Monday, March 2, 2020

Windy, Wet and Cool, Confinement, Sharing a Meal

Lake Havasu RV Resort, AZ
Today is Monday, Mar. 2nd and it is like we’ve dropped into fall overnight. The temperature this morning is 51F/11C and although back home that would be pleasant, after 64F morning temperatures it feels cool. The winds between 12 – 20 mph are adding to that coolness too. We were up at 6:30 and after a bit of waking up time, I went for my walk.

Good morning
I needed to bundle a bit more because of the wind. The sun made a brief appearance but it never made it through the heavy clouds. Today was not to be its day. 

I walked across the road and covered ground on every lane in the park, both sides before returning home. Our neighbours with the awning troubles looked to be packing up, not much was sitting outside this morning.

Another Airstream motor home
And a very cool Chevrolet
Daddy had one very similar in turquoise
When I returned, Bill had already left for town. We needed to get an oil change on Black Beauty and there was a Ford dealer here in L.H.C. He called a few minutes after I returned to inform me that it might be a couple of hours just so I was prepared. He was prepared to wait a bit and if he needed to he could have gone to Jiffy Lube (or whatever they are called down here).

Lots of wind this morning
and those clouds on the horizon took over the sky
Bill used to fly both flags too
I sat and finished my book with my creamy tea. We turned the fireplace on this morning to warm up the Suite. 64F just isn’t comfy enough indoors for us. It was around 8:30 when the Serengeti next door started up so I knew they were in fact pulling out of their site. By 9, they left and that was when I noticed the rain had started, lightly. I moved the folded chairs out under the nose cap for extra protection from the wetness and scurried back inside.

Since my book was now done, that was the J.A. Jance ‘Trial by Fire’, I decided to get back to finishing the second slipper that I was working on. It is a great project when you’re refined indoors. 

You'd be surprised at how many of these I saw today
People love these mats because of the patterns and lightweight
but they are no match for the winds
With the gusting winds, we won’t be barbecuing outside and I decided to invite Keith in from the blm for supper. With that thought in mind, I figured if I made lasagna instead of the small 2 lb. roast, we may as well extend the invite to Ken and Kim too. They are also driving from Pilot Knob today so this way they don’t have to worry about a meal either. Sometimes things like that just help out and they don’t have hookups out there.

The Serengeti neighbours left us

They have a nice picture on the back of them
While Bill was in town, it was the perfect opportunity for me to watch the two episodes of This is Us that we’d recorded. Oh my. The first one had me in tears but now I’m all caught up to date until tomorrow night. I really dislike when this program goes off after a season because I enjoy the characters and story so much. Then I set about making myself something to eat. A tortilla wrap, warmed with cheese, mayo, lettuce and black olives was good and I fried a few slices of eggplant. Yum.
A small filling lunch
I cleaned up the dishes and then pulled stuff out for supper. The responses from K, K & K to supper were affirmative. I wanted to make some dessert but before starting, I went for a walk. The winds were still gusting 18 to 23 mph but the sun was out now.
The sun was warm as is typical but I was glad to have my jacket on and no hat. I’d have lost the hat for sure! 

6 ramekins in Madame IP
 Back at home, I made keto custard and cooked it in Madame IP. All of her buttons seemed to be working fine. Phew! 9 minutes on Manual, 5-minute release and 6 cups were done. I had to use about 1/8 of a cup of regular half and half so if it doesn’t set properly, I won’t be able to serve them tonight. Then I finished my slippers. 

9 minutes on manual
At a few minutes before 3, Bob and Jo-Anne returned home. Since we hadn’t talked to them all day and they’d been gone since this morning, I texted Jo-Anne and invited them to visit for a pre-supper Happy Hour. I informed her that the ‘kids’ from the blm were coming in to eat with us.  I originally had planned to make the lasagna in Madame IP but wasn’t sure if that would feed 5 of us so doubled up the meat and sauce to make a larger pan.  When I texted right back to invite Jo and Bob for supper too, they already had their meal in the works.

Dark sky over to the south
It was too windy and cool to sit outside so of course when Ken, Kim and Keith arrived, they came inside and our neighbours came too.  We had a nice chit chat about one thing or another and after pre-heating the convection oven at 4:30, I put the lasagna in for an hour. With 30 minutes left, Keith slipped up to the rec hall, close to our site, to have a shower. That is smart thinking while he was here although he could have used ours in a heartbeat.

Happy Hour in the Suite
Supper was dished up with garlic bread and Caesar salad. I think everyone enjoyed it, at least they said they did! We had the custard for dessert, it turned out well too! I loaded the dishes in the dishwasher at Bill’s suggestion and Ken found an app on his phone similar to ‘Name that tune’ and we went around the room playing the game. We had fun, laughs and surprisingly guessed a lot of the 60’s, 70’s and 80’s tunes correctly. I must remember that!

It was a filling meal
The evening ended just before 8 when our friends left for home. It would be very dark out there on Lone Tree Hill so I’m glad they traveled++ together. We had a great day and an even greater evening. Good times with good friends. We'd had a bit more rain over the Happy Hour period but it didn't last and the sun came out and the winds calmed right down. 

And we're almost all together, sharing a meal
Good night from Lake Havasu Resort

Thank you for your visit. We will be back to warmer weather again tomorrow.


  1. It was cool here this morning. I wore a light jacket to Mexico but had to shed it after we arrived. There was wind and rain in the afternoon but we were always inside. Sounds like a full, but great day as your friends joined you again.

    1. I'm glad you got into Mexico, hope you enjoyed the experience and got what you needed at the Purple Pharmacy. :)
      The sun sure makes a difference for warmth. Yes, Ken and Kim arrived safely too.

  2. Just started raining here. No big wind though. That was nice of you to fix a meal for everyone, and I'm glad Madam IP is okay. I do have to admit I'm happy when neighbor's leave in an RV park. It gives you a little more breathing room. Stay warm and dry!!

    1. We don't expect rain today but gusty winds again for one more day. It was a fun afternoon and evening.
      Thanks, you stay warm too!

  3. Hopefully the cool weather is over for you guys soon! What a delicious looking dinner! How fun with friends, makes the meal taste even better. I take it Kim and Ken have moved out to where Doug is staying so nice for him to have some company. Enjoy your time!!

    1. I know soon we'll be back in 'jeans' weather but a few more days of warmth is still in the area. (I hope!)
      We had a great afternoon/evening with the gang. I know you mean K & K are staying where Keith is (not Doug) and yes, they are. They are on a hill so even windier out there.

  4. You are so sweet to have everyone over for dinner. Don't think I have the know how to feed that many people. One is still a chore for me. Glad to see Ken and Kim made it and are settled in. Still waiting on my grill, but I like it here. May stay a little longer.

  5. Reads like a good day and a nice evening spent with friends. How nice of you to have everyone for dinner and it sounds like it was delicious. We have had wind here, also, and today the rain. Take care.

  6. It is amazing to me how much room there is in your RV. It's good to have the space when the weather isn't cooperating. Enjoy your day!