Friday, March 6, 2020

Last Day Here, Last Happy Hour with the Francis’, Heat Goes On

Lake Havasu RV Resort, AZ
On Friday, Mar. 6th the few things in the post  title were evident. It is 'last day prep' time. I missed walking because once we got up at 6:30, I sorted the few dirty clothes we had. We had our morning brew and then Bill dropped me off at the laundromat around the corner. Loads here were $1.75 per wash and $1.25 per 48 min. in the dryer. Pretty cheap! We only had enough for one load and that was just dandy.

Sitting at the picnic table at the laundromat
The laundromat does not belong to the park but is in
a handy location and is open to the public
It has never been too busy for us to use it when we're here
 Bill drove Black Beauty to the Mesquite Truck Wash in town, a place we found here a couple of years ago. A big sign out front said ‘Duallys Accepted’ or something to that effect. I put the load in and sat outside at the picnic table with my book. It was already warm and it was barely 8 o’clock. I chatted with an Albertan doing her wash and after transferring the clothes to the dryer, walked over to drop a card in the mailbox.
Not as nice as Jamie's back home, but it was clean at least
Jo-Anne and Higgy were coming back from their walk and stopped for a cuddle (Higgins did) and a chit chat. Bill drove up and we were impressed with Black Beauty's ‘gleam’. 

I should have taken a 'before' picture
but you've all seen a dirty truck before
We talked a bit before Jo-Anne moved on and Bill and I went in to fold clothes. Back home, after putting them away, Bill made us bacon and eggs. I couldn’t eat all of mine but maybe because I’d had a coffee as well. Just not too hungry. We cleaned up dishes and drove to Wal-Mart for a few groceries.

This is a nice Arizona painting in the laundromat
Notice the burro (or horse?) and the family of Gambel quail?

This is one of the few stores that sells Penaud's products
There is a Sally’s Beauty Store in that mall that has the Penaud’s powder, deodorant and hair gel that Bill likes. The prices are decent and we take advantage each time we are here. That’s why he always smells so good to me. 😊 I know his secret. We drove into town a bit to the Zip fuel station and took advantage of their cheap price on diesel. $2.68/gal compared to everyone else at $2.99 or higher. Cha-ching!

At the gas station, this Albertan in front of us is the same fellow we kept bumping into
at Walmart
We all shared a few laughs
 Back home, I first thought I’d go to the pool but changed my mind after putting groceries away. Instead, I changed into my shorts and sat outside with my book. Half in the sun, half in the shade worked for me. We’d invited everyone for Happy Hour today so we could all give Bob and Jo-Anne a proper send off. Keith wasn’t feeling 100% so opted to stay home and get over it. I hope he’s okay. It could be the heat.

sitting at home in the shade
Look at that beautiful truck!
Bill had a snooze inside and then read his book until company came. I sat outside and got a couple more chapters read. They are long ones. Kim and Ken arrived sometime before 3 from town and Bob, Jo and Higgins joined us on our patio. A nice breeze picked up and we were all grateful for it. The conversation was enjoyable and before they left, Bill asked the boys in for an opinion on our fridge. It seems to have been sliding forward bit by bit and sure enough, they were able to shift it back into place. CanAm will need to look at that too.

As long as you just look at the front right now
Around 5:15 when K & K were ready to leave, they said goodbye to Bob and Jo-Anne who then left to start their supper. We all had some packing to do for our departures in the morning. Bill put the mat, chairs, bbq and tables away while inside, I returned the roast and veggies to Madame IP and set it on Steam. It shouldn’t take too long to reheat everything. Soon enough it was smelling great!

Quite a few classic cars around town for car shows
the top right is taken in my side mirror, that's why the blur
The bottom pictures are for my buddy, Rob
The air was cooling down nicely but the inside of the Suite was a steaming 85F. Yowsa! We had the living room fan on and knowing it would cool down to 59 tonight, felt no need to turn the a/c on. The roast warmed up beautifully with the potatoes, carrots and onions wrapped in tin foil on top. It took about 10 minutes to build up pressure and that was enough. I removed the meat and veggies and switched to sauté to make gravy while I cooked some corn in the microwave.

the last Happy Hour this season w/Bob, Jo-Anne and Higgins
We wished each other safe travels
We'll see them at home
By 6 we were eating and once more I say “I love my Instant Pot!” That roast was so tender even after a reheat. We both enjoyed the meal and after dishes, as well as a few trips outside to capture the sunset, I moved outside to sit in the cooler air (82F) to write my blog. The nice thing that we forget about is that there are ‘no bugs’ to chase us inside. Bill joined me for a while to read a few pages of his book and then when it was too dark to see he went back in.

Perfect! We had second helpings of beef
and there are still enough leftovers for another meal
I downloaded pictures and finished writing. When darkness surrounded me, I also went inside. This has been an awesome day for a last one here together. We texted back and forth with our friend, Keith, out at Lone Tree Hill and he has spent a pretty rough day, perhaps from too much sun and heat. Hopefully, after his chicken soup and lots of fluids and sleep he will feel better in the morning.

I walked to the west end of the park but I was 20 minutes too soon
for the sun to drop

It was supposed to set at 6:38 but the mountains threw
the time off and I missed the actual 'pop'
No worries, look at the reward at the end
Good night y'all!

Thanks for your visit today to see how we’re doing.


  1. Nice sunset :-) Safe travels tomorrow.

  2. Glad your roast was tasty... it looks good in the picture :)

    1. Phew! So am I. I wouldn't have blamed Madame IP if it wasn't. :)

  3. Another relaxing day. The last HH. How sad. Hope Keith is feeling okay tomorrow. Safe travels tomorrow.

  4. What a wonderful day for your last day there! The only thing I miss about home, is having to do laundry at the mat! Otherwise, I'm perfectly happy on the road :) Nice Happy Hour went on. Safe travels for Bob and JoAnne. Too bad they don't blog, would be nice to keep up with their travels home. Hope Keith is on the mend. Is he moving on with you guys? Dinner looks so good!

    1. For us, laundry is no different (with the exception of the immaculate laundromat! haha)
      I will pass on your 'safe travel' wish to J & B. I hope Keith is better too. He is going with us so we'll keep a close eye on him. We think it is too much sun.

  5. Now that's a beautiful truck!!! I hope Keith is feeling better. Too much sun and heat can sure do a number on you! Dinner looks fabulous. I do need to use my IP more. Safe travels .....

    1. Black Beauty or the red one? haha They both are pretty sharp!
      Yes, we think Keith just got too much over the last few hot days.
      thank you!

  6. Another wonderful day in God's country.
    Hoping Kieth is feeling better.
    Safe Travels and Enjoy your next destination.

    It's about time.