Sunday, March 29, 2020

Mixed Bag of Weather, Soup Fairies, Visitors from a Distance

The Ridge - Home
On Sunday, Mar. 29th we were both up around 7. The winds had been howling most of the night, pretty strong. Bill was still up at 11:30 when they blew our satellite dish over. How dare they upset his evening programming! He stood it up again and got better reception after doing so. Maybe it straightened something that had been bent all winter!

About half way through the day,
while sitting inside, I saw blue sky appear
out the window behind me
I didn’t know any of this was going on but did notice lights on downstairs after midnight. It was a warm night, not getting colder than 5C/40F so that was a bonus. We are expecting (and getting) a warm day today, with highs in the mid-teens Celsius. That means almost 60F and that is wonderful here in Ontario for March.

We had our coffee and tea together and after reading some blogs, I sat and worked on my sweater. The rain and winds kept the morning interesting as far as weather is concerned, even a thunder dunder breaking the otherwise silence up here. My crocheting is coming along, front and back are now stitched together and I’m working on sleeves. I’ve not done sleeves for a very long time and never with crochet. It’s quite easy, actually. Even for me!

This bulkiness is my sweater, coming together
We had some visitors drop in, we want to call them Soup Fairies because they left us a nice container of cabbage soup that they both made. How nice of them to share. Virtual hugs were shared from a distance and we all look forward to the time we can make them real ones. The prayer on everyone’s lips is ‘let this not last too long’.

Homemade cabbage soup
compliments of the Soup Fairies

The last of a Red Lobster biscuit mix
 After bacon and eggs for lunch and dishes were done, just as I noticed the sun popping out, another vehicle came up the drive. It was a surprise and nice to see my sister, Donna, and Gerry drive up. Again, from a 10’ ladder length apart, we shared that same kind of hug. They brought the last two pieces of our mail that got caught in the transfer. We chatted about a few things and before they left it was agreed that a new water filter be ordered for their pump.

Because I only took one walk with my sweetie
and didn't have my camera, today's pictures mostly
feature food

As soon as they get that, we will be able to get water from their well again for our fresh water supply. This one is 2 years old and the price is right for it lasting that long. After they left, we debated staying out and about for a bit but after walking down the lane and back, the cool air returned and more rain spatters. We weren’t done with it yet so returned inside. At 3, I made a cup of tea and sat with my project.

 Bill was thirsty so I poured him a Zero Coke and we shared a few crackers with cheese.

Thanks buddies
I wish I could hug you for providing us with a nourishing supper tonight
Good night y'all!
Around 5:30, I mixed up a batch of biscuits for supper as the convection oven preheated. On the stove, I warmed up the soup that our friends left for us. We were eating by 6:30 and it was a delicious meal! I had to text Pat to let her know how much we enjoyed it. After dishes, I sat to work on my blog. We were watching a movie before, during and after supper it finished. There were a few programs that we like to watch on Sunday so our evening was planned.

Have a great evening! Thank you for checking in on us.


  1. It's ever so uplifting to see people reaching through this "distancing" with warm gestures of love and support. The same kinds of things you describe are being told about on blogs and other media around the world. God must be proud of and pleased with everyone sharing the way He's taught us to. Thanks for letting us see it here on your blog. - Mary

    1. You are absolutely right! Maybe that is what this is all about. Teaching us the basics again of sharing and loving each other. We are all in the same boat right now, well with the exception of our quarantine period, and it is wonderful to see things paid forward. :) Thank you for your comment, Mary, it is lovely.

  2. Nice that the Soup Fairies were able to stop by.
    It's hard having nice pictures when the weather keeps you inside.
    By keeping yourselves entertained you'll have an easy time Self Isolating.
    Be Safe and Enjoy!

    It's about time.

    1. It was a great surprise to see and meet the Soup Fairies! :D
      You're right about the pictures, soon that will change again.

  3. How nice of your "Soup Fairies" to think of you! I love those "Red Lobster" biscuits, but I've never made them myself. I should try them. That was quite a wind you had. I'm glad the satellite dish was okay. Anxious to see your sweater when it's finished.

    1. Very nice! The home biscuits weren't quite as good, this last batch. I've had the last packet for a very long time in our cupboard but the others tasted much like them.
      The winds were crazy around 30 mph but because of it, our satellite dish is now coming in the best it has since we left home in the fall! haha
      I hope my sweater is presentable enough to wear, let alone show others!!

  4. Oh I LOVE Red Lobster biscuits!!! Nice to know people up there are being nice. Down here, they are whacking each other over the head for toilet paper. The hoarding is ridiculous!! I also LOVE your sweater! I'm sure it will look lovely on you!

    1. Thank you for the laugh. I can think of better reasons to whack people over the head!! haha
      I hope the sweater is okay. It will be hot, I shouldn't need a jacket. LOL

  5. The soup looks delicious sweet of them to share! Love the sweater can't wait to see it finished! Yikes, sounds like some Nevada wind! LOL..

    1. The soup was wonderful and Bill doesn't like cabbage. teehee Our friends are 2nd to none.
      Thank you, fingers crossed on the sweater. It has been ripped out many times, it better look okay! haha

  6. How very nice of the soup fairies. The biscuits remind me of my mother. She liked to eat at Red Lobster because of the biscuits. Enjoy the warmer weather.

  7. How nice to have soup fairies in the neighbourhood. The dinner looks delicious!

    Take care and stay well!

  8. Nice to have friends bringing delicious food. I'm anxious to see the finished sweater. Hope the warmer weather stays with you. You're getting closer to freedom:))