Tuesday, March 10, 2020

My Day at Home, A Few Accomplishments

Silver View RV Resort
On Tuesday, Mar. 10th Bill was up before 6 and I waited and dozed until 6:30. I heard the rain start lightly so knew I wouldn’t be walking. Downstairs I made my tea and sat in my comfy chair to finish my book. It was certainly a page turner and if I had been able to keep my eyes open last night, it would have been done then.  Now I’m looking for more J.G. books, especially those that a friend has recommended.

When I walked, I slipped over to Keith's site
to take a couple of pictures over the ridge

There are the casinos over there
With my book done, I opened my laptop and got caught up on the blog reading that I’ve missed over the last couple of days. All of our friends are having good days, some getting solar installed, some travelling, some making quilts, some settling into life back home, some prepping for home painting and others relaxing on the beach. All good things!

This pan of eggplant, bacon, peppers and olives

Plus this tortilla with cheese melted

Gave me a wonderful lunch today
I'll do that again!
Today, Bill decided to go with Keith to meet up with Ken and Kim in Nevada. I wasn’t keen on going to see the classic cars at Don Laughlin's Riverside casino again so decided to have a Patsy day at home. I needed to do some dusting now that our winds have diminished and the sand is wet and won’t blow in the windows as it has over the last few days. The fresh air is nice but not the grains of dusty sand. There might also be some cooking done. 😊

Not a lot of room to move in here but certainly enough
machines at a reasonable price of $1.25
Hey! that's me at the far end, how'd I do that?

As you look down the lanes n the park,
there are beautiful views each way

Not sure if I showed you the back end of this
fifth wheel before
but this is the front
 So, Bill got cleaned up and left to pick Keith up. It was ‘iffy’ for a while whether he would go but he needed to get more RO water so decided to tag along. I’d been sitting at my laptop and printed off the sweater pattern I found a while ago. At least printed out it would be encouragement to get it started. But first, dusting. I took care of the dirty work first, wiping down woodwork, mantle, cupboard fronts, coffee table – downstairs. Then I stopped. That was enough for today. Upstairs later.

This is the first row dug for the pipe
They are working on the one next to it now
Then since there was no more evidence of rain, rather the sky was 80% blue at the moment,o I went for my walk around the park perimeter. I haven’t been doing very well adding to my daily step count lately but at least I’m having fun! The temperature outside was a balmy 65F when I was out. Before returning home, I decided to stop at the Clubhouse and check on the puzzle. The same one was there with just a couple of areas to work on. Perfect! I’ll take care of those!

The workers were hard at it today despite the forecast
I sat quietly for probably 30 minutes before the rowdy’s moved in. Ha ha, just kidding. The regulars is what I should call them, obviously coming in for Pinochle and everyone knew everyone. They didn't know me so didn't even acknowledge me. I had to fix the border in order to fit pieces but eventually finished. 

There are 3 pcs. missing and the 2 last ones didn’t fit very well either. Strange puzzle. There is obviously another mistake somewhere but I wasn’t concerned. Regulars are loud so I was happy to leave around 2.

All done - well as much as is possible
Back home, I received a text from Kim about Happy Hour so I was a tad confused. I wondered why she didn’t just tell Bill but after piecing another puzzle together, I realized they had split up after touring the cars and Bill and Keith ate their lunch at The Black Bear Diner apart from the other two. LOL My head! I had started making Instant Pot New York Cheesecake so wasn’t sure if we’d make it to Ridgeview for H.H. and when Bill came in around 2:30, we decided to forgo it today.

On the corner by the clubhouse I wanted to get this
picture of the view but it meant crossing someone's site
When a young lady came out, I asked if she'd mind
'Of course not! Come through.'
There was a public path but overgrown trees prevented
me from walking or I never would have asked
I knew he’d want a snooze and now I wondered if he'd be hungry for the Tenderloin Filets I’d taken out for supper. I finished the cheesecake mixing and that proves that he was tired. The hand mixer, blending, right on the island near him didn’t make him stir. 😊 I never question when he says he needs a snooze. With my delectable dessert in Madame IP for 25 minutes, I was anxious to see how it turned out. The crust is crushed almonds which I’d read are acceptable so fingers crossed!

Crushed almonds, brown sugar and butter
While it cooked, I found a new book to read and sat beside my sweetie. I started reading a Lee Child book about Jack Reacher. He is one of my favourite writers and characters. The book is called Echo Burning. It took no time at all to zip through the first five long chapters. Hooked, just like that. At 5:30 just when we talked about barbecuing the steak, the rain returned. Darn! This is our busy tv night so we were hoping to have it cooked, eaten and dishes out of the way by 7.

Ready to go in the pot

Cooking time
Even though the rain wasn’t heavy and steady, it was enough for us to decide at 6 that we’d cook inside. A simple lazy supper of Annie’s mac and cheese with big beef wieners was the answer. After a NR of 8 min. the cheesecake is done and cooled so I set it in the fridge for overnight. Tomorrow, I’ll find out how the crust worked out. 

The sky got dark around 6 and the mountains in the distance
were covered in a foggy haze
This has been a very nice day for me. I got a bit of a walk in and some puzzle making done. The Suite is partially dusted down with a good furniture polish and I made cheesecake, a healthy dessert choice.

Good ole mac and cheese came through
We started recording our programs early since we are now 3 hours ahead of their regular time slot back home. It’s a challenge so drives us a bit nuts deciding what to watch and what to send to our PVR. Bill is really enjoying his book by David Baldacci (The Memory Man) and it wouldn’t surprise me if he finishes it tonight. I worked on my blog post until 8 when we could start watching the later shows. I downloaded pictures, there weren’t many today at all compared to yesterday!

My picture of the day
Donna visited Mom yesterday and did her nails for her
Good night y'all!
I hope you had a good day; we did and got a little bit of rain in the process. Thank you for paying us a visit.


  1. The cheesecake looks yummy. Some days you just need to hang out at the house. Sounds like you got a lot done. Kind of rude of those people not to even say hello. Your picture of the river and those casinos? That's where I stayed a few years ago. It was very nice, but I never went to the casinos.

    1. Hoping the cheesecake tastes as good as it looks! :)
      I doubt I'll make it to the casinos this time. Been there done that.
      The camping over there is pretty tight, we had friends there 3 years ago.

  2. You both had a busy day in different respects.
    Your Mom looked very happy in the picture.
    Be Safe and Enjoy!

    It's about time.

    1. Yes, we did. I love getting pictures like that of Mom from home. :)

  3. Nice to have a day to yourself. Even got a little housecleaning done. One of these days I'm going to have to learn how to record shows for later. I'm a little behind the times in that area. Yummy dessert :))

    1. It was a good day and the house is cleaner. We have a pvr, first start to recording. :)

  4. A day to spend doing as you please is a good one in my book. Love the photos - this park is definitely very nice.

    Good to your mom smiling and happy!