Sunday, March 22, 2020

Stress and Happiness, Getting Out and About, Neighbourly

The Ridge, Priceville, On
Waking up on the Ridge, on Sunday, Mar. 22nd, I knew that I hadn’t slept as well as I’d expected to. We were trying to get the most heat for our ‘buck’, in the most economical way possible. Therefore, even though toasty downstairs, I went to bed chilled, cold feet and the bedroom was quite cool. I wore socks (I never wear socks!), I wore jammy bottoms (I never do) and I still couldn’t get warm enough to stay asleep for long. My sweetie and I snuggled together more through the night than we ever have and that was certainly nice!

Good morning Ridge!
When I woke up at 4, after glancing at the clock I know I went back to sleep for another hour and a half and soon after that Bill got up. I remained snuggled in bed as I wanted more time in the off chance I’d drop off again. I didn’t so got up just before 7 and joined Bill downstairs. It was nice and warm downstairs by this time so we opened the inside blinds to see out. Oh yes! The Ridge!

Our infrared heater, purchased a couple of years ago
at an RV show in Toronto
It doesn’t take much to make me happy. Usually I’m easy to please but also easily disappointed. When a change needs to happen, within my realm of acceptance, I will make the adjustment without a lot of kicking and screaming. If it is a logical change. Coming up to the Ridge yesterday, was my idea, my suggestion as I knew that I would be happier up here and it made sense to me. Bill helped to make it happen. Happy wife, happy life.

Water was one thing we needed sooner than later

From the living room window, the bladder was full
 In quarantine, if we’d had to stay at CanAm for a couple of days, I wouldn’t have been miserable, just discontent in some ways. The outdoors would not be as welcoming with no place to wander freely, comfortably. I believe that remaining happy/content is a big deal for my body system. I’ve believed that it makes a difference in the number of outbreaks of shingles I get. At least that is what I thought. Now, I’m not so sure. Bear with me, I’m going somewhere with this one.

Almost empty
March 4th was my last shingles appearance, after about 4 in Jan. and Feb. Since Saturday, Mar. 14th we have had a few upsets. Upsets that would normally trigger a breakout. I was very stressed and worried in the fire lane at Kaibab National Forest. The idea of getting stuck as Bill backed our rig up, had me frantic. That kind of stress could be a trigger. Maybe because it was short lived, it didn’t affect my system.

The little cherry tree right outside our door
had a fight with the winter winds
We will need to take care of that and hope the tree survives
Sunday, Mar. 15th leaving Williams fuel station, our turbo hose blew off. More stress. This was something that I, personally, had no control over and had to rely on Bill, Keith and Ken to resolve. With a temporary fix, we moved a very short distance until it blew once more. This was all very difficult for me (us) to remain calm and the drive from there until Gallup, NM and on Monday, Mar. 16th to Albuquerque, NM was an ‘edgy’ one afraid it would happen again. I’d expected to wake up with the shingles any of those mornings but didn’t.

Garden and those blue spruce trees are prospering!
 We took care of the turbo hose on Monday in Albuquerque and things settled down. Battling with the indecision of whether to return home or stay put, once more I expected some ‘body feedback’. Nothing. So, is it stress, anxiety? Is it excitement? Who knows, I’m totally baffled now. The excitement of coming to the Ridge is the flip side of the coin and I guess we’ll see tomorrow morning if that affects me. Time will tell. Today, I feel very peaceful to be here even self-quarantined. 

West side of the lane towards the roadway
Last night, after supper, the thought crossed my mind a few times ‘we have no obligations to anyone or anything for the next few days’. That includes no travel, no packing up and moving. It was indeed a very serene feeling. The sun rose just as it should to a clear blue sky this morning and even though it is only -10C/17F. I heard a nice sound as I was drinking my tea that made me smile. Geese! And looking out the window, a red-winged blackbird flew into our tree. 😊 

East side of the laneway across the pond
 We caught up on most of our friends’ recent blog posts and see that everyone is making their own choices. That is what we all should be doing. Everyone is healthy and doing what they can to stay that way. Bill went out to secure the water bladder in our truck bed. Remember that we don’t have a tailgate to hold it in now so he had to get creative. Then he called Rob to see if we could get some water from their home in Durham. He told him to stay in the house after getting the expected generous reply “Of course!”. He left at 9:30.

Bill's Hangar and cargo trailer survived the winter
We would like to have showers and even though 13 gallons would be enough to do that, we want to top the tank up to get us through a few days. The bladder holds 45 gallons. Thanks Rob and Pat for your help. Bill was happy to see you both, from a distance. So, the day is basically ours to putter inside or outside. The winds are gusty 10  – 20 mph and we know that is pretty normal up here. But the temperature needs to rise!

You've seen plenty of sunrise pictures across this view
of the pond
Here is a snow covered one for you
 I made myself a coffee at 10 and turned the Veito Infrared heater down a notch as it was quite toasty in here. Bill got it out last night, figuring to use some electric power as well as our blue flame heater vs furnace. We know how to bundle up in slippers and warm sweaters to keep ourselves warm enough. When I finished my coffee, I bundled in my winter coat and scarf and went for a wander out and about, then down the laneway. When I got back, Bill had finished emptying the water bladder so I made us each an omelette.

Home and happy
After dishes, I sat with my book and just enjoyed the time. It was darn cold outside with that wind but I did enjoy the fresh air, all bundled up with just my face bare to the elements. Inside it was cozy warm and after Bill had the satellite dish set up, he joined me in our chairs. He snoozed and I read my book. This Tripwire is such a page turner and by the end of the afternoon, 6 pm, I had finished it.

First robin here  this spring for me!
Looking from the road up to the Ridge
Can you see the Suite up there?
Just under the middle wind turbine
Bill is working quickly through Burning Echo, also by Lee Child and will likely be finished tonight too. Around 2:30 there was a knock on the door. Oh-oh. We hadn’t heard a vehicle so Bill was a bit wary (only because of our isolation) when he opened the door. It was our neighbor to the east, Tammy, and her pooch. She walked over to give us a card, offering assistance if we needed something from town.

The front field is in good shape with this one low spot
the only laying water
If you could see over the fence, Don's field is a pond
where it shouldn't be
I’ve seen them and waved at her almost on a daily basis through our time here as they both work and pass me while I'm walking. I don’t believe I’ve ever met her but Bill has once. This made my heart grow – you know like the Grinch? Not that I’m at all Grinch-like. 😊 We were so touched by this gesture and I’m sure before the two weeks are up, we will be taking her up on her offer for some food items. I had to take a picture of their card to share.

A card from our neighbours

They included both his and her cell phone #'s to call
At 6, I plugged Madame IP in and placed the pot with leftover dressing, veggies and pork in with a cup of water. I set it on Steam for 10 minutes and she did her work, reheating supper. On the stove, I heated up a can of creamed corn. It all tasted very good. With a minor adjustment in the recipe, Bill reminded me to copy it down in my Word documentsas. I'd mentioned it yesterday, but I quickly forgot about doing it.

See the turtles log out there in the middle?
It will be a while before they can reclaim it
We took care of dishes and I sat at my laptop to finish this post. Then it was time to get back at my sweater. I have the front panel done and the back panel close so need to see what comes next. 

We were happy to hear and see our mailbox post still standing!
This has been a truly quiet day, one of many. I’ve made a list of things that I want to work on while sequestered and will plug away at those over the coming week. I must remember to bring in my kitchen compost bin as we can start doing that and recycling again. That will feel good. The U.S. doesn’t recycle nearly enough in our opinion.

A nice hot leftover supper on a cold day
Good night y'all!
Stay warm and healthy!

Thank you for taking the time to see what we’re up to.


  1. Hope your good luck keeps up. Keep busy and warm. Time will pass by fast. It’s already been two weeks for me. I need to follow your lead and walk more!!!!

    1. Thank you Nancy. I think you're right, the time will fly by if we keep busy.
      I sure haven't walked much this past week with the travelling! Glad to be here where I can at least walk the property.

  2. Glad you’re home and happy! Just enjoy the peace and quiet for the next few days up here in God’s country.

    1. Thank you, FG. This indeed God's country! We plan to enjoy it.

  3. Nice that friends and neighbours alike are willing to help during your quarantine.
    Be Safe and Enjoy the social distancing.

    It's about time.

  4. I have been reading yours and Bill's blogs for a long time .When you travel I don't have to , I get to enjoy all your photos. Glad you make it home safe and sound . Sound's like your surrounded by some great people . All this shall pass and hopefully with out anyone getting sick. So hoping warm spring weather is heading your way . Stay safe. Vern in Boise Id.

    1. We appreciate your comments and that you read our blogs. That means a lot especially when we've never met. Thank you, we are happy to be home too.
      Our neighbours did a wonderful thing and we really don't know them either.
      We believe the cool days will soon pass by. Fingers crossed!! Take care Vern and stay healthy as well.

  5. Love the picture of you by the Ridge sign! Too cute! How sweet of your neighbor, you are blessed to have her! Love the card, looks to be handmade. Very nice of Rob and Pat to give you water, they are great too. Hopefully no Shingles for you!! Never hd them but have heard how painful they are, even in little patches! Enjoy yourselves!

    1. Thank you Shirley! I had to do a selfie at the Ridge, didn't I? We have great neighbours, friends and of course, family. With offers of places to stay and to buy our groceries for us. :)
      Hopefully, the shingles stay hidden for a while. :)

  6. I had to use your "like" button even though I'm going to comment too. I finally took the time yesterday to add it to our blog. Thanks for the information! It would really be great to attend a bloggerfest to ask questions about how folks do some of the great things I see in other blogs. Maybe someday, huh?
    I'm so glad you made it to the Ridge--you look great standing next to your beautiful sign!
    It is great you haven't experienced shingles with all that has occurred. I pray they never come back!! I've had the shingles shot, but Dean still needs to get it. My baby sister had them when she was pregnant with her first child and I remember how miserable she was.
    What a sweet neighbor you have to make such a lovely offer, and I loved her card.
    I love when people who follow blogs makes a comment like Vernon did. Doesn't it feel great to know people enjoy reading it, and then comment?

    1. What a lovely comment, thank you. Glad you figured out the reaction button, as sometimes we don't necessarily want to blog.
      We do have great neighbours, only two but that is enough. :)
      I loved Vern's comment too, it sure does feel great!

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  8. What a great day! Isolation sounds great. That was sweet of your neighbor to offer. I'm sure she will be a great friend soon. First Robin is a sure sign of Spring.That is a great picture of you at the Ridge sign.

  9. Good to see the robin! We're having a lovely day here with temps up to 9C. I'm just finishing up reading blogs, then I'm off to enjoy the warmth of the sun room with a book.

    Have a great day and stay well!