on paper so we know how we differs each year and where our money goes.

  8. Love the old building, although it looks kind of depressing with so few windows.
    I agree with Shirley, how could he see you looking at him if he wasn't looking at you? If you think about it, the time it takes you snap a photo (and I'm sure you aren't waiting for this person to appear) is very minimal, for him to see you at that exact minute more than once or twice would indicate that he's watching YOU more than you are watching him.
    Glad it's getting warmer and the snow is melting. Hopefully we have a nice easy spring.

    1. It is a nice old building. Not to worry about the neighbour, he 'assumed' he was my focus when I never even considered it. I was looking the other way totally. :)
      Nice to see the snow go away for sure. I agree and hope about spring too for all of us!

    2. BTW, thank you Deb for your comment and support. :)

  9. What a neat old stone building! Pfftt to the fellow who was worried about you taking photos of he wanted for something? Hmm... Seriously though why would he think you want a photo of him?

    Anyway, nice to see the photos of Clemson. Perhaps it is time for another walking buddy.

    Take care and stay well!

    1. Ha ha, you've gave me a chuckle. says they are private people.......:S
      Love sharing pictures of Clemson and we're waiting another winter before we make any decisions on another fur baby.
      Thank you for your support.

  10. I thought maybe it was Bill that was miffed that you were taking his picture. LOL. Seriously though, some people are quite indifferent to being caught on camera and will make a mountain out of a mole hill about it. I always remember the lady in the big tent in Q that told me I couldn't take a picture of her dog in a stroller without asking. I leaned over and said "hey puppy can I take your picture?" He wagged his tail and I took another picture. Sure shut her up!!! My rule of thumb is, if you are not in your house or on your property, you are fair game. I am waiting for the first law suit because boy will they be surprised!!! LOL