Sunday, March 1, 2020

Wake Up in Havasu, Park Walk to Explore, Flea Market Sunday

Lake Havasu RV Resort, AZ
On Sunday, Feb…woops! March 1st Bill was up before me and was downstairs with his coffee when I got up at 6:30. He indicated that I should go for my walk as he knows my routine in a new place. Exploring the park and that includes all the buildings. I like to stick my head in to see what is available. Yes, we’ve been here before but it was a couple of years ago and this ole memory isn’t what it used to be.

Our sites

In this park
Once I peeked in the doors, I remembered “ah yes”. There are two sides to this park, in case you have never been here. The west side of London Bridge Rd. and the east side. Each one has a clubhouse and a pool. If there are large events or meals, they take place on the eastern section. We’ve only camped here once before and were located on the east. The park is so full at this time of year, we are lucky to get a spot for our big rig, let alone two!

Inside the big clubhouse across the road
The pool across the way is larger with more seating areas
Bob and Jo-Anne have not been to Lake Havasu City, nor has Keith so there are a few unique things to see. This morning, after my walk, my tea and my shower, Bill drove us all into the Sunday flea market in L.H.C. It is a pretty large market with lots of wares for sale. Other than some clothespins to replace some of my older ones, an eggplant and some mini carrots, we didn’t buy anything. Just looking today.

The pool on this side which is heated and nice too

From there, Bill took us (them) on a scenic tour of some of the beautiful homes around the area and we found where George and Rose’s new place is. They were home, so we stopped in briefly just to make introductions and to say ‘hey’. George offered us some oranges and lemons from their tree in the back yard (Lucky!) so I left with a couple of each. Thanks! Rose sounded very excited over the move and discovering what plants and bushes are growing on their property. 😊

Some cool accents for the park make a difference

From the park entrance you can see the lake
It was busy enough at the flea market
But Bob was able to walk right in to Donna's trailer for a haircut
She must have been lonely as he was in there for a very very long time
We left there and took a drive north of the city to show Bob and Jo-Anne where Keith has set up camp on Lone Tree Hill. He wasn’t around but he is right, he has a nice spot where he can have some privacy for his outdoor shower when he needs to. We have never seen that area (or this park, for that matter) so full as we have never been in this area at this time of year. It was almost noon so we returned home for lunch.
I made us bacon and eggs and Bill sat back to read and doze while I did the dishes.

Lots of things for sale
Need a Conceal and carry purse?

Oranges and lemons from Rose and George
The lemons need to ripen a bit
After catching up on my post for the day, I took my book outside and enjoyed the sunshine. I was out there for about an hour before coming in at 2:30 to search for something on my blog. I was curious to find the dates that we were here in the park, two years ago. We were sure it wasn’t this busy so I wasn’t surprised when we realized that it was November for 2 weeks.

The hand is waving as we drove into
Lone Tree Hill

Keith and Oreo were out on the hills
but he has a nice spot

An Airstream motor home?
 During this process, Jo texted to invite us next door for Happy Hour. After finding what I wanted, I mixed up our drinks. Today, I used more strawberry-daquiri mix than pina colada and used vodka instead of rum. We had more vodka to drink up and I wanted to see what it tasted like. I couldn’t tell much different, it still tasted great to me. Bill was quick to point out that it was good but still NOT a Miami Vice. No worries, it just means I need to keep trying.

Bill did better than me and remembered treats for little Higgins
Higgins remembered what he had to do
We joined our friends until about 4:30 when we moved back home. We were having grilled sausages for supper so Bill lit the barbecue at 5:30 and inside I prepared a salad. Guess what? I did it from scratch! I remembered to buy a head of lettuce and we have celery, green onions, peppers and shredded cheese to add to it. I even have black olives which I added to mine. We were eating by 6 and the sausages were done perfectly. That was a great meal.

A small but good Happy Hour in the heat of the day
After dishes, we scooped up some of our Tillamook Oregon Cherry dark cherry ice cream. With some crushed walnuts and choke cherry sauce, it was a heavenly dessert. We watched American Idol inside while the air outside cooled right off. Also, we kept hearing a loud bang about every 5 minutes or so. I said it sounded like an awning slamming shut, over and over and when Bill investigated that is exactly what it was. He went over to see if he could help.
A decent meal

And a tasty dessert
They have a Safari Serengeti a year older than Doug’s and they couldn’t seem to get the awning to go in properly. It took a few tries and Bill’s assistance to close it tight. The winds have been increasing all afternoon so no one wants their awnings left out. This has been a good day. Rain is in the forecast for tomorrow so I went out to put the chairs away just in case it came sooner than later. I didn’t realize that Bill had already taken care of that.

Can't see the sunset from our site so this is all you get
Good night!
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  1. Almost like another park being on the west side. Can't believe that many people are there to be full. The wind has been blowing here all day also. A front coming through I guess. Three of us had happy hour, my last for awhile I expect. Keith looks like he has a lot of privacy in the BLM.

    1. We were surprised to see it so full. Of course, it is/was a weekend too, maybe that makes a difference. We'll see today or tomorrow.
      The winds are quite gusty at times. Glad you all had a nice Happy Hour, however small. K & K will be moving on today. You might feel a void in your social life!

  2. I've never stayed at that park, but friends used to have a house there. I parked in their back yard several times. It's always crowded, but may be thinning out now. There's always something going on in Havasu!!! I hope the weather doesn't hit you too hard. By the way, kiss a contractor for me!!

    1. This is a nice park for sure, people seem very friendly.
      Not sure about the contractor comment. I'll kiss my own personal 'contractor' - as Bill sometimes fills that slot. :)

  3. Yeah that is a crowded park! Congratulations on making salad from looks awesome! You are too cute! We love Lake Havasu as there is always something to do! Keith's place looks really nice! Nice of Bill to help the guy with the awning!

    1. Maybe everyone is on their way north and home and that is why it is so full in March. 3 more came in across from us yesterday right after others left.

  4. Looks like a very nice park. We have only visited Lake Havasu at this time of the year, Yooper Picnic is this week, so it is always crowded when we have been there. It is a fun place to spend a week...enjoy. Nice to see the hand is still there waving.

    1. I meant to take a pix of the hand (Crab Claw Rock) on my phone so I could send it to you right away but forgot. LOL Thought of you though, Deb!

  5. That looks like a nice park. I'm surprised you didn't find a jigsaw puzzle, maybe today? Have a good one!

    1. The jigsaw puzzle was a 350 pc. large piece children's puzzle. No interest.

  6. It looks like you are set up for your stay in LHC. That's quite a setup with the barber shop in the back of a trailer. The oranges and lemons look wonderful. I do miss having them since they were abundant on the trees in Mission. So I'm not the only one to see hands or other common things when looking at rocks. Yes, I saw it!! The salad looks great.

    1. Donna the barber works at Quartzsite too so we were surprised to see her there.
      I wish I had a lemon tree! :)
      Deb and Tom always wave at the hand for us and visa versa as we pass through Lake Havasu. We're all a bit silly, aren't we? :)