Wednesday, March 11, 2020

Starting with Rain, Special Birthday, End of Day Sunshine

Silver View RV Resort
I woke up just around 6 am on Wednesday, Mar. 11th and was glad to roll over to doze until 6:30. Bill had already vacated the bed and was downstairs with his coffee. He finished his book this morning, he had the ‘can’t keep my eyes open’ virus last night too. With the rain outside and gray skies, no point in attempting my walk yet so I made my tea.

My first picture was after I pulled the cheesecake out of the fridge
and removed it from the parchment paper
We caught up on blogs and comments from my post. I do like to get my walks in early but in doing so, I miss that sitting time in front of my laptop and that is the only time during the day that I like to read our blogger friend’s posts. So, it is a mixed blessing either way. The rain isn’t supposed to last all day, hopefully stopping by noon and warm sunshine after that so maybe a walk will come later.

Jim and Sharon's site just down from ours
We called our buddy, Pat, back home to see how she was doing. She’s had a nasty cold for a few days. Good to hear she is on the mend. Rob was busy somewhere so didn’t get to say hi but it was nice to hear her voice and her chuckles. Then we called ‘our’ youngest daughter, Jess, to wish baby Easton a Happy 1st Birthday. That little gapher hasn’t been feeling well for a few weeks now, with ear infections, new ‘toofies’ coming in and a cold. Bit by bit he is getting better too.

Happy 1st Birthday, Easton
Jess is being ‘Super Mom’ these days as her hubby is away working through the week and only home on weekends right now. You need to go where the work is sometimes and that is what he is doing to support his family. With a year up since Easton was born, Jess is due to start back to work tomorrow so their lives will be changing with that transition too. Good luck to both of them.

A happy time with Grandma in Mexico
There wasn’t anything major on our agenda today so after my tea, I sat with my book. It is going to be a fast read, such a page turner. Before we knew it, the day was passing us by. You talk about lazy! The rain stopped, the sky cleared and it was beautiful outside. At one point, around 1:30 or so I hopped in the shower but it was hard to tear myself away from Jack Reacher.

On the drive to Ridgeview, the clouds camouflage
the mountains
the black is shadows only
The view of Laughlin, Nevada along Bullhead Parkway
While I was upstairs, Jim dropped over and extended an invite to join them outside. Bill had lost track of time and never thought to say anything about our plans to go to Ridgeview for HH. I walked down and extended a further invite for them to ride along to Ken and Kim’s. Phew! A lot of planning in this life! Bill got washed up and we packed the cooler with our last 2 Seagram’s drinks. This might be our last warm day for an outdoor HH. 

Happy Hour and the view from the Wilson's site

Again, a green desert

At 2:45 we picked up Jim, Sharon and Keith plus their chairs and coolers and drove over to Ridgeview. Bill drove around the park, another membership park that we have come to love, before parking at their site. They have a beautiful view from where they are so I to get a picture. The sun was hot and everyone played musical chairs at least once moving from sun to shade to sun.

Heading home, the clouds had moved in
 At 5:15 or later we packed up, said goodbye and drove back home. This was another surprising day that we’d originally thought would be a wash out. The temperatures reached the forecasted 73F which made us all very happy. Back home, I made a salad for our side dish while Bill lit the Weber and grilled our tenderloin steaks. Yum, a good supper with my cheesecake for dessert. I’m still hoping it isn’t a disappointment!

And the cake tasted wonderful
We were eating shortly after 6 and with that and dishes out of the way, I could finish my post and get back to my book. OMG isn’t that sounding addicting? This was a quiet day with a fun Happy Hour at a familiar park. We look forward to another one tomorrow.

Good night from Silver View RV Resort

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  1. Really, you can't hardly mess up a cheesecake in the instant pot! It's looks mighty tasty!! I'm happy for the rain. There's nothing better than a green desert with flowers blooming!!

    1. The dessert was wonderful and the desert is too! I love the desert smell after the rains.

  2. Another great day living the RV life. It is hard to believe it's already been a year since little Easton arrived. I love that you all get together each afternoon. What a great meal.... now I'm hungry!!

    1. It is hard to believe the little guy is 1 already. And he's already been to Cancun! ;)
      We try to get together most days, being in different parks, we've missed a couple.

  3. Happy birthday sweet Easton! I'm glad the sun came out for you guys. No such luck here. Cloudy and raining yesterday and today, but tomorrow back to sunshine. :)) Ken and Kim do have a beautiful view from their patio. Finally got my phone number changed. That was an experience. Should I give Dolly my new number? :))

    1. Thank you for Easton's wish. We were pleased with the sunshine, yes.
      Um, yes, maybe give Dolly your new phone #! haha

  4. Glad you guys are still having fun on your travels. I bet you are missing the Easton snuggles today. They grow so fast. If you had a like button I would push it!!!! LOL

    1. We do miss the Easton snuggles!
      If I could figure the LIKE button out, I would add it!

  5. Glad you are Enjoying your winter travels and hope you stay Safe against the spreading Coronavirus.

    It's about time.

  6. What a gorgeous sunset! You caught it perfectly. You will notice a big difference in Easton when you get back. Is he walking?