Friday, March 20, 2020

Mild Spring Day! Parting = Sweet Sorrow, Home to Canada

CanAm RV Centre, Colonel Talbot Road, London, Ont.
We woke up on Friday, Mar. 20th and it was very mild. How appropriate for the first day of spring! It was still windy but not near as bad as it was when we went to bed at 10. The overnight temperature didn’t drop below 64F so it was a nice sleep without heat or heavy blankets necessary. The boys wanted to get on the road early again this morning so we washed, Bill had cereal and we packed up.

The sky was just lightening up when we followed Ken
onto I-70E
After a bit of a chit chat with the Wilson’s, we pulled out behind the Journey at 7:15 am. The rain had stopped and the winds were minimal although it sounds like we could get some strong gusts along the way today. We’ll just be mindful of that and do what we need to do. It was 66F/19F. There was a wee fingernail sliver of a moon in the southern sky but I couldn’t see it for long and the clouds covered it up.

It was a ball throw back and forth with the sun and clouds
Batter up!
It was sure nice to drive on dry pavement with a hint of sun in the sky. We’ll take it compared to the rain for sure! We followed Ken on I-70E and just before the hubbub of Indianapolis caught the I-465 bypass. Kim was keeping us informed of the upcoming Exits and we caught 44B back onto I-70E. We didn’t want to go I-69N, instead heading to Dayton, OH.

Once on the other side of the big city, Ken found a Travel Plaza for fuel at 9:30. Bill also took the opportunity at the Flying J to get our propane tank filled. We’ve been talking about that over the last week so now we’ll be good to go for a while. We got fortunate with the weather on this last travel day as we’re not needing to bundle up each time we are in and out of the truck. The big guy is looking down on us. 😊

A few collages today so you can see a bit of what we saw
Solar field
Entering Ohio
Fuel prices are gradually climbing but we expected that. We paid $2.85/gal this morning. We were back on the road just before 10 and travelled on dry pavement to connect back to I70E and then I-75N where we heard of an issue. Hmm, we took our chances and took exit 33B. 

An unfortunate turn of events for someone
The sky opened up and for about 5 minutes we all got dumped on. Then just as things slowed down, the pavement was dry. Weird how that happens.

We stopped at the Piqua Rest Area and regardless of more inconsiderate car drivers, each found a spot. We took care of business and then ate our sandwiches. When we were ready, we walked down to the Journey and said goodbye to our friends. 
Ken and Kim got off I-70E because of road closure warnings on their Garmin
so followed a detour for about 30 minutes before
coming back on to the interstate at Findlay
They had a nice drive regardless and then learned the closure didn't start yet

We’ve had a really good time traveling with them these last winter months and getting to know them better. We will be making a stop for fuel and making a pick up at Bluewater Shipping in Port Huron before crossing the border and they don’t need to do either one. Parting is such sweet sorrow.

                                                          Our last fuel stop was a decent price
We pulled out of the rest area at 11:40. The journey from there was pretty easy going. We stayed on I-75N for quite a while, turning into the Michigan Information Centre Rest Area for a break. Next on our agenda was one last fuel fill up so we took Exit 17 to a Love’s. We are still pleased with the fuel prices, not as low as we were seeing back in OK but still okay at $2.65/gal. That fill up will get us to London.

Detroit airport was close
I love when the jets have to go overhead
The winds have been evident over the last couple of hours but it isn’t interfering with our traveling other than maybe hampering the fuel consumption/mileage. Donna and Gerry were out at the Ridge and it is looking pretty good up the lane. 

My pictures are probably not in order but I am tired so forgive me
The weather has been mild but is cooling down ridiculously so they didn’t get up to see where we park. When we are ready, Rob has offered to check it out for us. As for here, approaching the border (25 miles), it is now a cool 45F/7C.

After the bypass 275 around Detroit
we caught I-94 to Port Huron
We saw a lot of these signs as we approached Port Huron
We drove to Bluewater Shipping in Port Huron to pick up a small parcel that we’d ordered a couple of weeks ago and that was easy peasy. 

We ordered new numbers for our Suite door lock
The bridge to Canada
Yay! Thank you!
From there to the Bridge to Canada, paid the $9 toll and drove right up to the customs booth. They were all empty, 1st time ever! We were asked 4 questions and out of there within seconds. Literally. The cute young guard handed us an info sheet on the Covid-19 virus regarding quarantine etc. We were ‘home’!

Four teminals open and we drove right up to the booth
Never, ever seen it like this before
 There ensued a lot of texts, more than usual because of the concerns, and once family and our closest friends were notified, we relaxed and drove to London.  Kim and Ken weren’t far behind us and should be arriving at their home within 30 minutes to an hour of our arrival at CanAm. We have to be quarantined so cannot get the Suite worked on until after that. Things right now are a bit up in the air and we’ve had some nice suggestions and some generous offers so will keep you informed.

O Canada! Glorious and Free!
and some blue sky showing to welcome us
Thanks for all the support. I’m not keeping this post going any longer, the evening will be short as we are tired. We’ve been on the road for 10 hours. It is windy, very cold (30F/-1C) but we are happy to be home. 😊 

Thanks for stopping by. Yay Canada! I'll update in tomorrow's post about our arrival at CanAm. 


  1. You have to be quarantined? Or you are doing it voluntarily? Glad you made it safely. Hope The Ridge warms up by the time you get there.

    1. We are advised to self quarantine. They don't enforce it but we want to be safe and we want others to be safe, so voluntarily, I guess too. Social distancing.
      Thank you, it should warm up a bit in a couple of days.

  2. It's good to know you made it home safely. I know it feels good to be home! I hope the "quarantine period" goes quickly for you. Thanks for the time spent with you, Kim/Ken and Doug/Yuma. I hope we can do it again sometime.
    By the way, I'd love to know how you added the Reactions to your blog when you have some time.

    1. Thank you! It is good to be across the border every year but this one even more so. ;)
      We enjoyed spending time with you and Dean as well and very much look forward to our next time together!
      Reactions: Design, Layout, Main (bottom corner "edit"), scroll down to reactions and check the box. you can change the box names to whatever you want, scroll down further and Save. :) Good luck! I'll watch for them on your blog!

  3. You did it! Safely home. Been an eventful winter but all good things must come to an end. There's always next year. It has been great getting to you and Bill and all your great friends. Have a fun summer at the Ridge.

    1. Thanks Doug, yes we did! Phew!
      We had a great time and the unfortunate things will be taken care of but not forgotten. Neither will the good times. Meeting up with and getting to know you better has been awesome, Doug, we hope to do it again! We've met new friends and got to know others better too. Looking forward to a fun summer for sure!

  4. Welcome home! I know you're glad to be there. How long before you can get the Suite worked on? Will you stay there until then? Enjoyed seeing you both this year, hoping for longer next year. Time sure flies doesn't it. Amazing that crossing the border was that easy. Enjoy your quarantine together

  5. Welcome home! I won't be surprised if Ontario eventually goes the way of Quebec and Saskatchewan. Those who do not self quarantine can be fined - here it is a $2000 fine. The first clue would be your tan. :)

  6. Glad you are safely back in Ontario. Be Safe during your quarantine.
    Enjoy being Home.

    It's about time.

  7. Glad you got home safe and sound. Enjoy your 14 days of forced relaxation. Hope all goes well. We are 8 hours away from Ontario at my sister's place in Maryland. Hoping to secure a place to stay for our isolation period.